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Jessica Simpson -- Beer Wench?

11/30/2006 4:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clad in a naughty chambermaid outfit, Jessica Simpson flaunted her figure on the set of her hew movie, "Blonde Ambition" yesterday.

Even though she looks ready to sling beer at Oktoberfest, Simpson is playing a struggling secretary on an unconventional journey through the corporate world.

After "Employee of the Month," we're not sure that Jessica should clear a space on her mantle for anything other than a beer mug.


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With her hair pinned back and that naughty outfit on Jessica looks quite sweet in an Los Angeles skank type of way. It's too bad. I'd much rather see a chick with a no personality or intelligence attached to a nasty, unfuggable face and body. It makes the bitter pill easier to swallow.

2854 days ago


SO what, she can't act, but why would she not take a role if one is offered to her? She's getting paid for it and having fun doing it? What's wrong with you people? She's one of the few girls in the industry that has some level of class compared to her peers. I haven't seen pics of her crotch lately. Lots of girls her age wear more revealing cloths to clubs. The outfit looks like a deal.

2854 days ago


you what for a whole bunch of people that seem to hate jessica simpson you all sure are giving her a lot of attention if you want her to disappear ignore her and she will but as long as you all keep talking about her they'll keep putting her out there...personally i love jessica she makes smart moves as yet to compromise herself in a sexual way just to make money and no dukes of hazard was not slutty it was smart that show was huge and got her a lot of publicity and she always gets her publicity for good things not the britney or christina (sometimes) or other female artists unlike them she actually has class and yes she did act stupid on newlyweds and she must be pretty good actress because she had almost the whole world believing it and guess what people no matter what you say about her she will be laughing her ass off all the way to bank at you stupid fools who trash her then go see her movies just to rag on them way to give her more money and you all are the same people who watched newlyweds just to see what stupid thing she was going to say next so before you call her stupid look at who helped put her where she is...and yes i mean all of you haters and fans

2854 days ago

Lenn K    

I for one never got the Jessica Simpson thing. She got big boobs, blond hair and dumb as a rock. Maybe I'm missing something, I thought talent might be a small part too!

2854 days ago

Keeping it Real    

Haven't we seen an actress already dressed like this...Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, anyone? It's so obvious what her dad and these people are trying to do here. You can't take this idiot and sell her to the public in a regurgitated movie, "Working Girl meets Legally Blonde"
Are you kidding me with the premise of her being a "secretary"? I didn't buy her as Daisy Duke, nobody believed her as a Costco employee, and she won't make this role work either!

2854 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

Mikki = Fat Soccer mom who has ugly down syndrome kids.

Jessica Simpson is a no talent hack who has to fall back on her Boobs.

P.S. Mikki (LARD O ASS) its a message board regarding Jessica so of course people are going to talk about her, but i guess they don't teach you that in Trailer Class 101


2854 days ago


Jessica is a very attractive sexy girl. That is why people like to see her in movies. She is a great singer & beautiful person. Anyone who sees otherwise is just so so jeolous. Hope to see Jessica in lots of movies from hear on out.

2854 days ago



2854 days ago



2854 days ago


How soon before she has her "Striptease" moment and shows us her boobs?

2854 days ago


I thought Papa Joe was producing this movie, as he did with Employee Of The Month, and that is why Jess keeps getting roles. Does anyone out there know for sure?

2854 days ago

Susan Easley    

This skank Jessica Simpson is absolutely U-G-L-Y ! Not to mention incredibly stupid and talentless !

BTW ! Her mouth is always open because to stay famous she has to suck a lot of dick !

2854 days ago

Mad Balls    

she and Jennifer and - ass - ten should hook-up on a girl power two way and lip lock each other for me to pay to see their movies . ich . Who goes to this crap -- Oh I forget ten and twelve year olds spend alot on movie -- Yeah that has to be the tearget audience "cause you'de have to be comotose to think you'll come away with any thing less than a reverse willy growing in your pants . Lots of weird Ego power trips in each gals movies and lifes . Give me Macbeth . Dickheads .

2854 days ago


hated jessica ever since she grew an ego the size of california and left nick. without newlyweds she would still be as unknown as she was before the show. she should thank nick.

2854 days ago

Mike V.    

SKANK. This bitch can't act her way out of a paper bag. She should try porn, because by now we all know she SUCKS.

2853 days ago
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