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What Suri Can Expect from Santa Cruise

12/12/2006 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Christmas less than two weeks away, TomKat is getting ready for baby Suri's first Noel.

TMZ has learned that Tom and Katie recently purchased a $329 pink tricycle and an adorable pink and white stuffed animal sofa for their little girl wonder -- at uber-chic L.A. baby boutique, Petit Tresor.

To make sure the third Mrs.Cruise wasn't feeling left out, Tom got her a $1200 leather diaper bag by Mia Bossi -- the same one Madonna picked up a few months ago. Mama's got a brand new bag!

While Tom didn't shop for the items himself, he's too busy planning media spectacles, er, we mean wedding receptions, he did have one of his minions pick up the items. Oh, the perks of being the world's biggest movie star!


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There are rumors of another baby...

I was just looking at Petit Tresor's website and Tom & Katie have 2 registries. One dated 5/2/06 (filled with pink stuff) and the 2nd dated 12/17/06 (filled with blue stuff...)


2871 days ago

gentel soul    

In my first post on this site I was only speaking to and about the 3 people that I have now previously mentioned to you a few times. Not you. What is it about that statement that you are having a hard time wrapping your mind around? It was quite a few posts later that I said you are on this site quite frequently. Please make sure that you are reading things properly and establishing the order of my posts so as to not confuse yourself . Your accusations and what not are making you appear to be the one that isn't as intellectual as you claim.

As for my other comments that have been directed to you, I can see that sarcasm is obviously lost on you. You ae truely hopeless and a waste of my time. Bye bye.

2871 days ago


wow - I just jumped in the middle of a flame war....

chill out people. go do something productive.

2871 days ago

gentel soul

Here is the site that Ana in post#228 was refering to.. Click on gift registry and it is listed under Katie Holmes.

2871 days ago


Hilarious..Read this...


Ana, I saw a phot of her recently shopping with Isabella, and she had a little bump, but hey it may have just been bloating.........................

2871 days ago


WOW! This $cientologist ie. "Kathy" "Chad" Jessica" "Tim" = ALL THE SAME PERSON have definitely gone off the deep end!!! What is $cientology paying you now, OVERTIME to attack blogs that post a threat to your SICKO CULT?!

Miapocca and Rachel are right, you people are COMPLETE NUTS! Now I REALLY BELIEVE $cientology IS CRAZY. You will stay up ALL NIGHT just to bomb this blog. You (and I'm referring to "all of you" as ONE PERSON because it's soo retarded that YOU would post under different names and even agree with yourself!!!!) just confirmed that $cientology will go to ANY EXTENTS to CRUSH ANY OPPOSITION. Well, you have failed. I am MORE CONVINCED THAN EVER that TOm Cruise is one of the most digusting PSYCHOPATHS next to Saddam Hussein. EAT SH*T, Tom Cruise!!!!!

BY THE WAY, all that posting back and forth to YOURSELF upholds the fact that you are one PATHETIC CREEP!

2871 days ago


#227 "gentle soul" - you are a waste of blog space. And don't PRETEND you're "not a scientologist", because virtually ALL $cientologists don't admit that they are in blogs unless they want to loudly preach about their CULT. $cientologists WON'T ADMIT who they are so that they can "blend" into the public and pose as regular folk.

2871 days ago


What the hell happend to this blog since last night? Looks like some scientologists were up all night working overtime (as "TomKat=SHAM!" put). Holy hell, why do these people ("Jessica" "Tim" "Chad" "gentle soul" "Kathy") all sound like the same person talking (posting) to herself? It's really scary HOW FAR a very psychiatrically unbalanced person will go to get her point across. The only point that I get is that you are one major emotionally unstable person to be posting back and forth to yourself. Boy oh boy have you been "whipped" (like "Emma" said) by Rachel and Miapocca, yet you still persist? I really feel sorry for you. tsk tsk

2871 days ago



2871 days ago


Usually Scientologists spam boards. Pages upon pages of jibberish. They obviously have not been able to do this on TMZ so you have maybe 2 people posting almost continuously around the clock. Why? There are those on this site who have been very critical of Cruise and this does not escape Scientology. Those unable to afford the outrageous cost of moving from one level to another often work 16 hours per day for very little pay. Typically this is done at the SeaOrg from where these "spammers" most likely originate.

2871 days ago

the wise old owl    

OMG.....I just came back to this board hoping to see some INTELLIGENT BLOGGING ....but instead I was bombarded with a bunch of insulting , discusting, crude and very nasty comments directed at some of the most respected bloggers that TMZ has. ROF LMAO .....over every single one them. They don't contibute anything except the LOW I.Q. of the person that is making the absurd remarks. Very infantile and very immature.

Jessica, Tim, gentle soul.......and the rest of you are just not rational. You distract from the subject matter that is at hand here..........and just go off on rants that critisize and put down individual bloggers. Who cares of other people on this board comment on other worth while subjects on this website. What does that have to do with anything?

I suggest you all seek some kind of "professional theorapy " IMMEDIATELY. Although I find them mildly amusing, they are senseless and contain no INFORMATION. Like Patty said " we are laughing AT you ....not with you.

Rachel, Miacoppa, " J" Patty , RICHARD, GLITTERATTI and MDA......thanks for all those wondeful blogs. You bring " something to the plate " here. MY GOd......this Jessica with the " many personalities who is in desperate need of her lithium " Is really over the deep end. I wouldn't be surprised if TMZ does a quality control check and denies her " Computer " access to blog on here anymore. OH well.....that's one person I won't be missing.

2871 days ago


Okay, I'mreading these comments and I can see it just got completely out of control starting from "kathy" back there rolorcoastered throughout chad to jessica to tim to "gentle soul". it looks to me the same mad angry individual. i've read about some personality disorders but to see one actually in action is really exciting not to mentoin amusing! It's like Gremlins 2, where several of the creatures drink lab potion and then posess distinct different personalities.

I'd like to pokea little fun at the already existing absurdity. it looks like jessica, who tends to get hysterical with the curse words, is the alphacocky ring leader that conducts this crazyring circus. jessica is tim the alter ego is the intimate companion, the "agree and comfort" type, a unperceptive coddler of tempers, an agreer, a shoulder to cry on, a crutch to lean on, he scratches her back, kisses and wipes her a**. chad is the "disheveled loner", a kind of bum-type who sporadicaly peppers out random nuggets of verbiage, incohesive and pointless in meaning as the words he compils. "kathy" is the "bean counter", an expulsive witch obsessed with honking out inefectual statistics. (i think "Matt" would like that one!) "gentle soul" is a combination of "tim" and a browbeat, the "calmer side" of Jessica.

but all in the end and in reality, gremlins are puppets as scientologists are to their cult.

Here's to laughs!

2871 days ago

passer by    

185. Vee said: "When you judge people harshly, be aware that somewhere out there someone is doing the same to you."
It is a buddhist saying. about 575 B.C. ...and also a proverb.......When you are speaking about others...others will be speaking about you..
coined phrase from Buddha, and Jesus....

2871 days ago


Oh my Rob that was HILARIOUS...Still LMAO..............

Jessica is certainly good entertainment..I see she has been censored by TMZ so she cant leave any more message..too bad ,I was looking forward to see her explode all over...She is probaly burnin up right now:)LOL

Quick note..if you are on a blog with scientologists, please dont let them provoke you into revealing personal details about your life...............

2871 days ago


Thanks for my laugh of the day Rob :0)

2871 days ago
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