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Did Uranus Kill Vaughniston?

12/6/2006 9:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vaughniston are Ovah!With news that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are nothing more than friends, the world is picking up the pieces and trying to figure out just went wrong.

According to AOL Horoscopes, Jen's "Saturn is moving through her 10th House of Career" and may have led her drive to become an A-list film actress override a "desire to build security through deep intimacy." Once you've done Brad Pitt, does it matter? To hell with Brad and Vince, this gal wants Oscar!

Likewise, Vince's stars indicate he "needs to move toward expressing his imagination through film, and Uranus is stimulating his desire to grow in this direction." Stimulating Uranus creates a desire to grow? We did not know that.

For Jen and Vince, being stars appears to be more important than love, and their inevitable "Break-Up" was the only thing in the stars.


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#52, Another jealous Aniston fan. Get over yourself. I bet you are 4ft6 and weight 300lbs. All Jen's fans are large women with no lives. Vince is dating a hot azz girl now. Too late for Jen, she is old and washed up like #52

2840 days ago


My mY soooooo angry hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got one. And that is mine

2840 days ago


I agreed with #1. F*** this astrology BS. Vin&Jen were never an exciting couple to start with. They were not as intrigueing to look at as Brad & Ang. She does look a man in drag. Some times she looks like a horse, Jay Z looks like a carmel. Maybe they can hook-up and see what their baby will look like. Hahahahahahahhah.............Uuuuyeah!

2840 days ago


she's the ugliest woman on the planet.

2840 days ago


Their are sooooo many imature dumb c**ts on this site, why you gotta be fat to like someone over WHORELINA and her fag dying hair baby daddy BRAD!


All of you need to realize I dont like Brad he looks like a fag and Angelina is a whore, soak on it, piss on it, dream of it I dont give a sh*t thats what they are llike it or not!

#57 speak for yourself the world is you and the other 5 dumbasses talking sh*t, not everyone likes faget ass Brad, so get over him and his bitch Angie! lol

2840 days ago


You guys are a bunch of dumbass c**ts, why do you have to be fat to be a JA fan or even defending her for that matter?

Your all idiots, so what you have to be a skank or a fag to defend Angelina and Brad?

I call it as I see it and I see WHORELINA being a skank ass biatch as always and Brad is a fag and no the whole world doesnt like them unless you count yourself as the whole world!

Now take out your shrines from your asses and STFU, maybe your the jeolous ones of Jen that got to hit first!!

2840 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Even tho Jen tried to keep her personal life private, the press still made ASSumptions about it...i think she learned a lesson when Brad and his Skank put out all those "happy family" magazine covers while Brad was still a married man, AND, AJ didn't take steps to prevent a pregnancy with the same married man tells me those two had no heart, or compassion, morals, or consideration for the wife in the picture. They could have waited and done it right....divorce, then copulate. That to me explains why VV and JA went so far to keep their relationship private....burned once, twice shy. I'd hate to have to go through what this classy woman did, and with dignity. Hang on Jen....take your time, and find a REAL man.....

2840 days ago


#57- Speak for yourself. Nobody likes Aniston, boo hoo.
Brad didn't win sexist man alive 2 times in a row, for being ugly.
Stop your complaining. Vince and Brad dumped Jennifer.
The End
p.s Go back to school and learn how to spell.

2840 days ago


#63- You're a total joke. What are you a teacher? Haha, get over yourself.
Brad and Angie are gorgeous. Jennifer looks like her dog Norman.
Congrats to Vince for getting out of a fake relationship.
PR, is over for him. Jennnifer is all alone. She has 2 dumbas* fans
on here, making fools out of themselves. EVERYBODY LOVES THE JOLIE-PITTS.

2840 days ago


what a load of crap u guys jen and vince decided to call it quits at least she never got preggies to keep a guy u people are amazing nobady knew jolie or thought about her now she is with a all time she bitch like brad that must ask permission to say something she is great saving the world my ass it is all PR wake up and stop idolising these two look at real heros like mother theresa and the doctors and nurses and teachers that come to poor countries and help not pop in and play lord over the people and at your soldiers that are fighting and losing their lives in iraq those are real people i think jen is cute and did the right thing by not jumping into a permanent relationship smart move for any divorcee so leave her too live her life she owes u nothing not one detail or a penny and look in the mirror before u critise somebody's looks god made us all

2840 days ago


Lol, you are so stupid. Read what you posted. You sound like JA.
JA is finished, and Vince is a free man. Brad and Angelina are two
hot people. Don't you ever read before you post. I'm still laughing at you
for being fat and stupid. Go lose some weight.

2840 days ago


#66 are you fat? Why is fat so much in your vocabulary?

It sounds like your trying to get over a complex or something!

2840 days ago


#63- You must have gained 10lbs this week. It is a fact, that all of Jen's fans
belong to weight watchers. Your post sounds like a bitter fat ladies.
Yes, most of the world doesn't like Jen. They love Angelina and Brad.
Vince is too good for Jen.

2840 days ago


#65 I never said Jolie wasnt pretty I said she was prettier than Jen, but shes still a skank ass biatch! Sorry Brad might be fine to you but hes nasty to me even before Jolie I personally dont like blondes (except for Paul Walker)!

You guys sound like you worship these people, how pathetic and sad!

2840 days ago


Nobody is fat but you. Why bring up weight so much? Because you need to lose 75lbs. Stop posting so much, makes you look even more stupid.
Yea, VV ditched the coat-tail riding ho, JA.

2840 days ago
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