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Dave Says Van Halen's Hot for Combat

12/28/2006 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught up with David Lee Roth in Manhattan last night, and he warned that a potential Van Halen reunion could result in a NASCAR-style wreck. Or a "Jerry Springer"-like brawl. Or even a "Knots Landing"-esque bitchfight!

Diamond Dave, looking dapper and well-coifed outside of Marquee, said that he's excited that Van Halen was nominated for a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but wondered whether the band would spontaneously combust if they reunited. For months, the band has hinted at a reunion, but Roth admitted in May that he hasn't spoken to guitarist Eddie Van Halen for almost two years.

"A Van Halen reunion is a lot like NASCAR -- are you there to see the winner or the crash?" mused Dave. "In this aspect, we're a lot closer to "Jerry Springer" meets "Knots Landing, which, to me, sells T-shirts." And probably tickets too.


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We, are not amused.    

Does this guy still have his loser radio show on the east coast?

2854 days ago


Ok here's the deal. VH was great with Roth and great with the Red Rocker as well but who the hell do they think they are kidding? Seriously? Every few years these once-great-rockers make up some fued thinking that they'll get some press and drum up some buyers for a lame best-of album. Guys, Rock has passed you by. Try to retire gracefully for those of us that enjoyed your music. Or we'll get so sick of this bogus crap you're pulling that we'll burn the CD's we do have and write you off as con artists.

2854 days ago


Without Michael Anthony its all worthless.

And please tell me someone didn't ask if the radio show was still airing.

2854 days ago


I find it very interesting that you don't hear ANYTHING about how David Lee Roth is HIV positive. If anyone wants to investigate this, look to what happened in Seattle a few years back when he was headlining a summer music festival. A nurse was hired to give him his insulin shots was NOT informed of his HIV status. She ended up nicking herself with the needle and then was told that Roth was HIV positive. That's how I found out, do to the absolute panic of the orgainzers of the festival. Think of the good it would do if someone like Roth would come forward with his status!

2854 days ago


BOTH version of VH were awesome. I'm partial to Dave's version because he was the object of my affection during many a dry-humping Saturday night.. They made awesome music that made me smile. I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Jamie’s Crying. I’ll always have the Fair Warning show. I

2854 days ago

We, are not amused.    

So that a NO?

2854 days ago


no they cancelled it after a couple of months because it sucked so bad.

2854 days ago


@ #4 claire: Can you cite a source on that?

2854 days ago


Shut up Roth!

I spent my teenage years blasting "Fair Warning" at all of our parties. I, along with other fans, want this reunion.

Do something for the fans.

Throw your ego and issues in the toilet for a year.

What is the problem? Are you washed up?

Get this band back together!!

2854 days ago


It wouldn't surprise me if Roth really were HIV positive. Whatever happened to him being a paramedic? In any event, I'd wait in line for the reunion tickets, but only with the original line-up (Roth, Van Halen bros., Anthony....F*CK Van Hagar!)

2854 days ago

hop on top    

They were NOMINATED this year but it remains to be seen whether they are actually INDUCTED. There is a big difference. Votes are being tallied (I am one of the voters and I did not vote for them - I voted for four others) and the results will be announced in a matter of weeks.

2854 days ago


David Lee Roth is a self absorbed old loser. That's why he was booted from Van Halen and his radio show didn't even last 3 months. LOL!

2854 days ago


Yes #1 I live on the East Coast and his radio show didn't last 3 months.

2854 days ago


A reunion is not possible for this band because of the behavior of Eddie 'spoiled brat' Van Halen. He can't get along with his own shadow. Ask Sammy Hagar, Dave Roth and Mike Anthony. It's ashame because a reunion would be SO HUGE, not only for themselves, but for the many fans that have stuck by them for so many years.There's always talke of a reunion but Eddie has to have everything his way, or hell with the rest.... He takes his ball and goes home. I wouldn't put his ass in the hall of fame. I'm proud of Sammy for saying 'screw it' and hitting the road with a new band. At least he has FUN, oh yeah, and he's making money.

2854 days ago


Van Halen IS Roth, Ed, Alex and Anthony.. It's never been anyone else. Now the problem is, as someone else has noticed, ED'S FAULT. The guy has an ego the size of Texas and hated all the attention Dave was getting back in the day.

Dave was a fascinating person to listen to back then. Now his ego is almost as bad as Ed's. I too would like to see them just duke it out on live TV until neither one of them can stand up. or even crawl.

I think a pretty good tour would have both guys though, Dave AND Sam plus Ed, Anthony, and Alex. I really think Sam and Dave could pull it off, it's just Ed that can't handle it.

i can't figure out his problem. I remember several years ago when the band showed up at the MT Music Awards and after wards Ed's anger was so visible that I thought he needed some meds to calm down. All because Dave was clowning around behind whomever the speaker was.

Alex comes across as his brother's bitch.

BUT the fat kid as bass player? Jeez Ed, that's just pathetic.

Give us at least one last really good VH tour.....please?

And leave your kid at home with his mommy.

2854 days ago
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