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Dirty Rocker Love

1/5/2007 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love was spotted looking happy last night -- and it had nothing to do with illicit drugs or alcohol.

Miss Love was on the arm of her old boyfriend, former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, and he seemed to be the one putting a smile on her face. The pair was caught looking cozy in Westwood at the premiere of Hilary Swank's new movie, "Freedom Writers."

Hardcore rockers need a little tender lovin' too!


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courtney contaminates everything she touches and it dies. she a demon who killed kurt.and billy`s next.but maybe he`s a demon too!

2758 days ago



2815 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

Courtney love has been attracted to men who shave their heads ever since she played Lynne Margulies in "Man on the Moon". In that movie she dated a man named Andy Kaufman who shaved his head while the world bought into the logical conclusion that he was receiving cancer treatment. Although he was paying for Nathan McCoy's cancer treatment, Andy's skinhead was courtesy of Bic. See photo at

2815 days ago


Ain't druggie love grand?

2815 days ago


Courtney Love is a drugged out whore. She killed the most influential musician of our time and she walks around like she's queen of the world. How many times has she been in rehab? And how many times has she gotten her daughter taken away from her because of her horrible behavior? There are some people in this world who should just die already, and she's on the top of the list. Billy Corrigan isn't much better. He goes around to papers and books talking about how psychotic she is, yet the second he has a chance to sleep with that nasty ball of AIDS he's right there. They deserve each other in everyway possible, and hopefully they'll wind up killing each other.

2815 days ago


I love both of them! I hope they can find happiness...;-)

2815 days ago


They've been close for years. I kinda knew that this would happen. Who knows, maybe he'll bring some kind of balance to her life.

Wish it were me kissing the talented Mr. Corgan instead!!

2815 days ago


i think i just threw up in my mouth a little.

2815 days ago


no longer "former" frontman! they're releasing a new album on may! and touring!

2815 days ago


Oh, dear God, no! WTH is he thinking?!

2815 days ago


These two dated along time ago. They balance each other out. I hope these two work out. He accepts her... faults and all. And thats all she can ask for. honestly, to me, thats pretty cool !! ;)

2815 days ago

Mad Balls    

Her LAst few albums are so crappy you would have to be on heroin to like them . He whimped out on his solo carrer playing tunes that drive you to drink . Maybe these two can make an album for all the tonedeaf sleepy-eyed barely walking junkies out there . Theres always hope ! Dickheads .

2815 days ago


I knew there was going to be a string of ill-informed comments after this article. Some people are so predictable.

The picture looks cute, looking forward to Love's upcoming album in March and photo-portait book in April.

Keep it up!

2815 days ago


Lets see, Billy kicks out members of his band for using drugs, one of whom eventually OD's--than hooks up with a known drug abuser as a main squeeze.

Corgan, why not practice what you preach. His last attempts at solo and with a band have absolutely sucked. HIs only hope is the Pumpkins getting back together, and without the influence of Courtney Love. Unless he's actually a druggie himself.

2815 days ago


Will you people stop bashing courtney love? You dont even know the woman. Yeah, she made alot of bad decisions. She's a former junkie. People do insane, crazy sh*t when their strung out on drugs. Ask any addict.
And no one knows if she really killed Kurt Cobain. I personally dont think she did. Then again I dont know. No one does. Except Kurt and we cant ask him.

2815 days ago
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