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Soap Star Attacked, Decks Obsessed Fan

1/3/2007 9:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Drake HogestynTMZ has obtained a restraining order filed by veteran "Days of Our Lives" actor Drake Hogestyn against a man he says assaulted him in his home on New Year's Eve, and "physically tried to exorcise the devil from me."

Hogestyn, who has played John Black on NBC's "Days" for over 20 years, says he was with his family in the backyard of their Malibu home when Carl Raymond Cheney of Portland, OR came onto his property and ran at his daughter carrying a bible screaming "Where is he? I will cast him out!" Hogestyn says Cheney was "calling me by my stage name... recalling past storylines, especially the demonic possession of several years past. But more important, he thought I was dead, because the show that aired on Friday 12.29.06 left my character John Black shot & presumed dead."

Soap StarsHogestyn, who was on a ladder painting his house, says Cheney grabbed and pushed his wife backwards on their patio stairs. At that time, Hogestyn "grabbed him by the hair, spun him around, delivered a right cross to the chin that sent him down the stairs." According to the restraining order the struggle continued for 10 minutes until Hogestyn and his 25-year-old son Ben were able to subdue Cheney by duct-taping the intruder's hands and feet until police arrived.

Cheney was transported to the L.A. County Jail where he is still in custody on $150,000 bail. According to the court documents, a map with directions from Portland to Hogestyn's home were found in the front seat of Cheney's car.


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Jinxy Cat    

John Black rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like he kicked his ASS!!!!

2852 days ago


,,,holey moley! I''ve never seen this guy before, but wtg buddy! wow! I''ll never try to exorcise the demons outta that dude!....

2852 days ago

the wife    

I just do not understand why people become obsessed with celebrities, unless I guess, they are mental cases. I hope Mr. Hogestyn felt good after giving that freak a good ass-whoopin'......

2852 days ago

brian scott miller    

TMZ, your AOL video system is 80% slower than your original viwer, Way to go! Whats next Vacuum tubes for computers?¿?

2852 days ago


This guy has to be crazy. Anyone that watches the show would know that John Black was not dead. The demonic storyline was a few years ago. Good for Drake Hogestyn, he should have beat the hell out of this guy.

2852 days ago


I love John Black!
Glad he beat his ass.
John Black Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2852 days ago


Sorry, Drake - not all DOOL fans are obsessed and crazy - we do know you are a real person and not the character you portray. Glad no one was seriously hurt.

2852 days ago


Wow, that story was great! This guy's life is a soap opera on screeen and off. DUck tape and everything? I;ve never really watched "Days", but he does look a little possesed in that picture...

2852 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Days of our Lives rocks!! The new writer doesn't even have to come up with new storylines apparently Drake lives a soap opera life. That certainly makes for great holiday conversation.

2852 days ago


LOL...MAYBE IT'S JUST ME but this is TOO funny...damn the power of TV .....SMH

2852 days ago



2852 days ago

george vieto    

Way to go Drake. Fans should admire your work but not make you their slaves. I like some female actresses on the Spanish soap operas but I wouldn't jump them on their homes. I'll just settle for their photos.

2852 days ago


All I know about this whole thing is that Days of our LIves sucks!!

2852 days ago

Useless Bantor    

Imagine Mr. Hogenstyn (or shall I say 007's long lost half twin amnesiac secret assassin brother ) taking it to the chin of this deranged maniac, enlisting his son in some before-I-kill-you-I'd-better-ducktape-your-ass subdued situation and then Drake turning to the officers on hand and doing that ( only John Black can do raised eyebrow thing) and saying " Aww c'mon, the guy had it coming to him. Even Roman and Abe will back me up here. Now if your done hasseling me, maybe you can do your job and get this guy outta my house. Doc needs me" Then he props up the collar on his leather jacket and walks away.

That'll teach this guy to mess with a fictional character who hasn't been in a demonic storyline for over 10 years now to come to the house of someone he thinks is dead just to bring him back to life to exorcise him!!


2852 days ago


He kicked that wingnut's ass!!!! he should have shot his ass though, these deranged mf's can't separate reality from fantasy. personally that wingnut should have met his maker that day.

2852 days ago
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