Throw the Book at O.J.!

12/13/2006 2:34 PM PST

For those who want to give O.J. Simpson what he deserves, you now have the chance! GSN's newest celebrity scandal game, "Throw the Book at O.J.," lets you stick it to the Juice.

Yes, you can now do what the murder trial jury didn't! The online game lets you literally throw his cancelled book, "If I Did It" at him. The game shows a fictional book signing, where a O.J. dodges flying books and defends himself by throwing back footballs. When you hit Simpson, you not only earn points, but he suffers bumps and bruises. Oh, that does sound like fun!

The highlight of the experience comes when the player strikes O.J. numerous times, and items fall out of his jacket pocket; bundles of money, a Heisman trophy, and a glove. Move over, Mario!