Brit to Fan: Don't Hit Me, Baby

12/14/2006 3:17 PM PST
The Britster had a scare last night after a wacky fan got too close.

After ogling some sexy ladies at Forty Deuce burlesque club in L.A., Britney and posse retreated to their SUV, where she downed a Red Bull (being a single mom is exhausting), and took off for The Standard for a late-night bite. While waiting in the hotel parking lot, an onlooker pulled the car door open and proceeded to jump around crazily in front of Spears, startling the pop star.

Photogs around the car came to her rescue and got the guy away, then Brit and her group made their way into the hotel where Britney rewarded photogs with a window show of a few sultry dance moves of her own. Here's hoping she picked up some pointers from the Forty Deuce sexpots.