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American Idol Season 6 -- "Inside Hollywood Week"

12/19/2006 8:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol - Season 6
TMZ has exclusively obtained a script and production schedule for the new season of "American Idol." Season 6 contestants who make it to Hollywood will be put into singing groups and judged on their performances.

Contestants for the new season were asked to perform various musical numbers, including songs by the Bee Gees, Beach Boys, The Supremes and The Four Tops. Wannabe Idols are tossed into a film-style schedule, starting their day at 6:30 AM and wrapping at 5:30 PM. It's hard work being a wannabe.

One of the songs they are judged on is California Dreamin' ... which seems an appropriate song for an American Idol hopeful!

"American Idol" returns to television on Jan. 16


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Sand In My Crack    

Sorry Dodger Fan

First of all your team sucks (sorry). I guess I am you also have these thoughts and are too chicken sh*t to say them? If Farrah can turn a simple story into a race issue than I have the right to respond..and to respond in a language that she can understand with her obviously limited inteligence. And tell me Dodger do you think that Farrah's comments weren't racist? Ahhh you must be a Democrat..sorry again.

2844 days ago

Farrah is probably a white little dweeb who belongs to the chess club.

2844 days ago


@37 - You're not that bright because you repeatedly fall for her trollish behavior. Either you're a troll too or just racist.

2843 days ago

Mad Balls    

Just shows how lame idol has become if the masses are sidetracked by a game of color . Didn't you learn anything from the tower of Babel ? Dickheads . And I wanted to comment on how I wasn't gonna' watch 'cause kelly was right --i heard about the "fisting " video . i can't say i've bought or even listened to any idol music . Now Simon wants to push tenors on us . I'll break out the GE and play old Zep records while you punch up those text voting charges . Dickheads .

2843 days ago

Jo Blo    

Can't you learn some other insult instead of "dickhead." Also, anyone who learns anything from a Brad Pitt movie is automatically disregarded. Cumguzzler.

2843 days ago


After the first three seasons i have had enough with this concept! I am burned out on it and now especially in "reality" t.v. which is not really "real" as many people might think.

2843 days ago


Yes Julie I am VERY sick of this stupid show. I agree with Prnzez they do pick some of the worst people to boost ratings, it is sick. It's the same sh*t year after year. BORING!

2843 days ago


People still watch this repetitive show? Same comments from the judges over and over. Randy "it was just alright dog", Paula " I agree with Randy, you sounded a little pitchy" And that tacky seacrest thinking he's the king tut of the show. Why do people like this sh*t?

2843 days ago


seems to me Farrah that your the racist here. Can't we all just get along and stop bashing each other.

2843 days ago


#1. Julie.......Yeah it's time to take it off the stove. It's DONE

2843 days ago

do something about it    

Party on garth yea i can see why any black girls would want to have no butt, stringy hair that smell like dog every time you wet it, bad acne, no lips(mind you the white women everyone thinks is so beautiful has nice full lips just thought id point that out), no rhythm, fake breast, botox, fake tans, and look like old wrinkled bags of skin when they get older. Thats what we are all dieing for. And not every darked skinned girl is from africa idiot i have beautiful dark skin. The most beautiful women in the world are colored. Have you been to brazil or peru. And whoever made the comment about chuck-e-cheese who still goes there? People of every race who cant afford to give their kids a good time. So just like you ignorant black people go there too. Every time I go to disneyland or even the grocery store i see white kid showin out with. Hitting their parents, falling out on the ground and acting just plain stupid. So before you start to bash someone think about what you are saying because obviously you dont know the half of what women of color want.

2843 days ago

no pervs allowed    

That's it. I am offended by this reverse racism. I am now going to sue Farrah the racist and TMZ for letting her bad mouth white people. The question should be, how come no white people are win any of the prizes on Night at the Apollo. Oh, that's right, because you have to be an oppressed racist black person to win. And Farrah, stop sterotyping us whites, not all of us like country music or that crap hop, jungle gangster music you enjoy. Long live Death Metal and Punk you dumb ass bitch. My lawyer will be contacting Harvey and Farrah with the supeana to stop this blatant racist rant. If its good enough for the jungle bunnies to sue, it is good enough for me to sue and demand a public apology too.

2843 days ago


Its so refreshing to see there are other people who hate this vapid show.

Its nothing but fad TV. If it was in to watch dogs fart and cats pee, people would be dumb enough to watch it.

2843 days ago


#4: I don't think they pick the worst people to embarrass them. They pick the worst ones because that's what the tv audience wants to see. Everybody loves to see people make fools out of themselves. I think that's why the show is so popular. Who really cares who wins the "American Idol" title?

2843 days ago


Farrah, I'm so glad to see that you're back posting the same old crap about everything being race related!!!!!!!!! A few days ago it was the Miss USA pagaent. Now it's American Idol. Girl, you are an FOOLISH IDIOT!!!!!!!!! Good Grief!!!!!!! I feel so sorry for you!!!!!!!!!!!

2843 days ago
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