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Lindsay Lohan -- Luscious, Not Lush

12/14/2006 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan looks great!Just days after Lindsay Lohan's mother tattled that her wayward spawn was attending AA meetings, TMZ can confirm that La Lohan is officially on the wagon.

The teen queen was spied by TMZ Monday night in Margaritaville; Casa Vega in the L.A. suburb of Sherman Oaks, where Lohan sipped on cola during the evening while her entourage pounded down strawberry margaritas. She ate most of her two taco meal, and was polite to patrons who approached her. Her only bad habit: smoking. One vice at a time.

We caught up with Lindsay Wednesday night, leaving a salon and looking every inch the movie star in a grey trenchcoat and black heels. She then got all dolled up and went to Teddy's nightclub, where she dumped the coat and entered the Roosevelt Hotel. Keep up the good work, Linds!

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No Avatar


She is beautiful and talented, anything she does is OK by me.

2870 days ago


As they say in AA---"you dont go into a whore house to play the piano"...why would anyone in "recovery" put themselves among a place or an entourage that is centered around what she is trying to not do anymore.

Good Luck Lindsay, One day at a time, but do be careful of frequenting establishments where it is not the norm to be sober in.

2870 days ago

the wise old owl    

At least she is making an "EFFORT". I commend her for that. It won't be easy staying away from "temptation ". It's going to very difficult for " the long haul ". Just one day at a time . So far so good. Let's see where she's at this time NEXT YEAR.

She might have to change her group of " freinds " in order to stay " clean "

2870 days ago


I hope she keeps on in the right direction! She is a talented actress and should not be stooping to the level of talentless looseres like Paris Hilton!

2870 days ago

g grant    

what is the big f***ing deal with this overpaid so called celebrity NOT drinking anymore? Hello..SHE IS UNDERAGE and the storys should concentrate on the establishments that serve her alcohol, and the law enforcement agencies who are not going after them..
and why is anyone surprised she drinks and does whatever else she does? look at her parents or i should say LACK of parents..

2870 days ago

Jo Blo    

Why are you "quoting" everything "that" is so "annoying" "."

2870 days ago

jane doe    

Good for her. It can't be easy having those two train wrecks as parents. I hope she straightens out for good.

2870 days ago


good for her!! im actually proud of this!! keep on the good job and youll see how many bloggers will stop trashing you! no really, lindsay, you are really talented, and theres still hope for wishes

2870 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

It's either "quotes" or CAPS..both annoy the crap out of me also. Must be an "old grandma" thing.

2870 days ago


Has anyone seen her in the Parent Trap? That kid could drink. But these days Lindsay's probably more like a month away from falling off the wagon, if that. (See, Nicole "DUI squared" Richie).

2870 days ago


The writer of this article either has the hots for Lindsay or her hobag mother. Why else would they be fawning over the coked-out slut.

Going to AA at age 20, what an accomplishment! And what about all her other nasty habits? How many 12step programs does she need?Filthy whore.

2870 days ago


I still liked her figure in mean girls. I think she is too skinny. She was so pretty in mean girls. That is when I first noticed her.Now she looks like she is trying to make Hollywood happy by getting skinnier and dying that beautiful reddish hair. It goes to show that natural is better.

2870 days ago


Why do all of the exclusive, celebrity hangouts play music that is older than most of their patrons? Bill Joel? Gimme a friggin' break.

2870 days ago


she isn't drunk? what a shame, she should be on drugs and f*** me!

2870 days ago


Markus---- It is sad that sober girls won't give you a time of a day. When you say things like that, you look like the looser.


I know you are kidding but there is my response to you babe.

2870 days ago
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