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TomKat -- The Honeymoon's Over!

12/1/2006 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom and Katie are quite over ... their honeymoon, that is. The Cruise's fairy tale post-nuptial cruise in the Republic of Maldives was ruined by endless thundershowers.

The newlyweds and baby Suri made their getaway from the rain-soaked paradise and jetted back to sunny Beverly Hills -- on Tom's private plane, of course.

Apparently, he borrowed John Travolta's outfit from "Saturday Night Fever."


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Beautiful couple and a beautiful baby (aren't they all?). Sorry to hear their honeymoon was cut short - hope they can make up for it later.

2852 days ago


So-called, 'normal' people have children through various means all of the time and the kids are always recognized as theirs. So what if Tom can't have children and they did have to go to a sperm bank, it doesn't make that child any less his than it does hers. Get over it!!!! Give them a chance for goodness sake. Time to move on and quit picking on the new family, there is much worse in this world than the Cruise's.

2852 days ago


Mimi Rogers NEVER said that Tom is sterile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus TOM DIVORCED MIMI NO VICEVERSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2852 days ago


Nancy I don't believe one moment that you are a mother ! Maybe you're just blind! AHahAHah !

2852 days ago



The thing I hate about bloggers is when they come on here and attack other bloggers. Someone correct me but arent we all here to comment on the topic at hand and not to attack other people for thier opinions.

I mean even if you disagree you can say so, but whats with the the caps, screaming et. Frankly if you are looking for Midget fansite, you are in the wrong place. This is a site of mixed opinion, some may be nasty some supersweet, so just add your two cents worth.

Celebs are rich because we PAY them .. As Comsumers we can comment on the product if we wish. If the kitchen is too hot , they can always leave, drop out of the public eye.

When someone is in the media constanstly, making sure we see every move he makes, because belief it or not Midget is one of those people who can disappear effectively if he so chooses and has done so several times already(remember the missing 16 days between his first meeting with katie and declaration of thier 'LOVE'),. The fact that we even see him at all, tells me its another publicity campaign. No photog has a honeymoon picture of him, so we know he was effectively shielded in the planet of the Thetans. He is welcome to shield himself every sincle minute of the day..........

I do not think all this behaviour is normal and taking your church official on a honeymoon is not normal either... there is something strange about the whole campaign.

Since I am admantly agianst the CULT, and Midget is high enough to know that its all a hoax, I follow the story ........., I think the timeline from the beginning of the relationship does not work with what the pictures are showing. If someone comments that the child looks older compared to her chidlren, you as a fellow blogger has no buisness telling her she has no chidlren etc...

If Midget and Stepford wife dont care, they will not feel the need to give press conferences and releases telling of thier every action and discussing their personal lifes with the press. There are tons of celebrites out there who do not feel the need to do so, and yet they still appeal to a certian part of the public. Midget invited the public into his private life in a grand way and now too bad he has to live with the constant scrutiny..jabs , honey and all

The comments are funny , hilarious at times.. Some of you need to lay off the other bloggers.. Negative comments directed at Midget are personal attacks on you and any balanced human being should know this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2851 days ago


Holler...its WORLD AIDS DAY................

Lots of celebs are out there raising money for the cure, treatment Orohans you name it, but since Scientology beleives you can cure everygthing with vitamins I guess they are not interested in helping out........

How does a catholic midwestern girl fall for this CROCK ????!!

2851 days ago


I am sorry but that baby doesnt even have the same skin tone as the two of them... Her eyes and skin tone are so simillar to her ex boyfriend chris
just my opinion

2851 days ago


You're right Nancy, she is older than what they're telling everyone. This first became an issue with the Vanity Fair pics. Anyone who's had a kid can see it. To those of you who may not know: Most of these comments defending Tom and insulting anyone who says anything negative about him are fellow Scientologists. They monitor the board. To those people I say, post all you want, Cruise is washed-up, his career is in the toilet and it's too late now for damage control. His target audience-women-can't stand the sight of him. What I would like to know is he's what 5'4"? He has yellow teeth, a huge nose, is completely humorless and belongs to a mind-controlling cult. Basically he plays the same role in every film he does. Why was this man ever popular??!!

2851 days ago

Karen M.    

#22 Hailey - you are soo right! The $cientologists are up and at it after a quick briefing memo haven been distributed throughout the org very early this morning.

#6 oat - "homomoon", I was laughing soo hard! Excellently put!

#30 Sarah - YES, She (Mimi) did in FACT openly admit that Tom wouldn't have sex with her and told her he was impotent and so they divorced.

#33 Miapocca - As always, right on target!

#45 Gina - Suri is NOT Tom's Cruise's baby. Period. Katie was humongous during November and December, which would put her at nine months from March - the month she and Chris split and right before she and Tom "hooked-up" (aka, Contracted) in April. She most likely gave birth between November and December. Suri looks AT LEAST one year old. Pregnant mothers' stomachs don't necessarily shrink immediately after giving birth, so it explains why between November and April you see her stomach size change constantly. For several days they figure she's still "big enough" to go out in public to show she is still "pregnant". Then after that, a fake belly was needed. Everyone remember the BEACH BALL? To refresh your memories, here it
Real pregnant bellies don't perk!

This explains how for months after giving birth, Katie was prancing around at Barney's and other department stores on a shopping marathon in high-heeled pumps with no effort or strain - because she already HAD the baby. Katie was already pregnant with Chris Klein's baby. She doesn't have to tell Chris that it's HIS. And Tom Cruise saw this as the perfect opportunity to CONTRACT with Katie so that they can sell it off as "their own" to the public and gain world-wide attention and MONEY that follows it.

Why is it that every time the media asks Tom and Katie to explain HOW they met, they refuse to answer and side-step? Because they were arranged and
contracted. So much secrecy.

Ommission IS deception.

#41 Shaka, yes, people have children all the time. I would have maybe some respect for Tom if he openly admited that it's not his child and that he is accepting it as his own, but that's not the case and not the truth. The man is
sterile and is lying outright to the public to cash-in on the media attention for being a "family man". He is a closeted homosexual and everyone in the entertainment industry knows this! What better way to "prove" to the public and the female audience that you're heterosexual than to POSE AS ONE, pretending to haven impregnated Katie and claim the baby as "his". As long as you continue to swallow the "happy couple", "happy family", "Tom is a family man" (aka, fake bullsh*t), you voluntarily give your money into his pocket and cult. Did you know that he is a high-ranking member of a Cult called $cientology? Did you know that every time you buy his movie tickets
and magazines that a portion of that goes back into the cult - a cult
involved in quack medicine and criminal practices where many people's
lives were ruined and/or destroyed? Go to and learn why.
Check out this link, or google "the unfunny truth":

And lastly, Shaka, if you are so concerned about the news in the rest of the world, go to those blogs and state your opinion on them or learn about a REAL PROBLEM in the world, Scientology. Click on this link or go to to find out why. It will be worth your time since you seem to have enough to blog here:

#43, nancy - I agree with you. Suri looks AT LEAST one year old. I have five cousins and have seen them since they were newborns. I looked at our family pictures and NONE of them (at 8-10 months) looked as old as Suri! Those shoes Suri is wearing are for a small child at least 1 years old.

For celebrities WHO REALLY WANT PRIVACY and don't exploit their relationships and children to the media just to stay in the news, these are the people I have respect for, because they practice (not preach) it. These are the people I wish them well and happiness. Tom and Katie are media whores, posing pretentiously at every photo opportunity, denying that Tom is Gay, lying to the public by showcasing their so-called "wonderful life", because they still
believe there are many ignorant people out there who would eat and buy sh*t if Tom told them it would be good for them. Well, a least he knows there are a lot of idiots out there he can profit from, right?

2851 days ago


Tom Cruise has all you fools fooled. He likes MEN people! The baby is not his it is Chris Klein's. Katie was hand picked by Tom and his scientology cronies to be his next wife. She never had any really bad publicity (until she met Tom) and she was never out partying at all hours. He needed a sweet innocent girl to be his next wife to make him look better.

2851 days ago


Travolta in Travolta is yummy. But Tom Cruise in Travolta whites? Nah.

2851 days ago


that is one beautiful child i do not care whose child the father is as long as she is healthy and has a good home which i am sure she does and she does look lik both of them lets give them a rest they did just get married its hard enough so be happy and positive for the both of them and lets get on with our lives

good luck to the both of you

2851 days ago


This is really interesting information on the Stars and Scientology. and a good anlaysis of the TOMKAT spectacle

Frankly the HOlmes family should wake up and realise that 3 million a year is nothing compared to the sick daughter they will be getting back afer this rigamarole is over.They should keep their fingers crossed that she doesnt suffer any serious ailments during her time with the MIdget.

Yes I beleive she was targeted by the cult. As cults do they pick on you during vulnerable moments. She had just been dumped after a 5 year relationship that did not end in the wedded bliss she had assumed. Plus if its to be beleived she gave Chris Klien an automaton to propose to her..fortunately he was too young, too handsome and not foolish enough....They both had a narrow escape...LOL

I used to watch Dawsons Creek, and she must be a good actress, for Joey Potter and the midwestern girl from a good home just went up in smoke to be replaced by an overspending extravagent brainwashed self absorbed profanity uttering skinny gold digging starlet.(Can we blame Paris Hilton and Nicole, they seem to be just products fo this warped Hollywierd environment)

Maybe the Holmesies think they look better to the country club folk, but this is just an embarrasment . Especially when a scientologist calls a catholic brethen and tells them to keep their mouths shut...The Toledo Blade, Katies home town paper is also running some washed out informative aricles about scientology, backed by the church obvioulsy just presenting only the wishy washy aspect adn not questioning why there are so many accusations , no real documents on Hubbards life etc...POOR JOURNALISM at its best guaranteed to suck in more hubbrd worshippers.interesting I say.

Anyone from Toledo on here and not a scientologist mind you..tell us what i s going on in that place...Are the parents really happy with this midget circus?

Concerning SURI since I can only see a picture, I cant tell how big she is, she may be just fat. But yes she does look like all Katies exes...Klien and Hartnett and she has been with midget long enough that she also has a midget look about her..She does not look like Katie Holmes to me.
Its posisble that she is not biologically Toms, the timeline and all the wierdness is a bit strange..............

2851 days ago


Hurrah for Tom and Katie.....
Redstone and his trophy wife can take a hike......
You go Tom and make U A brilliant again......
I wish you and Katie every happiness......
Hope you have a passel of kids.......

2851 days ago
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