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Anna To Hulk: Check Out My Tats!

1/8/2007 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith took some time away from her nasty custody fight with Larry Birkhead this weekend, and instead watched two other people beat the crap out of each other.

A freshly tattoed Anna Nicole Smith stopped by a championship boxing match in Hollywood, FL, where she posed with fellow platinum blonde Hulk Hogan and showed off her new body art.
Anna Nicole, Hulk Hogan and Howard K Stern
In a tribute to her children, Anna had an image of her late son Daniel inked on her left upper back and baby Dannielynn's pic tattooed on the right. Apparently, she doesn't carry a wallet.

During the circus-scene, Anna's attorney/wannabe baby daddy/boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, followed a few feet behind.


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Aslo there is a piece where They say their will be an inquest into Daniel smiths death By headlines say .

Chief Magistrate To Ensure Cover-Up Of Daniel Smith Death
So it doesn't sound promising.

2805 days ago


Whoops posted the wrong one i corrected that statement that they Ms gibson said they had handed it to the police to see if there would be an inquest

2805 days ago


Nope Lenn i fully expected this also. She isn't going to do anything the easy way. If she does she misses more money making photo ops and takes herself out of the lime lite. Lets Face it she needs money. I see she did a spread in Ok magazine with pics of her and the baby and Howie. So she can't allow her gravy train to vanish.

2805 days ago


Decision expected soon on possible inquest into death of Anna Nicole Smiths son

I think I would believe the b2b about the cover up more then getting any answers. But here is the more encouraging point of view for those who want to read it.

2805 days ago


ANS is on Catherine Crier today.....short notice sorry....they just announced it...Also, this pig is going to be on ET "naked, no makeup and nursing". How proud Daniel would be. A spade is a spade, never changing. Pray LB gets that baby soon, at least she'd be loved, wouldn't be used for profit, and would live a stable, happy life. He deserves that little one, and she deserves him as well. ANS and HKS are f'ing publicity pigs and they make me sick.

2805 days ago


Lenn, you need proof she is a liar? Still? Hmmmmm.

2805 days ago


More Ron Rale BS. as usual his client doesn't have to show up at anything.

2805 days ago



ANNA NICOLE SMITH has transferred the pain of 2006 to her shoulders by having tattoos of her dead son and new baby girl etched on her back. The busty model/actress showed off her odd new body art during a recent trip back to America from her home in The Bahamas. On her left shoulder, the buxom blonde boasts a large tattoo of herself and her late son DANIEL with his birth and death dates and the words 'My Pumpkinhead.' Meanwhile, she sports an image of motherhood with baby DANNIELYNN, who was born in The Bahamas three days before her big brother died in September (10SEP06) of a drug overdose, on her right shoulder.

2805 days ago


Ron Rales was on Catherine Crier tonight......he was blowing alot of smoke about how ANS/HKS weren't "NOT" coming to the US, they were trying to "abide by the rules of the Bahamas". Gawd, puke. Crier asked Rales directly if a DNA team went to the home, knocked on the door - would they submit to the test? And he went off on how ANS and HKS weren't refusing the test, but LB has no authority in the Bahamas about custody. WTF...just answer the damn question. I hope Opri chews these idiots up and spits them out. LB got the right attorney. She's professional, tough, and she means business.

2805 days ago

Lenn K    

Patty, I never said she was a liar. But If she's trying to duck and dodge the DNA test and we all feel that the baby is LB, then we know she's a liar. Patty think about if you had a baby would you do the things that ANS is doing if you're right. I'm not calling ANS a liar yet, but the word is right on the tip of my tongue. Also Sarah watch something come out of left field and the trial gets delayed.

2805 days ago


Hello All, I haven’t written for a while because I didn’t have anything to say that others haven’t all ready said.

Sleuth you had this to say:
ANS will probably fake a nervous breakdown because her son's 21st birthday would have been on January 22nd, the day before the DNA test deadline on the 23rd.

I agree. But on the other hand one has to think about what Howie may be plotting now that he knows time is running out on him being the legal father on paper and that the Bahamian Gov’t is getting closer to opening the inquest into Daniels death. Poor Howie must be sh*tting bricks by now. Here is my theory on what he may have in store for Anna-

Wouldn’t it be something to see Anna out at the cemetery giving Daniel a party on what would have been his birthday? Return home to the stolen mansion that they will soon be forcefully evicted from and suddenly sink even deeper into depression over his death and attempt to self medicate herself with her methadone. Then oops! It appears that Anna took to much. She just couldn’t handle losing her only son and committed suicide herself.

I believe that this is the spin that Howie will put on it while all the while he will have been the one advising her to do these things and helping her take the pills. Now that Larry Birkhead is soon to be adjudicated as the father Howie will want Anna out of the picture before the test can be taken. With Anna gone Larry’s lawsuit will be dismissed since the child would be in the care of her legal father. The reason that Howie will want this is to have control over the money that Anna has put into shell companies to protect for Dannielynn.

I know that everyone has been saying that Anna is broke and isn’t paying her bills. Well there are a lot of people who don’t pay their bills even though they do have the funds to do so. I think Anna is one of those people otherwise she would not be able to commute back and forth to the States as she has, or afford any of her other extravagancies.
Just something to think about.

2804 days ago


By the way, is it wise to get all tatoo'd while breastfeeding and trying to conceive a son???????

2804 days ago


This is the main "Anna Nicole" category site.
You can find the different TMZ articles on her under this main site.

I don't know WHY TMZ changed it up?

That is interesting that Anna will be forever linked to Larry Birkhead, in her mind because LB and Daniel share the SAME BIRTHDAY! Thanks for that tip Bro-in-da-know! Interesting!

2804 days ago


She isn't breast feeding in case you haven't seen she always has a
bottle in site.
Also she couldn't continue using her drugs and breast feed and if you watched the video on this site she is defenatly still using.
When she comes to events like she did this past weekend
her travel expences are paid by they promotor. They even pay for her
group that follows her around.
She may have had to pay to come back for her money deal but she has sold enough pics and stuff to do that.

2804 days ago


Ok fingers not working today made alot of typos lol sorry even my name is wrong.

2804 days ago
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