Kidman's "To Die For" Baby Gifts

1/7/2007 4:04 AM PST

Kidman's "To Die For" Baby Gifts

Now it's Nicole Kidman who is following in Katie, er, (sorry, Tom) Kate Holmes' footsteps.

Last week, the second Mrs. Cruise did a little retail therapy at Petit Tresor, the same trendy baby boutique previouly hit up by the third Mrs. Cruise. Merry Belated Christmas, Suri!

Along with a mobile, baby slippers and a green velour frog coat, the Oscar-winner (sorry, Tom) picked up a $420 leather Mia Bossi diaper bag. Chump change for the highest-paid actress in Hollywood!

Too busy shooting a film and supporting hubby Keith Urban through rehab, Nicole had an assistant place the order, which was then shipped to the Scientology-free (sorry, Tom) Kidman compound. Amen.

While Nicole has two adopted children with La Cruise, incessant rumors swirl about Mrs. Urban having a bun in the oven. Time will tell.