Weinsteins in Dylan's Legal Sights?

1/2/2007 6:22 PM PST

There's no question that 2006 was a big year for Bob Dylan. Given his storied career, that is saying something. He released what is arguably the album of the year in "Modern Times," scored a ton of new fans from the "younger generation" and with three Grammy nominations (including one for best Modern Folk/Americana Album of the Year) Dylan was looking toward a bright 2007. But, some potential storm clouds rolled in just as the year came to a close -- in the form of the latest flick from Bob and Harvey Weinstein called "Factory Girl."

The film stars the sometimes foul-mouthed Sienna Miller. Miller, who found interesting ways to prepare for the role, including reportedly painting with her breasts, portrays Edie Sedgwick, a socialite turned actress (was she our first Paris Hilton?) who starred in several Andy Warhol films. Somewhere along the line in her underground film career, Sedgwick struck up a friendship with Dylan and she is thought by some to be an inspiration for a couple of songs on his blockbuster "Blonde on Blonde" record. Rumors swirled that Sedgwick had romantic feelings for the troubadour, but historical coverage on the pair indicates there is no direct evidence of a romantic relationship. However, some think the film links Sedgwick dying of a drug overdose in 1971 to her crushed ego when she learned that Dylan secretly married another woman.

Apparently there was enough of a suggestion to cause Dylan's attorney to fire off a letter asking to see the film before it aired, and raise the specter of a lawsuit for defamation. Some cuts were made before its final release this past weekend, but there is no confirmation that any changes came from Dylan's concerns. Interestingly, the film uses "real life" names for all the characters except for a musician remarkably similar to Dylan. Bob's attorney reportedly informed the Weinsteins that just because Dylan wasn't specifically named, there was still a possibility for legal action given the similarities between the fictional musician and his client. Now that the film is out, time will tell if Dylan pulls the trigger on filing a claim. His attorney told TMZ that they are not commenting on the film at this time.