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What Suri Can Expect from Santa Cruise

12/12/2006 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Christmas less than two weeks away, TomKat is getting ready for baby Suri's first Noel.

TMZ has learned that Tom and Katie recently purchased a $329 pink tricycle and an adorable pink and white stuffed animal sofa for their little girl wonder -- at uber-chic L.A. baby boutique, Petit Tresor.

To make sure the third Mrs.Cruise wasn't feeling left out, Tom got her a $1200 leather diaper bag by Mia Bossi -- the same one Madonna picked up a few months ago. Mama's got a brand new bag!

While Tom didn't shop for the items himself, he's too busy planning media spectacles, er, we mean wedding receptions, he did have one of his minions pick up the items. Oh, the perks of being the world's biggest movie star!


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J, #71, you are so right! Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie come to mind. People who believe that T and K are "in love", who root for and idolize these two need extensive psychiatric help. These are the type of people who support murderers like OJ Simpson, because they want to "believe" he didn't do it, they ignore all the facts that point to him as the murderer. These are the people who consume publicity like it represents the truth when it is far from it. These people are in a rainbow-covered dreamland of complete nonsense, obsessed and blind in adulation, ignorant of the obvious sham, and unwilling to put the facts together. There is a considerable difference between people who like to be entertained by celebrities and those other people who feel the need to adhere and worship them.

2873 days ago


"wise old owl", thank you for your comment on my post. I always enjoy your posts, always inspiring!

2873 days ago


Ok. I am tired of this. Alien baby Suri is NOT asian/chinese. I am asian and she looks nothing like any of my asian friends or relatives baby pictures- so stop it already!

She is however a little hairball that is doomed to be another f*cked up celebrity child. Multiplied by 1000x because her parents belong in the nut house.

2873 days ago


Today in the AOL Celebrity photo's, there is a picture of Gwen Stefani carrying her son Kingston (pic taken Tuesday). It says Kingston was born 5/26/ he is one month younger than Suri, but WOW, the difference amazing!! Kingston looks like a 6 1/2 month old to him, Suri REALLY looks MUCH older than 8 months!!!

2873 days ago


This is NOT Toms kid.

2873 days ago


#81 That's because she is older than what Tom and Kate reported. I believe Katie was pregnant by her then-boyfriend and didn't realize it until she and Tom started dating. During an interview, I recall him saying he told Katie she was pregnant, how he knew I don't know. At that point they decided together to pass the baby off as Tom's. If you google Chris Klein - she looks just like him. That's why she looks older than what they say, because she is.

2873 days ago


For the record, I think Suri is a gorgeous baby......just not Tom or Katies. While Tom did all his publicity work for MI3, Katie was hitting all the Italian orphanages. I guarantee, if DNA was done, that baby is not theres.

In the majority of the pictures of Katie being pregnant, she looks like she's wearing one of those prosthetic pregnancy shirts. And to me, she looked to be a very nurturing mother - UNTIL they announced the "birth" of Suri. I think that Tom and Katie arranged an Italian adoption, and the woman was in CA giving birth for them. All the gaydar rumors of Tommyboy are getting closer and closer to the surface - one this is - I feel bad for him in a small way (sorry for the pun), but it must suck to have to live your life as a lie. Who cares if he's gay? What difference does it make?

That baby is NOT their baby. Tom's been married twice before and both previous wives (Nicole barely), hinted at his sexuality and the fact that the marriage was a contract. I wouldn't have thought Katie would fall for something like that, but it appears she did. In all the years 'pre-Tom", Katie is smiling ear to ear and seems so happy. When they originally "came out" as a couple in Rome, she looked uncomfortable and stiff during all the PDA's. And with her parents right there, Tom should have shown more respect. But I won't ever believe that Suri is their child. I truly believe she was an adoption, which would explain the "missing Suri" for months. Also, what new mother goes to CO, to Paris, globetrotting for premieres and funerals, and never mentions her baby. New mothers can't NOT mention their children.

As far as her toys - lots of babies who can't walk yet get a trike for Xmas, she'll be walking soon. And that little chair is adorable, my granddaughter has one that looks similar (obviously not as expensive). I think it's odd that they are using Suri as a PR machine. That in itself makes them shameful as parents.

2873 days ago


I checked google and yes, I thnk they have the same eyes and the shape of the face is the same as Suri's. WOW. These celebrities are unbelievable. I wonder what kind of contract Tom and Kate had Chris sign.

2873 days ago


Ihad thought the baby was Josh Hartnett's. Katie was dating him before she signed on with Tom.
Then I heard that toms cousin "donated" and then using a turkey baster and head stand, Katie became pregnant. I heard they used the cousin so incase someone got a hold of DNA there would be a match.

You know it DOES make sense. That way too, at the end of the contract, the kid(s) really ARE cruise blood and more reason for him to be able to keep them.

2873 days ago


1. Suri is the cutest little doll baby! I'm sure her birth parents are very proud. Have they released the identities of her parents yet?

Posted at 3:45PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Surreal


2873 days ago

Bipolar Brooke    

The ugly comments are all coming from women, who also hear voices in thier head telling them to hurt their own babies, that were offended by what Tom said about thier fellow bipolar (nutbag) Brooke Sheild! And you call Tom crazy!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What freaks! Too funny!

Yea, go take your meds now you crazy loons before you kill your kids!!!

2873 days ago


I hope Tom and Katy treated Suri's parents for christmas too.

2872 days ago

Sand In My Crack is spelled "EUNICH" and it means a man who has been castrated..since I am a woman this would be virtually impossible.....just wanted to thank all you "girls" (wise old owl, maipocca , Rachel and others who participated) for your help... it was like reeling in fish the way you all took "the bait". It really amazed me how you were all so easily manipulated by a few were my "lab rats" so to speak for my psyche class. I got an A on my thesis by the way..thanks again.

2872 days ago


As to the comment from #31, there has been enough money donated to New Orleans/Lousiana to rebuild it twice. What happened to it? Has there been any accountability from all the donations? What organization keeps a tally of the expenditures? There has been so much money wasted (by charlatans using the system and by no accountability, it makes me second guess what is going on.

2872 days ago


#89 Your comments are indicative that you actually lost adn are tyring to put a spin on it to save face..I am not a spell freak..but if you are goign to take the time to correct spellings you might as well get it right..
its EUNUCH {eu·nuch /ˈyunək/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[yoo-nuhk]}.

Dumbass.!!!!that should teach to correct spelling on a blog...................what a waste to society..spreading wrong information instead of writing your opinion..go suck midgets balls like you were told to yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2872 days ago
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