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Kidman's "To Die For" Baby Gifts

1/7/2007 4:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now it's Nicole Kidman who is following in Katie, er, (sorry, Tom) Kate Holmes' footsteps.
Nicole Kidman
Last week, the second Mrs. Cruise did a little retail therapy at Petit Tresor, the same trendy baby boutique previouly hit up by the third Mrs. Cruise. Merry Belated Christmas, Suri!

Along with a mobile, baby slippers and a green velour frog coat, the Oscar-winner (sorry, Tom) picked up a $420 leather Mia Bossi diaper bag. Chump change for the highest-paid actress in Hollywood!

Too busy shooting a film and supporting hubby Keith Urban through rehab, Nicole had an assistant place the order, which was then shipped to the Scientology-free (sorry, Tom) Kidman compound. Amen.

While Nicole has two adopted children with La Cruise, incessant rumors swirl about Mrs. Urban having a bun in the oven. Time will tell.


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P L E A S E she was with cruise for 10 years and had NO kids you notice now Tom has a baby, Nicole is about a fertile as a rock.

2823 days ago


Just because Nicole and Tom didn't have a biological baby together doesn't mean that Nicole can't have one. Look at Angelina Ugly, she adopted kids and now she has her own (when she used to say she would never have a kid of her own when she sees all these poor orphans in the world......)
Maybe she doesn't have the choice and can't have her own baby and in this case that is the worst situation for a woman that really wants a kid and I would be sorry for her but say" as fertile as a rock" or something like this is totally out of order, you either don't have kids/problem to conceive or don't have a heart!

2823 days ago


hey deb- kidman was pregnant when cruise walked out on her. she later miscarried. check your facts next time.

2823 days ago


TOM CRUISE -- the man is newly married to a woman he adores (I wish I had that!), has a chlid, now runs -- with his partner -- Universal Studios and that makes Tom one of the most powerful men in Hollysood -- and with all the demands placed on his tme -- he gets to his children's soccer team games etc. He's with his children, while Nicole (who has joint custody) is hardly around. Tom works hard, is a good family and Katie looks great!

2823 days ago


Ok, whatever Scarlett. She is a good mom to Conner and Isabella? What planet are you on. She never sees those kids, just because Tom is over possesive and doesn't let her shouldn't stop her from trying to see them. When is the last time you saw a pic of her with those kids. It's sad, but she gets to run around the country with no strings attached and that is the way she likes it.
Stop being stupid Scarlett!

2823 days ago


I think you're the one being stupid "whatever". Perhaps Nicole doesn't alert the media each time she goes anywhere with the kids-as Tom does. (Those photogs at all those soccer games are planned). Or perhaps Cruise the kook severely limits her ability to see them (Or has the fact that he controls EVERYTHING managed to escape your attention) Or maybe Nicole has been labelled an "SP" (Suppressive Person) by the cult and therefore the kids want nothing to do with her, since she wised up and left their clutches.
Now I have no doubt that you are, in fact, parent of the year, but before you criticize another woman who you know zip about read up a little on Scientology. Then perhaps you will not appear to be such a judgmental imbecile.

2823 days ago


I hope that it is just her sister's upcoming baby, and not hers. I want to see her in more films damnit!! lol...Oh, and if you've done any research/reading on Nicole, she hates for her kids to be in the spotlight--She vowed to keep them out of it. And, when Tom took them to see his M.I.3 movie, he put the two children in the spotlight, and Nicole was really upset with him about that...So she really does try to spend time with them, you just do not always see it in the tabloids. So just stop dissing her.

2818 days ago
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