Is Babwa Lying? Trump Sticks to Claim

1/3/2007 7:34 PM PST

Is Babwa Lying? Trump Sticks to Claim

Barbara Walters said she still loves Rosie, but Donald Trump isn't buying it.

On today's episode of "The View," Walters read a statement correcting specifics in a recent rant Rosie O'Donnell waged against Donald Trump, and added that she has never regretted hiring Rosie -- though Trump maintains the opposite was said to him.

Trump called into CNN Headline News' "Showbiz Tonight" and said Barbara's feelings towards Rosie are anything but cordial, and he believes she has to put up a front for the sake of the show. "Is she going to get on and say that 'I can't stand Rosie'? She has to work with her," adds Trump, "Barbara knows what she said to me, and if I really tell you what she said, it just creates havoc." Far be it from The Donald to want any havoc!

Although he says he has nothing but love for Barbara, there's "zero chance" Trump will appear on "The View" to hug it out with Ro anytime soon.

Hear Trump's towering interview tonight at 11pm ET.