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Tara Street Walking

12/21/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miss USA Tara Conner isn't wasting any time getting back to work.

Tara was spotted entering the Miss Universe HQ in NYC on Wednesday, no doubt for a post-redemption pre-rehab confab.

Tara was named this year's "comeback kid" by Donald Trump on Tuesday. Although Rosie O'Donnell doesn't agree with the Donald's decision, it doesn't seem to be slowing down the reprieved party girl.

Tara has just four months left in her reign as Miss USA. It's a short time to restore her sweetheart status, but it's not impossible. Remember Mariah Carey's little meltdown on MTV's TRL?

UPDATE: Several confirmed reports are stating that Tara has entered rehab facility in Pennsylvania, despite Conner saying, "I wouldn't say that I'm an alcoholic. I'd think that would be pushing the envelope."


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I don't know why your comparing a talentless girl who dosen't do sh*t, besides take pictures in bathing suits to Mariah Carey! This gir is not a amazing singer nor is she famous, so this comeback stuff is silly!

2872 days ago


Why would you compare this no talent girl to Mariah Carey! She's not a amazing singer nor is she famous! She walks around on stage in bathing suits and says I wish for world peace! That comeback sh*t is silly!

2872 days ago


did Tara C. have to sleep with the Donald to keep her tiara?

2872 days ago


Mariah had a nervous breakdown. Mariah represents herself and her record label..that is it. Miss USA represents this country in a way. She did underage drinking which for Lohan or Spears is their problem. She was only asked for one year of her life to represent the crown as it should be. She couldn't do it and now she is rather boastful that she was able to keep the crown.
I think Trump sucks and tarnished the whole thing. He evidently approves of people breaking the law and being rewarded. Damn..I guess he owns the courts too.

2872 days ago

the DQ    

Wrong message to send, Donald. She should have been booted out on her a**. Love ya, Rosie!!!! BTW, I thought she was supposed to be IN rehab. I suppose now on the upcoming season of Apprentice, when he tells somebody they're fired, they'll all start asking for 2nd chances.

2872 days ago


Miss America represents America? Yeah, everything that's surface and fake, sexual and immature (i.e., youthful), and materialistic. So if you're disappointed, you might want to reconsider who represents America in your mind. Besides she's young and in the spotlight, give her a break.

2872 days ago


when they say getting back to work? what does that mean exactly? Never in my life have I known the name of a single winner?? Maybe the Donald should consider this, upping the age of contestants to 21?? I mean at 19 and 20 your just to immature to understand what kind of responsibilty you have to live up to. Or another suggestion, spend less time having the contestants walk around half naked and all dressed up and get to know them, their morals, and why they would be a good role model. Is it really surprising when your picked to represent your country based on how you look that you wind up on the cover of a tabloid snorting coke?

2872 days ago

just me    

It would seem that this girl being in the spotlight and obvioulsy having money would buy a new purse!?!? She is carring the same purse in every pic I have seen her in...

2872 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Looks like she's holding the hand of a BLACK PERSON!

2872 days ago


coke whore

2872 days ago


Say what you want about her but she is absolutely gorgeous. She seems to be an intelligent well spoken girl who got caught up in the wrong crowd. This just shows that it happens to the best of them but you can change your ways and become an example for other. That is the difference between Tara and Linsday and Paris. They are not going to change their ways.

2872 days ago


Aren't we supposed to teaching our children how to grow up with morals and self respect. This "girl" is just as bad as having Britney and Paris influencing our young girls. Maybe even worse...she got her title based primarily on her looks. Aren't we supposed to be supporting things that teach our youth to use their intelligence to succeed in this world??? And NOT support these drunk/drugged out tramps.

2872 days ago

Kathy Harris    

Clearly this will be the next Mrs Trump. Melania is all used up already.

2872 days ago


Ok is it just me or in order for rehab to work don't you have to acknowledge you have a problem???? From what I've heard, she evades all questions she's asked about why she's going to rehad, she's been on drugs for a long time, and she was a model before this. It's not like she was just shoved into a big city from her trailer in Kentucky, she's modeled in many "big" cities....does she just live in a perpetual whirlwind?????? And Donald and his "billions of dollars" can shove it...MISS USA SHOULD NOT BE IN REHAB!!!! what a lovel role model!!!!

2872 days ago


You people are a bunch of idiots. I'am sure you all have done things you're not proud of. Jesus said in the New Testiment "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Tara has more class in her pinky than you all have in your whole bodies. I wish her well with her rehab.

2872 days ago
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