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Blames People Like Rosie

For Iraq War

12/22/2006 12:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Donald's new celebrity war with Rosie O'Donnell is comparable to the war in Iraq ... at least according to Trump.

Last night, the Donald phoned into "Larry King Live" from a phone on his private jet, and continued to bash his newfound enemy by comparing Rosie's claims that Donald went bankrupt to the "lies" that got the U.S. involved in the war in the Middle East.

"When people lie, Larry, I like to go after them. And I think, frankly, more people should be like that. I mean you look at this country, look at the problems we have -- lots of lies got us into the war in Iraq."

Earlier in the week, Rosie posted a message on her blog detailing Trump's financial history. "She said ... I went bankrupt three or four times, there's only one problem, I never went bankrupt."

The bitter feud officially began when Rosie ripped Trump on "The View," for acting as America's "moral authority" in his public pardon of Miss USA Tara Conner.

Larry King said they invited Rosie to appear on the show, but she declined.


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2799 days ago


Oh come on, Donald....go play with your little drunken bimbos and count your dough. He put the TRUMP in TRUMPED-UP!!! This is another non story. The only real thing Rosie has to feel guilty about is ruining the beautiful image of Mrs. Betty Rubble.

2799 days ago


Im on TEAM ROSIE!!hahahaha

2799 days ago


Donald Trump is a MORON! He should keep his mouth shut already. What's he trying to prove? He's making himself look like an idiot! The more he opens his mouth the dumber he sounds!

2799 days ago


That idiot is comparing Rosie's so called lies to the Iraq war? What a dufus sorry but thousands of people are dying in Iraq and you and Rosie's dumb fights does not compare.

2799 days ago



2799 days ago


Trump should leave Rosie alone she is not in his league. But if she has lied to get attention, she must be dealt with.

2799 days ago


Does Donald Trump think that we don't remember the 80's? He may have never filed personal bankruptcy but his corporation def went bankrupt while HIS money went untouched which is common practice in the business world. So, ofcouse Rosie is referring to his company's bankruptcy. If he goes through w/ this lawsuit he won't have a leg to stand on in court.

2799 days ago


Are you kidding me?? Trump exaggerates things all the time and claims everything he does is the biggest/best in the world! Hello Mr. Trump? Pot meet Kettle.

2799 days ago

blah blah blah    

Good Grief already Mr. The Donald (barf)
Will you just get over it !
So Rosie makes opinionated comments on her show. After all.....................that is what THE VIEW is all about anyway. Whether it be sad news, good news, happy news, not good news or anything comical.
In which I am finding you to be the comical reason for being discussed on the show in the first place.
GEEEEEEEEEEEZ don't drag it out like you were in high school. Did you or did you not say for all to hear that you come from a very educated background?
Then for goodness sakes, act like it and show some integrity will you?
We are all tired of your mudslinging vulgar diarrhea of the mouth insults!!
My personal opinion to you is what you said.........................AND I QUOTE:
You are ugly on the inside and you are ugly on the outside.
So There!

2799 days ago

Justin Ambrose    

Man oh Man.... I can't stand Donald Trump is his way BLOATED EGO!!! Money isn't everything....... Your are such a typical sue happy american............... You are a public figure you dufas, and she was stating FACT... There is no defimination of character here..... what she stated was fact....You are not one to talk mister. You and your affairs, ect.....

2799 days ago

All American Girl    

I can't stand either one! They make too much money and they both look like sh*t.

2799 days ago

You are kidding    

You have got to be kidding me with this already. Donald is just ridiculous.
Go spend some time with your wife and Family this Holiday old man.......

2799 days ago


How about this:
Why bother to give air time or newsprint to this mornonic man. He is such a self promoting blow hard.
He is obiviously a Bushie since he only sees the world through his glasses of continual lies and half truths.
Aren't there more important things to discuss?

2799 days ago

in the know    

Trump has really lost his mind and my respect. Why does he keep this silly fued in the spotlight? Can you imagine Bille Gates calling into the Larry King show blaming the war on Iraq on Rosie? I am embarrassed for him now. How dare he call any woman ugly, disgusting and a fat pig. It shows you how shallow he is. Anyone that supports him is nuts. You can definitely tell he does not come from old money. LIke a ten year old, he even dragged Barbara Walters and Kelli into the battle. Doesn't he understand how awkward it would be for Barbara to be ont he show after he announced that Barbara hates Rosie? He talks about Rosies intelligence, I think this man is pure and simple a bully himself and a first class idiot. This is the third public battle he has had with a woman. Martha Stewart(who is self made) Carol and now Rosie. He never publically argues with a man because he is a coward!!!!

2799 days ago
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