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Britney Rocks Boat with New Beau

1/9/2007 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took her wheels-coming-off act, and some new K-Fed-esque man-candy to the high seas off Los Angeles over the weekend.

The careening mother of two spent some quality time with a young, well-built sailor (identified by Perez Hilton as Los Angeleno Isaac Cohen), and engaged in that time-honored, one-two, health-giving punch of suntan oil-slathering and cigarette smoking. Brit also managed, once again, to leave the house sans trousers, and without painting three of her fingernails.

For more sordid nautical details -- check out the pictorial captain's log.


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The kids are with the nanny, calling her mommy of course just like most(I said most) of those "celeb" moms.......poor kids!

2845 days ago


#5: Well gee, thanks for asking. Mine are now raised, and were raised well, and are in two separate colleges, where both are A students.

Stupid comparison: spending ten or fifteen min. in checking email and reading gossip VERSUS abandoning your kids to do everything BUT take care of your kids. Particularly since Mother of the Year wants would think she'd put a little bit more of an effort into being at least attempting to be photographed spending a few milliseconds every day with her kids (preferably in car seats, not tripping with one of them in hand, and maybe even locked into their highchair). Then at least you could say she LOOKS like she's interested in them. But hey, oh soooooo nice that the nanny has 24/7 employment and that the broad is just out on the water with a new man (how many "new men" must a newly separated woman have...a new one every twenty four hours...I'm sure that will be another stellar move for Britney in her crackerjack pimpgirl future..."look honey, this one's your new daddy...errr, I mean this wait, ignore "Uncle Bob," this week it's "Uncle Bill.")

One judges by what one sees. And when one sees no children in after day...with no mention of children being anywhere around her...hell, they don't even remember who she IS, I"m says to one's self, "This broad SUCKS as a mother."

If the shoe fits, I have someplace for her to put it. Maybe you can go help her dig it out.

2845 days ago


.... WHERE ARE HER KIDS? ... HAHA .. That's for C! ... Really though, I don't give a sh** where her kids are! ... Whats up with this clown? He can't possibly want to hit that? Everybody in the world has seen her crusty a** snatch - nobody wants to hit that!!! Do us a favor and toss that trick overboard!! Now that'll be some newsworthy sh** right ther!!

2845 days ago


She is doing NOTHING wrong here....why is everyone trying to make it out like a bad thing - holy ANGER !

i dont bring my kids on dates and i dont bring them to my office where i am away from them 8 hrs a day. Hey where are YOUR kids while you are reading these gossipy rag sites for celebrity slamming....get a life.

2845 days ago


go girl! who cares where her kids are? what does it matter to you guys? you all act like she just left them at home or in the car or something....get over it!
atleast she is still young enough to get away with it! god people give her a dam break!

2845 days ago


OH-MY-GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Spend some time with your kids!!!!!!!!!!! Stop whoring around! K-fed is starting to look like the better parent here. At least his ex, Char, always said he was a good father. Enjoying some freedom after a split is understandable, but she appears downright neglectful with her kids.

2845 days ago


She was just owned.

2845 days ago


I agree with #3.

2845 days ago

Team Aniston    

I don't understand how she has all this time and two babies at home! This is so sad. WOW

2845 days ago


Perez is a pig. Britney is a pig. And this latest moron in her parade of users is also a pig. I assume by all the smoking and drinking that she is not breast feeding her child. I pray someone sane will save those kids before their disgusting parents inflict permanent damage on them.

By the way, I hear Harvey has a boyfriend who's a chiropractor!?! How come Perez hasn't outed HIM?

2845 days ago


I like how in the last picture the guy has his hand on her ass and despite the fact that there are paparazzi everywhere she doesn't seem to mind. Any publicity is good publicity right Brit? Uhm yeah no, how about less looking for husband # 3 and more taking care of your kids and recording your album.

2845 days ago


to C: My children are doing their homework next to me on their desk....not being watched by some babysitter while I am out partying every night and sleeping all day. Most of us are actually responsible parents. I work while my children are in school and either my husband or I are always around. We eat our meals together, do family activities together and take our vacations most families. It is sad for Britney's children that she is a horrible mother, self indulgent, behaving like a tramp and not take parenting serious. If she wanted to run around all night long partying every night she should not have had children! The fact that you are so annoyed by the parents on here concerned about Britney's little children indicates that you yourself are either a horrible parent or are just a young kid who does not know any better and shouldn't have kids either lol!!

2845 days ago


way to go Brit, he's HOT!

Im sure her kids are being very well taken care of when she's not around. I would be out partying as well if my marriage had just bombed and i was feeling a little lost in life. Im sure she will get over it.. she's young and needs to have some fun still. I have respect for celebs that don't pretend to be perfect like most other celebs do.... she's REAL people.

If only the paparazzi dug into every move of you peoples life (mine included) hell there would be pics of my son at home with my parents right besides the one of me taking a piss in an alleyway or puking over the edge of a friends bed or rear ending a car in tim hortons drive thru.

2845 days ago


By the way, I hear Harvey has a boyfriend who's a chiropractor!?! How come Perez hasn't outed HIM?

Posted at 6:34PM on Jan 9th 2007 by BayofPigs


Are you kidding? That fat f**k knows what side is bread is buttered on. Butter, plus a big chuck of cheese for that hog.

Paris Hilton run over Perez' 90 year old grandmother and STILL he'd kiss that no-talented C**T's ass.

2845 days ago



2845 days ago
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