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What Suri Can Expect from Santa Cruise

12/12/2006 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Christmas less than two weeks away, TomKat is getting ready for baby Suri's first Noel.

TMZ has learned that Tom and Katie recently purchased a $329 pink tricycle and an adorable pink and white stuffed animal sofa for their little girl wonder -- at uber-chic L.A. baby boutique, Petit Tresor.

To make sure the third Mrs.Cruise wasn't feeling left out, Tom got her a $1200 leather diaper bag by Mia Bossi -- the same one Madonna picked up a few months ago. Mama's got a brand new bag!

While Tom didn't shop for the items himself, he's too busy planning media spectacles, er, we mean wedding receptions, he did have one of his minions pick up the items. Oh, the perks of being the world's biggest movie star!


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Bipolar Brooke    

All you need to know is that all my personalities have one thing in common, we all hate Tom. The ones who are defending him are not me/my other personalitie. I know I need help but I can't afford it right now. Maybe you guys can help me by reminding me that I'm doing it again. When you see me in here or any of the other message boards, tell me to stop and go take my lithium. I really do want to stop feeling like this. And I want to stop wasting all my time being bitter and constantly posting about Tom. It doesnt even do anything to him. He's just living his great life while I rott here! I need to crawl out of this pittless hole I've dug myself into. Won't you guys please help me?

2870 days ago


Usually Scientologist s spam various message boards, I'm surprised they haven't tried it here. Must not be able to figure this one out. Can you blame them? Their decline began with the net, anyone with a computer can now see their ridiculous "teachings". As if that's not bad enough boards like this allow us to link to pages like xenu, scientology kills, etc... Must be killing them. Funny though, they always claim millions are benefiting from this "exceptional religion" yet they are afraid of little old us. And Cruise? In one fell swoop he alienated potential converts around the world. Thanks Tom. Bet you didn't know your ramblings would back-fire big time. LOL!! Scientology claims it even increases I.Q.. Judging by the posters I've seen they should ask for a refund. They appear completely uneducated and quite angry. Guess we're doing something right!!!!!!!!!!!

2870 days ago


BTW, Mr. Cruise (aka midget) was recently voted least admired celebrity. Most of those gave the reason as "he's creepy". The world's greatest movie star? ha ha

2870 days ago

Katie M.    

Hey Keith, #102, since you bring up "posting under two different people", aren't you doing the same thing, Kathy? LMAO. $cientology paying you, what, $1.25/hr. to comb the net and attack other bloggers who speak out against your bologna cult and that turdmouth Tom Cruise? Do you even KNOW what a %u201CPsychopath%u201D really is? Obviously, you don't, so here it is:

$cientology is THE breeding ground for Psychopathy.

"Odds are you've run across one of these characters in your career. They're glib, charming, manipulative, deceitful, ruthless -- and very, very destructive. And there may be lots of them in America's corner offices." - Fast Company Magazine

(Oh, there's PLENTY of THOSE people on these blogs (aka, Scientologists), who are working by the shift so they can throw garishly infantile remarks at anyone who "threatens" their brainwashing system. I guess for that last comment, $cientology brownie points for you, Keith, I mean, Kathy.)

"Psychopaths have a profound lack of empathy. They use other people callously and remorselessly for their own ends. They seduce victims with a hypnotic charm that masks their true nature as pathological liars, master con artists, and heartless manipulators. Easily bored, they crave constant stimulation, so they seek thrills from real-life "games" they can win -- and take pleasure from their power over other people. "
- Robert Hare, creator of the Psychopathy Checklist

Wow! No wonder Tom Cruise makes gradiose claims that he "cares about EVERYONE!%u201D, and that he %u201Ccares about YOU, YOU, YOU, and YOU!" (Where does this man find the TIME to literally %u201Ccare for%u201D the 5 billion people on this planet?! Didn%u2019t he say, %u201CIf you don%u2019t like scientology, well, then, f*** you! Really. F*** you!%u201D (Rolling Stone Magazine) So for the people that don%u2019t buy into $cientology, then I guess he doesn%u2019t %u201Ccare%u201D about them! What a hypocrite!) No wonder Tom Cruise keeps buying people "gifts", and makes over-the-top flattery, SO he can expect something from them in return, not equally, but 10-fold and for his own financial end. It's a clever and duplicitous bait and switch tactic! What better way to make a good impression than to shower your own quarry with sweet talk and material/career-boosting %u201Cpromises%u201D. No wonder he shamelessly insulted and offended Brooke Shields (and millions of women) on national TV! No wonder he stages %u201Crescues%u201D. Tom Cruise is a Psychopath. A sick, SICK, man. But when you have crazy loons massaging your ego and available at every whim to do your dirty PR work, it%u2019s impossible to realize anything%u2019s %u201Cwrong%u201D with you. Unfortunately for the past, it%u2019s the public that has deepened his pocket. But fortunately, it%u2019s the now WISER public that makes the FINAL DECISION in his career! NO WAY will I ever pay for another Cruise/Holmes/$cientologyCelebrity movie ever again!

2870 days ago


Kathy (post #99), I am 26 years old, 5'9", 115 lbs., and I agree with everything wise old owl, Rachel, Jenny, Miapocca, J, and the others said. I think it's very foolish of you to stoop so low as to call some bloggers "fat their keyboards". If many people dislike Tom Cruise for real reasons, they're all "fat bitches"? It seems you've run out of things to say so you resort to immature remarks, name-calling, something actually an uneducated "fat, crazy bitch" would do.

2870 days ago


Gifts? Well maybe. But certainly not surprises anymore. TMZ , does it ever bother you that you print rumors, half truths, sometimes out and out lies? But the most troubling are the comments from so many strangely disturbed people. It is kind of disgusting...the whole thing. S.

2870 days ago


Do they (TomKat) celebrate an acrtual Christmas and what it means, or do they have their own version of it? Poor Tom sees Hubbard as Santa, and Katie just stands and projects her stupid glued on smile, perhaps she sees Tom as Santa, he's the one with the goods, he sure does piss it away, yep, I'm jealous. Poor Suri

2870 days ago


God! No one seems to like this family for whatever reason. Everywhere i look, everything i read in the press, whether it be tabloid or respectable newspapers and reviews, they are always making fun or critising them. Now It has become the ‘normal’ thing to do to take pokes at Tom and Katie. Because of this, they have become a figure a ridicule worldwild. This has gone way too far in my opinion and this has to stop! I mean since when have Tom and Katie become the most hated couple in hollywood? This is too weird. Yes they are a bit over the top sometimes but they are celebrities and that’s what being a celebrity is all about. If you have it, flaunt it! But these two are being crucified alive. Why? Do you only imagine what effect this will have on their kids? Leave this family alone! It’s their life and they have a right to live it the way they want!

2870 days ago


Cruise should have thought of the consequences of his words. When you insult women everywhere by claiming there is no such thing as PPD that is the risk you take. Not to mention the fact that according to him ALL PSYCHIATRY IS EVIL. A bit over the top? That's more than a bit. And his "love" for Katie that he's been cramming down our throats? He deserves everything he's getting and more. His career is over. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

2870 days ago


to why?

We are not holding on to them,just commenting on stories presented to us in the media as a result of their antics.

If they have problems with their crucifixtion they will take the neccesary measures to stop of them being stay out of the limelight, but unfortunately they cant do that.

Its all starts with them, if they dissappear we will have very little to say..........Maybe you should send a emial to Midget and tell him about your ocncerns and advise him on what to do to be less ridiculed..........

my new name " its not my fault, midget made me do it"

2870 days ago

Bipolar Brooke    

Just look at the times on some of the posts! These nut cases were up ALL night posting their garbage! Now I ask you, who are the TRUE crazies on this message board? HELLO!
Get some f***ing sleep you idoits!

2870 days ago


Hey #117, DUMSH*T. You are OBVIOUSLY a DUMSH*T because you think there's only one TIMEZONE in the world. Some people work night shifts. Some people live on the other side of the world. But of course, you didn't know this! As far as your post goes, you've spent some of that time actually posting some real "garbage" instead of sticking to the subject at hand as do most of the other bloggers have. And since you are apparently unable to write in a more civil and scholarly manner, I'll take this opportunity to emulate you in words the way only you could understand: HELLO! Get a f*cking education you IDIOT!

2870 days ago

Bipolar Brooke    

Bottom line is, there is absolutely nothing you idoits can say that will change my mind or anyone elses about Tom. There are those of us who will continue to enjoy Tom or Katies movies regardless of what religion they practice. It doesnt matter and it's none of our business what people want to believe in. Whatever happened to freedom of religion, anyway? Or how about, freedom of speech? I have the right to go on any website and express myself about people I am a fan of, do I not? So why do you attack anyone who is a fan of Tom and Katie? And no, I'm not a scientologist for crying out loud! How foolish of you to think the only people who like Tom Cruise are other scientologists!!! Its like saying, only Jewish people like jewish actors, etc.
And you have the gull to call others uneducated? You have got to be the most ignorant one out of anyone to actually like or dislike someone based on their religion! Grow up!

2870 days ago

Tara Kingston    

#116, I concur. Where in the world has #114 been sticking his/her head into (under a rock?) these past TWO YEARS? Even my Great Grandfather knows about and can't stand Tom Cruise for a myriad of the same reasons why the whole world is sick of this egotistical, manipulative control freak who will trash anyone who doesn't go along with his charades.

2869 days ago

the wise old owl    

WOW . We really have an " unbalanced individual blogging on this board. Talk about someone in deep need of some " Theorapy "

Post # 110 Jessica : Good reply to the "idiot " . Not that it will help. The thing is too far gone for that.

Post # 118: J..........Can you believe this a**hole is back? You absolutely finished him. However I don' think you humiliated the he/she enough. I have a feeling " THAT " IT " WILL BE BACK ..............HA HA .........LOL.....

MIACOPPA AND goodness you've had your work cut out for you " policing these boards " and trying to keep this adolecent off her " Mommy's " computer. Good job. ( She will be waking up from her nap soon.... with a very " nasty " attitude ....LOOK OUT !!!.)

Let's hope she goes to the " Jungle Gym " to work off those aggressions LMAO at all the stupid blogs this person has left.

2869 days ago
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