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Inside Angelina, Jen and Tori's Stockings

12/22/2006 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the last-minute holiday shopping season in full crush, TMZ has learned what gifts celebs Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Tori Spelling are giving as stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffers
Jennifer Aniston is finally getting rid of all her baggage this season, and no, we don't mean Vince Vaughn. After "The Break-Up" star bought two fold-over handbags by for herself, she had to make sure her closest buds had them too. Aniston spent over $3000 on ten handbags for her inner circle of gal pals. With her "Friends" salary gone, looks like Jen has become quite the bag lady.

The Jolie-Pitts are sure to have a clean Christmas this year, as Angie picked up two dozen sets of baby animal-shaped goat milk soaps from Each $14 set includes soaps in the shape of a dog, lion, fish and frog, and were developed especially for sensitive skin. Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh, you're not in the Third World anymore!

Tori Spelling may have sold most of her castoffs in a highly publicized garage sale, but one thing she didn't give away; her favorite makeup brushes by Vox Cosmetics. Tori was introduced to the brushes by her makeup artist, and along with Molly Simms and Jaime Pressly, became an instant fan. The sets come in various sizes and make great stocking stuffers. Maybe Mama Candy will be getting something other than coal in her stocking!


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#15 you seem to have a chip on your back about Jen.....Ok what has she done personally to have you hate her so much? Can I say JEALOUS a little

2853 days ago


There is no such word as IRREGARDLESS. And "your" should be you're. Instead of ragging on these famous names, stay in and learn how to write and speak.

2853 days ago


all yall thats hating on jen needs to shut the f--k up anyone who thinks angelina's not a hoe thats only because you live the same lifestyle. Jen was a good wife and good people are always left for the biggest hoes. I feel for angelina because just like always hoes dont last long, and for pitt he has gotten to be the dumbest person alive why leave someone with class for a piece of ass. Angelina dont know what she wants and anyone who seems to admire her for the way she is get a freaken life she a hoe, home wrecker and so are you. For Angelina once a hoe always a hoe, you can never compete with Jen. Look at her lips there is nothing cute about Angelina...

2831 days ago

Kim Kendy    

This is to Cheryl (#comment 15). You are SO LAME!!!.. Jennifer is one of Hollywood's most beautiful women !! You say Angie has him because she is beautiful, well guess who he had FIRST STUPID ????? So now your trying to tell me that Jen is ugly because Brad isn't with her??? He must have seen SOMETHING in her !! Are U sure you don't need glasses honey??Awwwwww, you probably can't see very well. ANYWAY, Besides Jennifer Aniston being beautiful she is very intelligent as to make such deals with "Friends producers with the rest of the crew for MORE MONEY !! She will NEVER have to work again if she doesn't want to. As for her SHRIMPY 5 foot 6 EX- husband ,Brad THE PITTS, well she's better OFF WITHOUT HIM !! You'll see, in about 2 years, it will be OVER !! Angie is psycho !! Leopards don't change their spots !! Courtney dear, stick by your best friend!! Don't go up to Brad and give him a hugs as if everything is all right!! He CHEATED ON YOUR BEST FRIEND. He's gross anyway. The guy has pock marks from BAD ACNE when he was younger, he's short and he HATES it!! He was so desperate to have a baby and Angie was so desperate to become famous, I feel sorry for that entire family. To bad they had money, or none of this would have happened!! Brad Pitt can't even act. I don't know if many of you know what I am about to say, but most of his stuff from movies ends up on the cutting room floor !!! He has to do his scenes about 50 times each !! He's a JOKE and Jennifer knows this. Val Kilmer knows this, hell most of Hollywood knows this !! I take it you live in the midwest or something and think you know it all??? I don't know it all,but I have been around Hollywood 20 years. I moved there when I was 16 with my parents. I modeled and hung out with Hollywood's elite!! Thats a FACT. I know tons of shit on Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and A LOT MORE GAY stuff on guys!!. Go live in Hollywood toots, lets see if you can make it...I did. You won't know who I am though LOL !!! I bet Brad wouldn't give you a 2nd look, though I wouldn't know why you would want him to... That skinny whore angilina knew EXACTLY how to seduce a wimp like Brad THE PITTS!! LOL !! He's a fricken joke. Hollywood ladies, this is for you, when Angie and Brad get tired of each other, and they will, STAY AWAY FROM BOTH OF THEM!! Great advice, trust me :) "TEAM JENNIFER" FOREVER !!!!! She's SO OVER HIM FOLKS !! She can get ANY GUY SHE WANTS. I think she wants to be alone right now and focus on her beautiful life. She has done well and proved herself to be a very loyal friend and wife!! What man wouldn't give" that" a second chance???? I'll tell you, A FUCKEN DUMMY !! I would LOVE to see Val with Jen. I cant keep up with him, is he taken? Sorry Val if you are taken. If your not, lose some weight and go get Jen, make beautiful movies together !!! AND BABIES TOO HURRY !!!! OMG, What a BEAUTIFUL COUPLE !! Jen is all right and has been all right. Vince was a fling, they both knew it. It's only normal. IT'S NOT NORMAL TO GO HAVE A BABY WHEN YOUR DIVORCED PAPERS HAVN'T EVEN BEEN SIGNED !! WAKE THE "F" UP WEIRDO.
Just a person standing in Jennifer's corner. OH yeahl, SHE DOESN'T NEED AN "A" LIST ACTORTO MAKE HER LOOK STUNNING !! She takes care of herself while Anglina wastes away at 100lbs. Can't be good for your mind, body, and soul, let aone 3 kids (Oh BUT YOU CAN BET SHE HAS NANNIES EVERY WHERE), SHE'S NO MOMMIE, she's a muther fucker !! and a "boyfriend"!! He won't even MARRY HER !! HA !! What a joke. ROCK ON JEN !! Leonardo should look her up, so what if she's a little older, though not by much. Angilina Jolie stole her husband. She is not half as wealthy as Brad or Jen. Their movie SUCKED, Mr. and Mrs. PUKE !!LMAO !! Come on guys, get out there and ask Jen out!!! She needs a a man with a plan,looks wouldn't hurt, but come on guys, one of Hollywoods HOTTEST TICKETS in town, SINGLE!! Hurry up. Thanks for letting me post this. Who cares about cheryl now (LMAO) !! This is about JEN !! Jennifer Aniston, you hold your head up PROUD. You are a model woman. I know know one is perfect, but I have never seen a woman carry herself in such a way that makes menjust drop to the floor. You remind me a little of princess Diana. She was somewhat shy, but it addedto her character. The heavens have smiled on you. You'll see.

2825 days ago
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