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Is Divorce in Madge's 'Unlucky Stars?'

12/11/2006 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As Madonna and man-toy Guy Ritchie approach their six year wedding anniversary, rumors continue to swirl that their marriage is close to the "borderline."

Mr. and Mrs. Madonna
According to AOL Horoscopes, her Madgesty, a Leo born August 16, is someone who wants constant praise. Shocking! Unfortunately, Virgos like Guy tend to be very critical and don't readily give unwarranted praise. Luckily, stars say the duo "could find some common ground in the bedroom." Like a virgin!

While the mother of three is "more likely to quibble over Guy's choice of words than to address the larger issues at hand," Ritchie is still able to make Madonna feel "like she's the center of the universe." Guy knows that hell hath no fury like a Material Girl scorned! Perhaps a vacation on La Isla Bonita would help?

The astrological forecast says that if the Ciccone-Ritchies can make it work until July, their marriage should make it ... and they can justify their love.


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2840 days ago

Suzanne Moore    

Madonna is so great!she deserves the best in life!!!I THINK MADONNA IS A GREAT HUMANITARIAN,without being boring,She is sexy,cool,hip and always advocates for good causes.i know there is coming a lot of critics for her in this message board...but remember madge in her last cd....sticks and stones wont break my bones but your names will never HEARD!!!...PEOPLE SHOULD REALIZE THAT MADGE IS A GREAT ARTIST.just compare her to britney......SHE IS SO SUPERIOR AND INTELLIGENT.never will be another stong woman like her....

2840 days ago


Leave her Guy, there's plenty of fish in the sea. Catch yourself a young one.

2840 days ago


This is not news TMZ.
This is nothing.
The celebs must have taken the night off..

2840 days ago


It's GREAT news that she has "saved" baby David from his life of misery, only to watch her marriage implode and end in DIVORCE! Now that's a star for you!

2840 days ago


Wow! This story was incredibly stupid. Let's play a little garbage game where you do not post news until it has actually happened, ok?

How about some more pix of Clitney's sticky cooter?

2840 days ago

hes a geek!!!    

he seems too good for her... i know she is THE Madonna, but come on, how high maintenance and b*tchy is she? did anybody see the latest documentary of hers that guy produced, the one that shows her children, relationship with guy, etc.? she makes fun of him when they are at the pub, makes fun of him enjoying his heritage or whatever....and with her cute little kids? shes pretty snipey with them, like she is with her dancers, etc.... you'd think since she had a hand in what made it into the film, she would have taken out THAT revealing stuff....probably she doesn't realize how she is?

and maybe guy got tired of her silly faux English accent, haha.... please! isnt she from michigan or something? anyway, i have lived in mexico for over 5 years and i STILL have an american accent (when i speak english). and YES i have a mexican husband, and YES i speak spanish with a mexican accent, but the ENGLISH - AMERICAN ACCENT...

oh well, i guess im just jealous cuz i i will never in my life have as much money as she has.. :) i still love madonna....just would be scared of her in REAL life

2840 days ago

We, are not amused.    

If they split...does the little colored kid go back to Africa?

2840 days ago


She needs to get out of the Kabbalah cult. Cults are notoriously hard on a marriage because they are a demanding third party in the marriage.
Mormonism is the same way, RUN!!!! These people are just after your money and your free labor.

2840 days ago


Someone at TMZ is into astrology big time.
No one cares about this slut or her loser husband.

2840 days ago

Oh Geez!    

AOL Horoscopes on TMZ?!?! Whoring for "da man", eh? What's next, maps to the stars homes courtesy of Mapquest?

2840 days ago

Brian Mann    

You're no good, you're no good, you're no good, article... you're no good.

While reading this, my girlfriend went into a coma, and it was serious. I wish that I was an administrator for your site, so that I could edit this article and paint it black. Whoever wrote this: Go bang your head on a wall, and then go sit under the bridge downtown.

Shame on you. You owe us all apologies. I've lost my lust for life. I need someone to HOLD ME NOW.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

2840 days ago


Hey Brenda, Madonna isn't Christ ya know.

2840 days ago


Madonna is an old goat just begging for anyone to do a story on her. She and that mutt of a husband are two losers who suck donkey dick.

2840 days ago


Madonna is a used-up hag. In the 80s she got away with being a medicore talent because of crafty industry "packaging." Just like snatch-flashing Britney Spears did and still tries to do. Well, the bloom is off the rose.

These phony-talents have been being exposed ever since the 'net came into being. TOO BAD. Madonna looks like someone's chain-smokin' trailer-park granny who wears hoochy-coochy outfits and tries to hit on her ganddaughter's boyfriends.

Worse, Madonna has been attempting to portray herself as some sort of British "upper crust" society person for the last several years. The constant fake "accent" indicates how wanton and utterly Michael Jackson-dumb she is. Being American is not "noble'" enough for this brainless hag. She must pretend she is "British."

Whoah...this old baggage would have done better to stick to frothy bubblegum dance-pop, rather than try to "fool" Americans: "Look how I change my image all the time! My record company told me to do it, because I've never had an actual original idea, and NOW...I'm so much better than ALL of you because I live in a British castle and I adopt colored African babies for publicity! Plus, I pretend I'm a devout JEW!"

Guy Ritchie, amazing to say it, would do his own career a favor by kicking this creature to the curb. Madonna is about as smart as a box of hair...and that simply isn't "hip" in any era.

Her early songs were fun for all of us, but this 25-year desperation to portray herself as a serious, talented artist is what inspired strumpets like Spears. UGH.

2840 days ago
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