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Lampley Accuser: He Was High, Drunk & Violent

1/4/2007 8:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Lampley & Candice SandersThe woman who filed the domestic violence complaint against sportscaster Jim Lampley claims he repeatedly threw her against the wall of her apartment after drinking heavily and smoking pot.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Candice Sanders claims that on New Year's Eve, Lampley and his son Aaron joined her for dinner. Sanders says she was engaged to Lampley, who she claimed lived with her in the apartment.

Sanders alleges after dinner, at their apartment, Lampley "was drinking vodka and whiskey and became drunk." She adds in the document that "he was also high on pot."

Sanders, Miss California USA 2003, says in the complaint that the trouble began when she wanted to finish watching a movie. Lampley then "pulled me from the sofa I was on" and "began to yell at me and chased me around the apartment."

Sanders says at that point all hell broke loose. She alleges, "He grabbed me and threw me against a wall. He then threw me against another wall. He then threw me against the door and I collapsed."

Sanders goes on to say that 14-year-old Aaron saw her on the floor and she asked him to call the police. She writes in the document," Jim beat Aaron to the phone and kept Aaron from getting [to the phone]. She says Lampley then drove away with Aaron. Sanders claims she suffered head, neck and back injuries.

The 57-year-old Lampley was arrested last night on one felony count of domestic violence/corporal injury. He was also arrested for two misdemeanor counts of violating a restraining order and dissuading a witness.

Cops tell TMZ that the restraining order was issued on January 2. The next day (yesterday), Lampley showed up at Sanders' apartment as cops were investigating. That is the basis of the arrest for allegedly violating the restraining order.


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why are you people in America so distubed by a little violent outburst? So what he thew he against the wall, she can leave him now for good or slap him right back and show him boundries. Big deal.
It's not like they were strangers to each other.
When you are passionate about each other once in a while you lose your cool. It is stupid, but it happens. In Europe we are passionate and when stuff like that happens we move on with our lives and don't make it a public affair. If it truly upset you so much you don't go to the police but get his legs broken. He is much less likely to do it again when there are real consequences if indeed it was so bad. With poice it all ends up being a he said she said. Who cares. And if it was just a little spat then she should just zip it if she does not want anoter one.
All these little wussies here are so behind times. You need a new mentality. Get over the small stuff and handle things more pivately.

2814 days ago

Jonathan S.    

Lampley is the furthest thing from an aggressive guy as there is. I've known him for years and this sounds very much like a money grab from a former beauty queen to me. That guy would never lay a hand on anybody.....the guy also has artificial hips and isn't even capable of hurting anyone..... This is a bad joke that is clearly a ploy. If anything, the guy has always been a southern gentleman.

2814 days ago

I am not surprised about what he did... he was also unfaithfull as he invites woman to his hotel room when he is in Las vegas

2814 days ago


Donna #29, Tottally depends on the man, don't you think? Lot's of creepy young guys.

2814 days ago


I have worked with Jim and he has never shown any sort of temper, he has always been a joy to work with and a individual that truly cares about others...i hope that none of this is true.

2814 days ago

Mark O'Toole    

Dear All People Who Have Decided Jim Lampley is Guilty:

Remember the Duke Lacrosse Case........they were all convicted in the beginning too.

2814 days ago


I agree with #32. We are only hearing one side of the story - HERS!

2814 days ago


Hey guy, you know I'm sleeping with a 24 year old, right? I'm WAY ahead of you!

2814 days ago


He was married to another woamn and screwing Bree, who by the way was married too, and then they get married and have two kids, get divorced, but still have a business together and oh yes, live together. Someone should have tipped little Miss whatever she is off. Plus, she is engaged to this guy and she is still wearing the ring when she goes to court. Did I mention that the business he has with Bree is a production company. Sleeping your way to the top "ain't what it used to be" I guess. He's a drunk and a pothead, but I LOVE HIM. They were made for each other.

2814 days ago


I dont know anything about either of them, but rather than join in calling him a scumbag who beats women, I'll wait awhile for the whole story. I know in my state domestic battery is serious and anyone involved will be taken to jail. The way I'm reading this story, He wasnt jailed because of battery or being under the influence of anything, he was jailed for breaking the terms of a restraining order . Not to play the devils advocate but do we even know if he was aware of the restraining order? It sounds to me like she had filed it the day before he was arrested. The story also seems to reflect only her accounts of what happened. Nothing from Jim Lampley and no statement from the police. If he beat her then I'm glad he got tossed in jail. All I'm saying is lets not hammer the nails into the cross until we are sure he should be crucified.

2814 days ago


Stupid f***ing whore.. give a break - woman like her give all woman such a bad name.. stop the sh*t - find someone your own age that you are attracted to on all levels and stop being whores you sluts!

2814 days ago


I'm with you # 9.....I used to have an abusive alcoholic husband that I would pray that he would smoke some pot to mellow him out.....poor pot...always getting a bum rap.

2814 days ago

A woman who knows    

I am a woman who once worked with Jim Lampley for many years (I do not now). I cannot imagine any scenario in which these allegations would be true, and I know his ex-wives will defend him to the end. This is a man who is a loyal friend, a devoted father and a supporter of women in a man's profession. I would hope people, especially on TMZ, would understand that celebrity can often attract women seeking personal gain of all sorts. What has happened with these charges not only threatens to harm Jim Lampley's reputation, but actually makes it harder for REAL victims to be taken seriously. It does no good for charges like this to be used as a weapon to smear someone who has disappointed you.... when thousands of women are seriously beaten every day and need to be heard.

2814 days ago


#12 said: "What would someone see in someone older? Perhaps not in this case, but usually security, intelligence, and life experiences. Who wants a smelly little boy toy? UGH, the thought makes me cringe."

Ha, this must have been written by and old geezer! As if young guys could not possibly be intelligent, ha-- my boyfriend is intelligent, interesting-- has a hard body and NO GRAY PUBES-- HAHHAHAHH -- this guy is friggen gross, you couldn't PAY me enough to get with gray pubes-- and I am prob a lot older than this girl.

2814 days ago

Mad Balls    

All I want to do when I surf the spliff and guzzle the J. Walker is to F&ck all night . Dude PASS IT 'cause your wasting it . Dickhead . All I know is if I had a cute ass Pagent girly girl like that running around the only thing I'd be throwing around is some Nasty juice in copious amounts . Viagra only gets the meat hard -- you still have to use your sexy brain and be sweet . Dickhead

2814 days ago
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