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Oprah's an Oreo, Says Rapper

11/30/2006 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey has morphed into a middle-aged white woman, says 50 Cent, and "caters" to their needs more than she does her black sisters.

The loose-tongued rapper accuses Oprah of being an Oreo – black outside, white inside – in an interview in the January issue of Elle (via Page Six), saying that the Queen of All Media "started out with black women's views but has been catering to middle-aged white American women for so long that she's become one herself." Former drug dealer Fitty – along with Ice Cube and other rappers – has previously taken shots at O for not having rap artists as guests on her show. Oprah, for her part, has also criticized rappers for their "hateful" and degrading lyrics. And, just to add fuel to 50 Cent's fire, O just bought a new apartment on one of Chicago's most exclusive blocks.

Will Wills Pop the Big Question Soon?

Could Prince William finally have found his queen-to-be? Despite some recent rumors of trouble between Wills and longtime galpal Kate Middleton, it seems that the matter of the future King of England's wedding isn't a question of "if" so much as "when." People reports that the engagement buzz is getting "as hot as a pot of Earl Grey," and that Kate has been invited up to the royal family's estate at Sandringham for Christmas Day lunch, an "unprecedented" honor for an unmarried partner of a royal, and tantamount to an engagement announcement. Still, there's no timetable set quite yet for a wedding (Wills and Kate are still only 24, after all), and William has stipulated that he doesn't want to marry until he's 28. Still, says one royal observer, "It's decision time. The pressure starts now."

Suge Calls Snoop A Puking, Weepy Weenie Rat

Suge Knight, rap mogul and founder of Death Row Records, says that there's a reason why Snoop Dogg keeps avoiding jail time despite repeated arrests for drug and gun possession – he's a narc.

"Snoop is a rat," says Suge to Page Six. "He's a police informer. This is the only guy who never goes to jail no matter what. I don't like rats." Still, jail might be about the safest place for Snoop after the new Rolling Stone hits the stands, in which he disses Suge something fierce. "I stepped to him at the BET Awards [four years ago]... and he was more scared than a motherf***er," says Snoop of Suge. He also says he "never was afraid" of Suge, and "was afraid I was gonna have to kill him." Suge shoots back: "Snoop has never been in a real fight. When there's trouble, he runs to the police. He throws up and starts crying." No word on whether Snoop booted and sobbed during his arrest Monday night on drug and firearms possession, as TMZ first reported.

Party Favors: Kidman Gets Biggest Payday of All ... Axel Foley Returns in Beverly Hills Cop 4

Nicole Kidman is Hollywood' highest paid actress, says the Hollywood Reporter in their fifth annual survey of distaff talent. Kidman gets as much as $17 million per movie, says the Reporter, while runner-up Reese Witherspoon gets about $15 million. Renee Zellweger, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz round out the top five ... Eddie Murphy will be on the case again as that cackling, mischief-making detective Axel Foley, says Variety. The project is out to writers now with Lorenzo di Bonaventura as producer, though original producer Jerry Bruckheimer is likely too busy to deal with it.

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Rappers are filthy vermins. Would you let slime sit on your couch?

2850 days ago


In response to #74:

'Rap" music is the reason why kids are getting off track? Are you serious? How about the decline in family values, gun availability and drugs. Rap should seriously be the last thing we blame for our kids turning violent. Do kids in China have rap music? YES. Are they experiencing mass amounts of violence, NO! It is absolutely ridiculous to think that just because of rap, kids are turning to crime. How about instilling some family values into our childrens life, while listening to rap music, and see what happens.

Another thing, rap music may seem like it's glorifying guns, drugs, and gangs. But if you would actually open up your ears you would realize the rappers are trying to let kids know that this is not the way to live, and to do anytning they can to get out of this lifestyle. You must be old, that's o.k. just try and open your mind up to the new generation, and maybe stop watching oprah as much!!!

2850 days ago


#57-SS OBSERVER: You aren't very "observant"--I'm Black you idiot and I live in the Hood. And NO they don't--at least not where it counts--kids and education; black males and violeonce and drug abuse, etc. NO THEY DON'T--GET OVER YOURSELF!


#56-CRAIG: You got one fact right - I am intelligent--intelligent enough to know that you're the one that needs to get your facts right and my intelligent comments obviously sparked a "burr" up your ass.

..and further more, you don't know sh*t about "whole Black communities." I live in a "whole Black community" where Black kids are not only street smart but book smart too and will whip a person's behind if they try to give them a hard way about it. All of my nieces and nephews went to Black public schools and they are nurses, own their own businesses, and are even in the military.

...and I don't need you to sum up a damn thinig about Bill Cosby--I'm fully aware about his views. You obviously aren't. Bill Cosby isn't one of these Black people who go about talkiing against his people to catch the attention of White folks--as a matter of fact, since you seem to know so much about what he said then you must know that he also said--"I (he) don't give a damn what White people think." Bill Cosby and his wife Camille give millions of dollars away to black colleges and other charities; he was the one that started entertainers boycotting Cincinnati when that city had a rash of police shooting black males in the back. So don't you even think for one minute that Bill Cosby sides with "you" and others like "you." What Bill Cosby tries to get Black youth to understand, is that despite racism, they have a responsibility to go after their "dreams"--they should never allow any one to make them "second class" citizens. That's what Mr. Cosby is saying -- now get your facts right!

2850 days ago


"would love to see Oprah have 50 cent on her show. I would like to see her ask him questions about his songs and why rappers think it is ok to degrade women and to break the law. I can just imagine his lame ass answers (excuses)."

Okay. 1. It's not only him that "degrading women". Have you seen all rappers today? I don't like it but they do it because that's what their fans want. And women have song like that too. They have a female version to "laffy taffy" talking about men. So women are just as "degrading" And he broke the law because he needed money. If you anything about 50, then you would know that his mother was murdered in her home in a failed drug deal and he was raise by his grand parents. He lived in South Jamaica (which is like 30 min from ma house) and he got caught in the drug trade. He got shot nine times and WALKED his ass to the hospital and things started going uphill from there. I wanna see you get shot nine times and walk to the hospital && still survive. So before you start talking sh*t about people maybe you should figure out what's going on. I'm not saying he's a saint but you should not be saying "oh, he's a rapper so he must be a complete dumb ass" sh*t. You really don't know how people hustle in the streets and you think that they can get out of it that easy but you can't. I know people in gangs and stuff and it isn't easy. They don't do it because they're bored, they do it because they need the money. It's dumb how he had all those beefs with mad people though. But Oprah does need to be more open to black people. I'm not saying that she completley shuts them off but she doesn't have many blacks on her show. I don't really understand why.

2850 days ago


no one is more oreo than 50 cents, he needs to shut his can barely open mouth up. oprah has built her empire and she can cater to who she damn well pleases on her show. i wouldn't want him or the other bitch ass rappers who are always complaining on my show. the whining and crying is tired already, grow up 50 get a damn life and stop being jealous of oprah's success. comparing you to her is comparing a diamond to cubic.

2849 days ago


yall oprah haters... She is not going to have someone on her show who don't see the problem using the word n*gger and bitch and hoe in their lyrics..She always have black people on her show whenever a movie comes out sometimes a book. I don't care for 50 cent and now luda I don't know he says in his lyrics even if you have to get your money illegally.COME on people

2849 days ago

randy couch    

Suge Knight has a point, you just don't keep getting arrested for drugs and guns, and being a prior fellon, and keep walking away. There is an old saying, if it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck, it is a duck........Being caught with a gun by a a person with a prior fellony conviction is a Federal offense with a five year sentence....alone, drugs and a gun togetrher would carry a much heavier sentence........Snoop must be singing more that just rap.........
I am just a white guy over 50, don't listen to a lot or Rap, but I think a Snitch is as low as you can get and still be considered a human being.........
not a fan of thugs

2849 days ago


31. What does 50 know about middle aged white women? Heck, whites are the only ones that CAN'T cry foul.
No matter WHAT happens to them

JJ stop being a fool that statement is so far off. I"m not going to get into a race match with you. You might try to "sue" get it? People say white women like to sue. NEXT.

I've enjoyed several comment regarding the '50' remarks, I think he needs to just move along to his next bitch fest. "O" have better things to do. Like contining making her billions.

2849 days ago

helen harris    

50 cents had the nerve to talk about ophra. He is a ghetto, ignorant person. Its a shame that he spends his time talking about oprah. He needs to clean up is act and for all of you women that listens to him, I ttruly feel sorry for you. helen

2849 days ago


Wow! I can't believe the level of hostility the story on 50 Cent is provoking -- boy, has that hit a nerve! I'm a 46 year-old Cauc (and N.A.) female who enjoys rap...go figure. ; D And even though I'm not a particular fan of the Oprah show, I think Oprah has done a lot of good by discussing some unpopular topics and giving in the way that she has to many people who needed her help.

LovelyHoney, Craig was right about what he said about some of the communities *I*'m in, for example; maybe it isn't like this where you live, but in B'more, we have whole neighborhoods where it's very tough for African American kids -- and children of any race -- to succeed. This is not just because of the horrendously unequal funding issues, but because there is in fact violence towards kids who are trying to be educated. It's depressing to say it, but true. . . .

Anyway, Ludacris has his own foundation geared towards helping children, and I know that there are other rappers who give back to their communities, and the collective community, in lots of ways. For anybody reading this who has an open mind -- If you listen carefully to some of their work, you'll find really inventive rhyme and poetic descriptions of life that go well beyond the whole "big pimpin'" scene. Like any other art form, there is some rap that is great and a lot that is mediocre, vile or worse. Please look at it again and stop the pre-judgment.

Finally, I wish people would stop wishing violence on "rappers" or on anyone for that matter. The guys and gals who produce this music are human beings just like you are and their lives matter as much as yours does. Would you want someone wishing death or injury on you?

2849 days ago


Oprah is a respected successful Black woman who has class. 50 cents is just what his name implies-ghetto. Why should Oprah demean herself by living ghetto to please 50 and his rap crowd? If 50 had the money and power that Oprah has, he would be an Oreo too. We live in America and we make our own choices. To each his own limitations and Oprah can claim the top of the world. She does not need 50 cents' approval. She has earned her crown and she passes it on. What has 50 cents done but criticize Oprah? I do not see him giving anything away. I do not see him on television claiming fame except with a small crowd. He can just shut up. He has said enough. Oh, by criticizing Oprah, he is recognized.

2849 days ago


Oprah is an icon, a movement, a positive African American image and role model. And if her predominate viewers are at home White Americans so be it!
Its a job and she does it well.
How many White American suburb kids listen to rap? Probably twice as many..but we let 50 make his cents with little complaint.
And at the end of the day who is 50 kickin it with and paying respect to? NOBODY! Meanwhile Op's on her front lawn with Maya Angelou, Angela Bassett, Nikki Giovanni, Sidney Poiter, Harry Belafonte, Cicely Tyson, Danny Glover...while Will, Jada, Janet and Kimberly Elise... on on their way up on the trolley!
I will agree with one thing 50 cent stated.. Lady O should have a rapper or two on her show...but not a simple idiot lyricist like himself.... how about a Mos Def, Common, Talib thats big money! ....not petty cash.
Do what you do Oprah!

2848 days ago


It is sad and ridiculous. Fifty cents is so threatened by the strength of a black woman he feels a need to attack which shows his cowardice. He and Ice cube are pathetic and they need to grow up and mature. No good comes out of negativity towards women. They need to check themselves and look towards their mothers who birth them and stop degrading all women. They need to take there anger and place it in a positive venue like education. Remember hurt people hurt other people.
As for Oprah ,keep doing what you are doing and continue to be blessed. I am grateful Oprah exist in these difficult time to shed some light on the sadness of the state of affairs. She is truly a beacon of light.

2847 days ago


#96 %u2013 S.A.

I stick by my reply to Craig%u2014all of it. Craig seems to be offended by my original statement that whites and others make offensive statements about each other all the time. This was in response to a writer who tried to compare 50 cent calling Oprah an Oreo to the comedian Richardson, who is white, calling two black men %u201Cn*ggers.%u201D Craig took offense because I said the writer was not comparing apples with apples and she wasn%u2019t. White people call poor, country, and southern whites poor white trash, trailer trash, redknecks, hillbillies, hicks, etc., all the time. Are they racist when they do this? There%u2019s even a white comedian who does a whole routine around rednecks. He%u2019s called funny%u2014not a racist.

So that is my point%u2014and whether we like it or not, that%u2019s the way it is%u2014two Italians may call each other dago, two Mexicans may call each other %u201Cspics%u201D%u2014but that doesn%u2019t make it OK for me, a Black person, to do it and I fully understand it. If I choose to do it%u2014then I have to suffer the consequences%u2014not go around pointing fingers at someone else from the same ethnic group I offended because they did it and not taking responsibility for my own actions.

Minorities have always taken racial slurs historically used against them and turned them into %u201Cterms of endearment%u201D with one another or they use them against one another%u2014simple as that. Let%u2019s face it%u2014if I met Chris Rock and called him a n*ggah%u2014we%u2019d laugh and joke about. You and Craig on the other hand might get a %u201Cbeat down.%u201D On the other hand, I don%u2019t see myself calling a Hispanic person a %u201Cspic%u201D and getting away with it. Those are the rules%u2014it%u2019s just that way with people of the same ethnic background.

Craig also tried to act as if he was knowledgeable about Black communities and Bill Cosby. All he was really trying to do was use this information to justify his own racial biases and stereotypes,because some of the same things are going on in white communites as well%u2014I%u2019m a school counselor%u2014and in some of the most affluent communities you have drugs (rise of meth labs), guns, bullying, social isolation, teen suicide, etc., going on in schools. I have one word for you and Craig when you want to start talking about problems in the hood%u2014remember COLUMBINE. My grandparents always taught us--"white folks need to sweep around their own back doors before they go trying to sweep around ours--money and affluent living doesn't make them right or righteous."

2847 days ago


First of all, 50 is a very, very poor example of term "rappers" or even "rap music"! Let's face it, in anything, be it art, books, whatever, you have those few that make the entire genre look bad. I don't know anyone who even listens to 50 and I am a 31 yo AA female. That's notone! He is pathetic and to make a statement like that about a person (black or white, male or female) who does so much for so many (black or white, male or female) is just ridiculous! He is jealous! Point blank - A HATER! Oprah don't have to have anyone on her show and still have the top talk show! I agree with a previous comment though, if she was to have rappers on her show, why would she have someone like 50 (and many others) on her stage? So he can objectify her and her audience? Whatever! Talib, Common, Mos Def and so many others would be more than happy to take the places of those ignorant rappers on stages across the world and have the financial status as those ignorant rappers. What's sad is the fact that the good guys aren't as known as those idiots! That's just the world we live in, and it's very disturbing to us parents of small children. But, it starts at home!

2847 days ago
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