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Did Uranus Kill Vaughniston?

12/6/2006 9:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vaughniston are Ovah!With news that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are nothing more than friends, the world is picking up the pieces and trying to figure out just went wrong.

According to AOL Horoscopes, Jen's "Saturn is moving through her 10th House of Career" and may have led her drive to become an A-list film actress override a "desire to build security through deep intimacy." Once you've done Brad Pitt, does it matter? To hell with Brad and Vince, this gal wants Oscar!

Likewise, Vince's stars indicate he "needs to move toward expressing his imagination through film, and Uranus is stimulating his desire to grow in this direction." Stimulating Uranus creates a desire to grow? We did not know that.

For Jen and Vince, being stars appears to be more important than love, and their inevitable "Break-Up" was the only thing in the stars.


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I like the astrology spin too. I'm an Aquarius too Jen!!

2879 days ago


For some reason I never bought into the Brad and Jennifer thing, so I was not surprised at the breakup. They always seemed to be missing something.

And what is up with Jen/Vince never admitting for MONTHS that they were/are seeing someone? Anyone who hides it has another agenda or they are really not dating at all and its all a game.
it ain't true love. My take on it is they were pretending to be together to promote the stupid Breakup movie. I am sorry but that movie was not all that good and she was only so so in it. i didn;t even think he did that well either. Just the media going gaga over it. It will not hold up after a few years.

JA hasn't found her niche in movies yet. She is not the next Meg Ryan. We are so over the Meg Ryan era. Look at Catherine Keener. She just takes the roles she likes and most of the time gets terrific reviews even in small parts.
JA does not want a husband or children--she wants a career.

What she fails to realize is having relationships adds to your abiiltiy to do these complex or funny roles. Look at Robin Wright, or Kate Winslet. they are wonderful...And Courtney Cox was a more beautiful actress after becoming a wife and a mother. The struggles in life only add to the charisma.
Grow up Jennifer or you will be another flash in the pan or back to tv.

2879 days ago


hey get a LIFE tmz ! this relationship has no mutual significance..Vince was stupid enough to believe it was LOVE fom a woman who was deeply grieving over the loss of her beau. He even put up with all of jen's crying over Shiloh's birth.. What a stupid -ass pimp. I don't remeber Vince being in the spotlight much, before hooking up with Jen. Nobody was drooling over Vince's movies until Vaughniston started. He looked cute when he didn't have all the weight in his face and the beer belly some years ago. He is a publicity pimp.

Lets face it, forget the star signs myths. it was bad enough takin a women when her judgement was clouded going thru her divorce. there was no commitment. Jen wanted a pimp's shoulder to cry on and Vaughn wanted to know what it feels like to be in Brad's place...LOSERS !!!!!!

2879 days ago


# 17, u are soo right and u r the voice in my head! I have never got over why the media frenzy over vaughniston relationship which was just a publicity stunt. Guys, pimps players know well enough never to fall for a women who is just emotionally hurt. Vince knew very well that Jen's heart was still clung to Brad''s. Vince has no manly pride to boast such a relationship existed..

They were just two idiots available on the single-datimg market banging each other in between their movie breaks..

Now its the reality check! they got tired playing the SURREAl LIFE.

Byye Jen! Byye Vince. I hope u look for new PR tools!!.

2879 days ago


Jennifer was simply not ready for another relationship because she never once got over nor stopped loving Brad. She was just a selfish B@#$t using Vince for career publicity or some other different gain whatsoever...

Vince should have banged her once, and the next morning just advise her to run off find some gay BBF's to hang out with. they are cool dudes to make a girl forget her pain..I have gay men friends. they are amazing company..

2879 days ago

Jo Blo    


They should've stayed together and bumped uglies some more.

2879 days ago


Vince, I am so proud of you for dumping this ugly piece of trash person. The JA looks like a man. Seriously!! I am so glad that Vince knew to get the hell out of her life, and stay out. I don't even believe that sh*t about them remaing as friends. Thats a bunch of BS. Real BS!! I'll bet that Brad so sincerely regrets ever letting JA's agent Steven Huvane set him up with this psycho train wreck, back in 98 or 99. He probably wishes that he would of never gotten involved with this dimwit, and much less marrying her. LMAO! when she is out there stating that she wants OSCAR. Honey! you'll never get one!!! YOU ARE TOOOOO BORING OF AN ACTOR, YOU SUCK AT ACTING, AND YOU JUST DON'T HAVE THE STAR POWER!!! Now, the gorgeous AJ does. I don't care if she's skank to some of you, but to me, SHE STILL HAS THE STAR POWER, AND SHE ALREADY HAS AN OSCAR TO PROVE IT. But whats happening here, is that this NO TALENT BIMBO, keeps trying to compete with AJ, I guess so that she can say, "See Brad, I can win an OSCAR, too!" In my book, she has sooooo totally lost it, and everyday she is acting like a crazy person, with all of her crazy antics. I'm glad that Vince ran, now for sure, you will know that there won't be tooo many other men running towards this crazy person. Instead they will run the other way. Oops! Unless of course, it is Matthew Perry. JA, please get lost, and take all of your lies, arrogance, and your ugly face with you. You don't even deserve $1 million for a movie. Really!!!!!!

2879 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

I am thrilled that they finally broke up. Vince is WAY too hat and WAT too talented to be tied down to her. Vince is the best. Good luck to him!!

2879 days ago


After all of this bullsh*t with this ridiculous person JA, I am so glad that Vince dumped her. This Jen person sounds to me like she has alot of major problems. She doesn't look good with any man, and to me she didn't look good with Brad, either. He was too good looking for her, and definitely in a much higher league of stardom. I don't know, maybe its true, and she is really a lesbian. I mean, I have read this about her, and she does have a manly look about her. Perhaps, this is why she is always trying to cover up her face all the time with her hair hanging forward on her face. And, she has a hair stylist! MY God he's bad hair stylist!!! Anyways, I don't like her anymore, she is not a good actress and she doesn't have class. Cause if she did, then she would of bowed out entirely, after Brad left her; but instead here she is constantly bothering Brad's mom, and family. Also, she doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut, she lies and everything. She don't speak truth about anyone. She makes up lies about everything and everyone. I don't like her anymore, and I will not see any of her movies anymore, cause they no good, and boring. There I say what I truly feel to say! If all of you don't like, then I don't care, cause I don't think she is a good person.

2879 days ago


Moving from Uranus into the Twilight Zone with this overdone story. Even Aniston gossip is boring...with her it is just the same tired old thing over, and over and over.

2879 days ago


Jennifer Aniston can forget about Oscar...she is a terrible actress...just terrible!

2879 days ago

Jason Elias    

Did Uranus Kill Vaughniston?

Probing question. I think Vince was a little too "out there" and weird to make this work. From reports, he's not especially kind and is a drinker--that's a bad transition guy.

You know, I really do like Jennifer Aniston, I hope she can find someone who's not so odd.

2879 days ago


Let's cut through the crap, Jen, like the other uptown 'ohs' , Brit, Paris, and Lindsay are just plain lousy in bed, yes, they need to go learn how to use their c**ts to smoke and drink like ghetto 'ohs'. End of story.

2878 days ago


I think Oprah and Jen would make a good couple.

2878 days ago

Dennis C.    

Hey, first off I'm not a moron and I wasn't born yesterday but I'm a newbie to computers and the net. So go easy on me, OK?!?

Who gives a f***? Why does HuffPo link to this trash?!?! I f***ing hate the net, how the f*** do I get back to HuffPo?!?

And what the f*** is up with TMZ advertising for Hello Kitty Porn?!?

This site is SO trashy!!

Do I have a virus, did I get my browser hijacked or something? Is this for real? Who gives a f*** about Lindsay and Paris and Britney, people are dying in Iraq everyday and since when the f*** did little girls start using vibrators, the world is going to f***ing pot, ain't it?!?

2878 days ago
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