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Angelina Shoots Down Stork Rumors

12/14/2006 9:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jolie wants the world to know she's not pregnant, but it doesn't mean the Brangelina family is complete.

Though speculation has been swirling that Angelina Jolie has another gorgeous bun in the oven, the stunning actress joked with Diane Sawyer that if it were true, "I shouldn't have been drinking wine last night." She added, "No, we're not. I'm on the pill." Probably a little TMI, Angelina.

She adds that the globetrotting supercouple will probably adopt a third child before having a second biological one.

Jolie also gushed over Brad saying, "He's just a really great partner, a great man." Yeah, easy on the eyes too.


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You post a comment then respond to yourself? LOL I guess that way you can always get affirmation. I guess you'd know an idiot when you respond to one. ALOL

2867 days ago


man oh man! what are the jennifer fans doing on this blog? i guess they can't accept the stardom power that AJ seems to have on everyone. got to admit, she looked quite stunning in new york, even though you JA fans don't agree, but i'm a guy, and gotta admit, AJ is hot, very hot. also, i too have read about JA supposedly not doing okay, and begging BP to go and see her. guess she's finally cracked, and its no wonder with all of her lies and everything, i guess it just catches up with you. boy, i guess vince is happy he's outta there. huh! angelina is definitely an exceptional woman, and she don't care what any of you JA fans think of her. she'll just keep on living her life and ignoring most of the JA fans that from reading their comments on this site, also have to have some serious problems. perhaps, JA fans have been watching too many Friends episodes. Ya Think!

2867 days ago

showers of Blessings    

Jennifer Aniston knows exactly what she wants. She wants fame, money, and a movie career. Yes, she did talk about wanting a baby. I believe her.

But having a baby is NEVER her 1st priority. I remember seeing her talking about (in similar words) "the next thing is Oscar" on the stage in one of her award ceremony.

One of the major reasons for the failure of the marriage is the delay of starting a family. Brad has talked about wanting a family , not once, but many many times.

I also believe that the last 6 months of 2003 is their trial separation (although they did not announce it officially). We all know Jen was taping Friends while simultaneouly making the movie "Along came Polly" . To me, this is a really hectic schedule.

As to Brad, that same year he spent 6 months outside of the country filming Troy. It looked like they purposely planned to stay away from each other.

Now, Jennifer has achieved what she wanted, (though not all). She got fame and money. As for her movie, time will tell. I personally dont think she will achieve the way she wants it to be. To me, in silver screen, you need to have a commanding presence. Jennifer Aniston just doesnt have that. I personally prefer seeing movies with Kate Hudson, Reese, Cameron Diaz, and Julia Roberts.

All her media appearances (Diane Sawyer, Oprah, Access Hollywood) of saying "a baby is on the way" is just a way to save her image. The fact that she was still smoking indicates she has NO intention of opening her womb. This is what baffles me. Why Not Tell The Truth or dont even bring up the subject? Even when the subject is brought up, she can just deflect it. She did it successfully on her relationship with Vince. But by repeatedly going to the media and lied about it make me question her character. . Her recent appearance at Oprah and saying that she and Vince are still on makes me cast doubt about anything she said. anyway now vince and jen split.

It's good to have ambitious goals. But one has to have realistic expections.

I do hope she finds happiness.

2867 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

Oh, NOW she's on the pill! LMAO, guess I would have waited until I had Brad's baby too.

2867 days ago

showers of Blessings    

Such an amazingly beautiful family- inside & out- there is absolutely nothing uppity or snobbish about them- they truly come across as very humble individuals- with the good sense to realize that they are most fortunate and therefore feel a need to give back and do what they can to help those that are less fortunate%u2026 such a breath of fresh air and so rare when most of hollywood/stars are so selfish, arrogant and only care about their own self-image and the amount of $$$ they can acquire%u2026 if only others would follow their lead%u2026

2867 days ago

Ms. B    

I am just not getting this anymore. I had a lot of respect for Brad at one point but I don't anymore. I think he thinks with his second head and that Angie definitely wears the pants in this relationship. Have you ever thought that Brad may have been going through a mid life crisis having let a younger woman seduce him away from his wife. And now they go so public with the relationship and make it seem like they want us to forget that they produced a child out of adultery, still are not married and want to adopt more children. I don't care about them and wish that they would just stop being so public trying to jam their relationship down everyone throats. If he cheated on Jen he will most definitely cheat on Angie.

2867 days ago


to most of you jennifer fans, NO Angelina is not the whore, slut, etc., because the one that is, is your jennifer aniston. yea, that right! she's so ugly, that she has to act like a whore, slut, and everything else, just to get some man out there. and, whats wrong with her mouth and lips. did anyone ever teach her how to talk, and the way she's always covering her face. oh well, all of you jennifer fans know what i am talking about. guess most of you are just as ugly as her, and therefore, you all are having such a pity party for her and you do this by getting on angelina's site and it makes all of you uglies feel good by bad mouthing angelina and calling her all kinds of names. yea, i've got all of you pegged. well, you all have said what you wanted to say about angelina, so now you can go back to your other gal, and protect her ugliness, because thats where all of you are at, too. good day! oh and have a nice holiday, you bunch of uglies!!

2867 days ago


get a grip people brad pitt didn't leave YOU ,he left a career obsessed selfish woman don't take it so personally.

2867 days ago


#32, it is awesome that you have lived a perfect life so that you can be so judemental of others. please look up the word "hooker" in a dictionary. while you are there look up jealous as well.

2867 days ago

Suzanne Moore    

I LOVE ANGELINA! Shes amazing! i really love her and gorgeous Brad HOT! AND YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK!!!! i like jen aniston too. but angie is the best. great humanitarian. making a difference in a world full of trash and scum.and people who makes a difference always bother the ignorant scum like u all. it makes people think :hummm, shes beautiful, rich and besides all that shes is a good person. it s not she perfect? im a scum and shes the best. im so envy. thats what you guys think when you post something negative about her.MOTHERF***ERS FROM THE RED STATES. REPUBLICAN A**HOLES. YOU ALL GONNA MEET PINOCHET , HITLER AND SADDAM IN HELL.that is the place that belongs to you.

2867 days ago


Sammy, what kind of man writes a comment like that? You're a dick or a fag! YA Think! duhhhhh

2867 days ago


2 Jolie wears the penis in this family for sure. she makes it very clear she is the boss, she is saying no to marriage and adopting another kid, does she even love the beautiful girl she gave birth to
pitt is a super wimp but anniston has no one to blame but herself for him straying but herself, he wanted kids period and she did not and now she is alone while he is changing diapers so the sleeze he is with can get a few more winks for the sawyer interview and the sleeze said it on tv this morning she calls all the shots i have no respect for him at all

2867 days ago

Luke Dogg    

God people, get a grip!! It's HOLLYWOOD!! Nothing lasts forever in Hollywood. Thank God Jennifer Aniston is atleast staying out of the spotlight. We don't know what happened between Brad and her. It's pretty obvious what happend between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt though. If she did steal Brad Pitt and he did leave JA for AJ, then what goes around comes around. And trust me it will. It always catches up with you. ITS ALL BULLSH*T!

2867 days ago


I think Whorelina is a home wrecking slut, and Brad is an inconsiderate a**hole..Vagalina knew he was in a relationship with his "best friend", she just didn't care, she wanted a daddy for her kids, he was promised a baby if he left his wife, and Voila, she was pregnant before the divorce was final!

2867 days ago


Definitely TMI....she didn't need to say that. She retreats to Africa and doesn't say anything for months and now all of a sudden she is fine with sharing with the world she is on the pill? Nice.

2867 days ago
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