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Gummi Bear Bummed -- Denied Again!

12/18/2006 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Davis aka Gummi Bear, once again proves that it takes a billion dollars to not get into Hyde.

Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis' rotund brother was shown no love as he tried to beg and slur his way into the Hollywood hotspot on Friday... but door guards weren't having it.

The supersized billionheir, decked out in his nighttime sunglasses, whined to the club's patient doorman, "I'm the brother that's got the cash." Even his promise of purchasing "$100,000 worth of drinks" didn't buy the scion sibling admission to the trendy boite. He looks like he could drink it too.

After giving our cameraman the fat finger for capturing the entire sad event on video, Jason made a final effort to squeeze in by asking "What if I wait in line?" Hey, this guy is a line. But the door guy wouldn't budge, and told him he should call ahead next time, to which Jason whined that his brother "never calls ahead." Boo hoo Gummi Bear.

Eventually Jason threw in the towel and left. Perhaps he should consider staying home for a game night with Tara Reid, Chyna Doll and Shauna Sand. If they'll let him in.


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It's sad that this generation of party hoppers (drunken Lohan, Slut Spears, Hook nose Hilton and stupid Richie) are what many young people look up to. As to the story, I am glad to see MONEY did not buy Davis a way in to the club. Maybe he should stick to IN and OUT.

2865 days ago


Hah, I like that....Gummy Bear. Very appropriate.

2865 days ago


Aww Jason is a sweet guy. I have chilled with him a couple of times and he is always very nice to everyone! Dont diss him!

2865 days ago


hey harvey, do u have to resort to fat jokes to make yourself feel better about not being young and rich? seems you get pretty worked up about celebs using ethnic and racial slurs, but your editorial staff doesn't seem to mind making repeated jabs about someone's weight. grow up.

2865 days ago


I LOVE the new video format Harvey! It even works with Mozilla.

2865 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

I would just like to know who the hell these loser bouncers think they are. Once Paris Hilton and those other party people decide they are bored with Hyde, they won't be able to pay people to get in there. I mean picking and choosing people like they are in a sixth grade dodgeball game. "Oh, I am a bouncer at Hyde, I can bully people that have a lot more than me." How lame. Hey Gummi bear, start your own club and put those losers out of a job.

I can't wait to see the article when there is noone standing in line at Hyde because everyone has moved on.

2865 days ago


TMZ closes out the year with a great nickname. Gummi Bear is the best name so far.

2865 days ago


Fat People Rock!!!!

2865 days ago


All the fatty needs to do is grease the palm of the bouncer. Dickwad.

2865 days ago


Your family that made the money must beam with joy when they see how you choose to use it. Trying to buy your fat ass way into clubs with the promise of 100K bar tabs.

2865 days ago


I want to go in the club waaaah! Big baby! Maybe if he listened to the host and made a reservation instead of showing up demanding to be let in bragging that he has money to spend ( like no one else in the club does) he would have gotten in. Big fat turdbrain.

2865 days ago


There was a story in Forbes magazine regarding Victor Katz, he went to a restaurant and ordered something and was told he couldn't have it, Victor Katz is a billionaire the next day he bought the restaurant and fired everyone and closed it. If these people have this much money why don't they do the same?

2865 days ago

Hello Kitty    

The man has money.. so why can't he get a live in PT to get him in shape !

Better yet pay to have the fat cut off and removed.. then he might have a chance of getting in.

Even if there was no stupid club to be a shiny goal.. why would he want to live that like this if he has the time & money to get rid of that extra person weight !

2865 days ago


What a total loser. Begging to get into a club?
I love the door guy just looking at him...

2865 days ago

Sick of him    

*nj piches* to funny.........
Ii'll call ahead too!

2864 days ago
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