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Anna To Hulk: Check Out My Tats!

1/8/2007 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith took some time away from her nasty custody fight with Larry Birkhead this weekend, and instead watched two other people beat the crap out of each other.

A freshly tattoed Anna Nicole Smith stopped by a championship boxing match in Hollywood, FL, where she posed with fellow platinum blonde Hulk Hogan and showed off her new body art.
Anna Nicole, Hulk Hogan and Howard K Stern
In a tribute to her children, Anna had an image of her late son Daniel inked on her left upper back and baby Dannielynn's pic tattooed on the right. Apparently, she doesn't carry a wallet.

During the circus-scene, Anna's attorney/wannabe baby daddy/boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, followed a few feet behind.


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Hmm...well...DNA testing is supposed to be completed by Jan. 23. But that doesn't mean she's cooperating. Last I heard, her attorney du jour was saying that there were lots of complexities to this or some such nonsense. That's kinda for, "Don't worry...we're not getting the testing done...and I'll find some way to get her out of this again."

2824 days ago


Ohhhh Anna.

2824 days ago

Lenn K    

This is just like I said about Anna Nicole, she can't stay out of the public eye very long because she is a pub whore. It's good to know what she's doing so we can keep an eye on her activities and know her whereabouts. This tell us that she can on a moments notice fly anywhere for the DNA test. The money is in short supply and her lifestyle is sucking more of it up. This is great and I feel something may break this week.

2824 days ago


I hope Hulk doesn't get too close she'll say she's pregnant to him. I would love to see Linda kick her ass.

2824 days ago


She is soooooo drugged up!!!

2824 days ago


Hands off Anna Nicole Smith's assets
10 hrs ago | MSNBC
Anna Nicole Smith wants to make sure no one gets their hands on her assets. The former Playmate - who for years has been involved in a messy dispute over her late husband's fortune - is looking to set up a dummy corporation so that the man who says he’s the father of her daughter can’t get any of the money she might inherit.

Nancy Grace did a show where she was talking about OJ Simpson creating that dummy corporation to HIDE the money he got off that book deal that fell through. NG was saying it is ILLEGAL to create a corporation that has no purpose other than to hide money in off shore accounts. The Goldman family is trying to get some of that money he hid in the dummy corporation.

What I notice about Anna even thinking about doing that (HKS is doing the thinking), is (1) it shows where their FOCUS is .... on MONEY ..... and (2) it shows that they KNOW LB is going to be proven to be the baby's daddy because they are worried about hiding money from HIM specifically. If they KNEW that Howard was the baby's daddy, they wouldn't need to hide money from Larry Birkhead.

I think they are trying to hide money in case Larry Birkhead wins some damages in his paternity suit and in the birth cert fraud lawsuit in the Bahamas. And also hide money in case Ben Thompson gets damages in his lawsuit against her.

It is DISGUSTING that Howard was taking photos to SELL, at the boxing match.
Anna showed a lot of (fake) affection for Hulk Hogan and Don King and some guy in the audience, and NONE for Howard. ET is really stooooopid if they pay Howard for those photos, that are already all over the internet from other sources.

Ben Thompson has a Hearing in the Bahamas Supreme Court on January 19th, where they will hopefully rule that he is the sole owner of the Horizons home, and give him the authority to EVICT ANS and HKS. This would also prove that ANS's residency permit is INVALID and should be REVOKED.

She has absolutely no shame whatsoever. She KNOWS she has lied to and about Larry Birkhead, and KNOWS she has lied to and about Ben Thompson. She has lied and concealed evidence in the death of her son. She should be ashamed to show her face in public.

Anna and Howard keep making these public displays of Anna STONED, for the record in the paternity/custody cases!

2824 days ago

Lenn K    

Just like OJ Simpson did take your money to offshore accounts and no one can touch it. I think ANS knows that there maybe some kind of settlement coming. She asking for about 85 millions and I not sure if the family will settle just to get her out of their hair. That much money could buy alot of silents.

2824 days ago


Hey did yas check out how jelous HKS is in that shot. It's blantantly obvious she insn"t attracted to him one bit, she's not even trying to hide that fact.
I can't believe Hulk Hogan would let that trashy blimp near him let alone touch him, I guess he's just to nice to piss her off. and you can't refer to them both as blonde coz she sure as f*** isn't really blonde, I hope her hair falls out from all the bleach then she'll be even more ugly than she is now.
And those tats are foul they don't even resemble the bitch and her kids. She is going to be so f***ed when those P.T. results come in , I can't wait.

2824 days ago

the wise old owl    

I see that that " the public has now " TURNED " on ANS. No more Anna lovers are surfacing. She has shamed even them.

THis woman has shown time and time again her " true colors ". ANS has never shown an ounce of remorse or grieif over her son's death. She is truly a " reject of society ". Severely dysfunctional and seems to lack a conscious. A border line sociopath.

I care more about " The Inquest " into Daniel's death than she does. .If it were my son's death that was unsolved I would not rest until I found out " WHY " .All she cares about is " how much $ she can get for his pictures "

I for one.....AM SICK OF HER PHONEY ACT ! She can show up for publictiy shoots and court appearances but not have time for a DNA test. WTF is wrong with this picture ??? Again she is showing her lack of concern for her baby and putting $$ 1st. What will it take to make the public wake up and go " HMMMM........I want to see the results of Daniel's INquest. ???

I want to know where the methadone came from that killed her boy . I want to know what the hold up is with the DNA test .

You know something is up when someone keeps postponing the inevidable. The more she displays her " bad judgement " the worse it gets for her. Just seeing the pictures of HKS ass licking ANS everywhere she goes is enough to make anyone "puke ". I'd grow tired of that " adoration " very quick. It's beyond nauseating .Everything about their relationship screams : FAKE !! "

HKS is her professional " DOORMAT ". Her body language around him speaks a 1000's words.....He sickens her. When he tries to move close to kiss her .....SHE MOVES AWAY !!! I am now TOTALLY convinced that " wnat I see " EXACTLY " what it is " .

Stick is only going to get worse. Once LB is proven to be the REAL father. THen they can rule on the "drug testing " issues. It's one slow step at a time when you go through the judicial system........IT SUCKS !! But all good things take time. It won't be long. THe walls are closing in all around ANS. SHe's got all the rope she need " TO HANG HERSELF "

2824 days ago

My two cents    

The one thing I noticed about ANS in this video is that she OBVIOUSLY is not grieving any longer. She is far too happy to be out and about and hugging and kissing on everyone around her that would pay her one ounce of attention, which is GOOD because I no longer wish to entertain anyone on here that does feel sorry for her because "she is grieving". NOW onto bigger and better submitting to the Paternity Testing because NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU ANYMORE ANNA!!! However, I agree, she and Howie will find anyway around it because simply, HKS is NOT the father and they want to continue duping the world to all thier bullcrap. I just wonder (and if anyone has any insight to this), if she refuses the Paternity Test, can she be arrested if she stepped foot in the United States again?

2824 days ago


This motherf***er(anna) needs to be broke in just like a young horse.A sh*t for brains MF'er like her would not last 1 month around without needing psychological help.She's has to be the dumbest motherf***er I have ever seen, yet she knows how to dig for the gold.

2824 days ago


Lenn she hasn't gotten the money yet and it looks like it isn't happening any to soon. Remember when she went to Cali. Dec 15 th that the interview with Et was camcelled right away and she was extremely ticed when she came out of the court house ?

Well heres why.

This was just recently posted on the site i suppose they wanted to keep it quiet till the mediation hearing was over.

2824 days ago


I saw HKS's glaring angry look at the people taking photos of and with Anna in Florida, at the boxing match .... but I don't see it as a lover's jealousy on his part.

I see it as he is angry as hell that people are getting FREE photos and video of Anna without PAYING HIM for them! He came with his own camera to take photos to SELL. Nobody is going to pay Howard for photos and video they can get for FREE from other sources. Face it Howard .... Anna is NOT a sellable commodity these days.

2823 days ago


This whole saga bothers me on a multitude of levels.

One, Vanessa (#23), are you on whatever Anna is taking? Are you blind? Is your screen in braille? Explain to me PLEASE WTF you AREN'T seeing? I've suffered loss myself - I'm no expert - but ANS is NOT the picture of a grieving mother, a concerned mother, or a sober mother. Vanessa, get a clue, watch the ET video of Anna "bashing" her mother. Watch her wipe tears away that don't even exist. She is a pig.

Two, is it just me or does anyone else notice the desperation in which HKS follows her around? They don't LOOK like any "committed" and "in love" couple that I've ever seen. Even when he's touching her, it's not for any other reason than to keep her steady. Revolting. Does this man have ANY pride? I need to find out when his birthday is, I'm going to send him a collar and a leash. ANS absolutely recoils (even in her obviously altered state) when he touches her.

Three.......watching the tape and her and Hulk, ANS bends down, it almost looks like she's feeling up Hulk's leg. He couldn't look more annoyed by having to be her "balance" to hold her up for the pic. What a strange site to see her "partner" following her around with a camera. Wouldn't a normal couple be socializing together? All these photographers yelling "Anna, look this way....", and HKS is ONE of them. Unf'ing believable.

She's a publicity whore - to the bone. She should have put those tattoos on her forehead because it appears she's forgotten she's a mother and a role model. Even if for some reason LB DIDN'T happen to be the baby's father (and I would bet anything he IS), but that baby should be given to him anyway. Imagine the childhood this baby is going to have?

2823 days ago


ANS's problem besides being dumb as a post has always been meds. HKS doesn't look to comfortable either with guys groping her. He'll eventually get kicked to the curb and write a book about it. ANS has been playing that million dollar trump card for years and all her enablers, including the baby's father, are hoping to get their hands on it. Once she's played out all her court appeals for her ex's estate her so called "friends" will disappear. Being a former stripper she'll find some other sugar daddy to keep her in pills and booze. Wonder who's watching the newborn while Hulkamania is runnin' wild????

2823 days ago
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