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What Suri Can Expect from Santa Cruise

12/12/2006 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Christmas less than two weeks away, TomKat is getting ready for baby Suri's first Noel.

TMZ has learned that Tom and Katie recently purchased a $329 pink tricycle and an adorable pink and white stuffed animal sofa for their little girl wonder -- at uber-chic L.A. baby boutique, Petit Tresor.

To make sure the third Mrs.Cruise wasn't feeling left out, Tom got her a $1200 leather diaper bag by Mia Bossi -- the same one Madonna picked up a few months ago. Mama's got a brand new bag!

While Tom didn't shop for the items himself, he's too busy planning media spectacles, er, we mean wedding receptions, he did have one of his minions pick up the items. Oh, the perks of being the world's biggest movie star!


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searching for truth    

I didn't realize Scientologists celebrated Christmas. How odd.

2871 days ago


Can't believe how jealous some of you are. Katie and Tom are happy and enjoying life. They both work and can spend their money however they want. Their child is gorgeous and is always smiling and obviously well loved and looked after...unlike most of you who are just miserable SOB's!

2871 days ago


isnt it a bit odd to buy a child who can't even walk yet, a tricycle???

2871 days ago


I must admit, she is fairly cute, although slightly freaky looking with so much hair. It looks a little like a toupee LOL... As far as those of you who say all parents spoil their kids, not true. We can afford to give our child a lot of things, but to be honest, we don't. It's not good for them to have everything. It doesn't build any character. When they are old enough, No TV in their room, no phone in their room, no friggin $600 Nintendo. None of us had that stuff when growing up, and we didn't die of deprivation. Maybe that's what's wrong with today's kids, and why they think nothing of walking into a school and shooting it up.

2871 days ago


Nothing. Suri is a rental baby. Tom and Kate have no baby.

2871 days ago


For you people that make nasty comments about innocent children you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Pick on someone your own size idiots!!!!!!!!

2871 days ago


Suri is a cute, sweet baby, but is it me or does it look like she's wearing a rug in this particular picture? She always has thick hair, but other pictures don't make it look like it's separate from her head. Poor sweet baby!

2871 days ago


I'd have to agree - Suri has a face that is hard to look at because it's not a cute face. Looks like a sop of wig on her head, too. Every time I have to see it, I'm upping my meds for the rest of the day. Man, it's no angel face and if she looks better as she gets older then she may be lucky to avoid a mountain of therapy courses or should I say um.....nah, I'll leave at that. Heck, they have money to fix her face up if she stays ugly at later age then luckier the baby she is, that is for certain. Yes, she is innocent, but the parents' are not helping any by their behaviors that results and affects children in the long run. Tough for anyone that doesn't like my posting.

2871 days ago


For #18 by Kate, I nearly rolled out of my chair laughing on the floor. Rental baby? Imagine a rental center filled with babies of all kinds, sizes, and colors. Ohhhh. Thanks for the laughs.

2871 days ago


You go Frosty.... I would probably say the same thing.!!!!!!!

2871 days ago


$21, I have heard the same thing. Suri isn't TC or KH baby. Just a few people who believe that she is. Sorry, I don't believe she theirs either. Poor baby, whoever she is, looks like she is wearing a wig. Not so pretty baby.

2871 days ago


People are such dam haters!!!

These people spend the money because they have the money to do it, stop hating so much or you wont ever have anything yourselves!!!

These two are good parents, better than Bitch ass Britney Spears that doesnt even spend time with her boys but she spends it with Parasite and her new boy toy!!!

2871 days ago


To everyone here who thinks that Tom and Katie are spending too much money on Suri: How much money have you donated to charity this holiday season??? How many toys have you donated to Toys For Tots??
For all we know; Tom and Katie could donate thousands, (or Millions) to their favorite charity every year. Who are you guys to judge them??!!

2871 days ago


Frosty.....if you believe in what you say about them, then you must be so frosty toward everyone and children as well. How ironic or strange you pick an id like yours. Mmmm....just a thought to binker, twinker, and bonker on.

2871 days ago


$18/ I love your comment. I have heard a bunch of rumors like this. That Suri is really a model baby, and YES Tom did RENT. It makes sense to me. They didn't show her off until a couple of months ago, if that long.
Whoever said dont talk bad about her. Lady, it is opinions. People are posting their thoughts not yours #21. Everybody dont like TC or his family.

2871 days ago
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