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Britney Rocks Boat with New Beau

1/9/2007 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took her wheels-coming-off act, and some new K-Fed-esque man-candy to the high seas off Los Angeles over the weekend.

The careening mother of two spent some quality time with a young, well-built sailor (identified by Perez Hilton as Los Angeleno Isaac Cohen), and engaged in that time-honored, one-two, health-giving punch of suntan oil-slathering and cigarette smoking. Brit also managed, once again, to leave the house sans trousers, and without painting three of her fingernails.

For more sordid nautical details -- check out the pictorial captain's log.


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Thinking in Type    

Wasn't she supposed to be going to Florida this week with the boys?????

2754 days ago


What people that are defending her not being with her children don't get is that she is in the middle of a custody fight with Kevin. No permanent order has been entered, let alone signed. If she behaves this way when custody of her children is at stake, how does she behave on any other day?

Children bond with a parent in the first 3 years of life. She's been out when her youngest child needs his mother the most. Funny how so many other celeb parents can get it right and decide to step back from the limelight to raise the children that THEY MADE THE CHOICE TO HAVE. Or they only take projects in which they can be hands on with their kids. She does not need to work for the money, she has royalties coming in for years. She can even do what her friend Paris does, and show up for an hour to a party and be paid $100,000.

As far as being with a myriad of men other than her husband when they are barely separated won't look good on it's own, especially if they go home with her. Forget about the passing out on New Year's, showing her peach to everyone on quite a few occasions and all the day and night partying she does.

They aren't soft on celebs in court anymore. They make examples out of them.

2753 days ago


Britney is grown she has the money to pay people to look after her kids,she can do what ever she wants as long as it is within the boundaries of the law. Who really gives a f*** what she does?

2753 days ago

bob boner    

k-fed is right...she's a nympho!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2753 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Anybody else notice she's flipping the bird in that first photo with the cigarette? Nobody smokes a cigarette that way - she's flipping off the camera!

2753 days ago

Mad Balls    

Who takes a Make-up crew with them when they go boating ? Brit knew these photos would wind up here , there and everywhere and is it by chance that this guy looks , acts and smokes the same cigs as K-fed . A ploy to make federline jealous ? Dickhead . And how great it will be when Brits' kids grow up and take out the family photo Album " Jezz theres Mommy getting drunk " " And look theres Mommy passing out at Pure ! " WOW ! Theres Mommys dingleberrys " not to worry , Britney will just Photoshop pictures of the kids into the Photo Album . sad . Dickhead .

2753 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

When you have kids you are supposed to spend time with them, not be out partying constantly. Once in a while is fine, everyone needs a break but it appears to me that she is out damn near every night. For those who are saying "Where are your kids while you're online?" Mine is right here with me, thanks. My kids are with me 90% of the time when not in school.(They are teenagers so they hang out with friends etc) but we do things together as a family. Britney needs to wake up & realise that kids need their moms, not the nanny. I do feel sorry for the implosion of her marriage & all but she's not that young anymore & needs to get it together, kids are not something you can just stick on a shelf when you get tired of being mom, your kids are forever.

2753 days ago


This nasty bitch is with a new guy every week. This one here is not that famous and just wants $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and PR. After seeing those pics of her at WWTDD, I'm convinced that she is done. WTF is she doing, paying these guys to f*** her? What a trick ass ho!

2753 days ago


Mrs.Scott when you have kids your suppose to make sure the child is provided for and has responsible adult supervision.Once the kids are old enough to comprehend how rich their mother is they will know that they are blessed, and won't care about any of this sh*t. You are not the expert on raising children.

2753 days ago


Post # 40 - you have it all so bang on.

2753 days ago


This skank has a 4 month old. Isn't she still breast feeding? I'm sure he's loving all the alcohol and nicotine he's inhaling. She's so unfit. I don't get where her parents are.

As bad as Kevin is, at least he's not acting like this. Brit turned out to be the nasty one.

2753 days ago


Hot Damn! Love the first pic! That is some sexy sh*t! (I was talking about him, not her!)

2753 days ago


Post # 33.
Sounds like you have a perfect life - good for you, lets hope it stays that way. 2 parent family all living together. So what happens if that falls apart. Oh gee, then you are a single parent and the children divide their time between 2 households. Oh and maybe they spend time with their grandparents sometimes, maybe 4 sets of grandparents depending on their marital status. And what do you do when your children are not at home with you - do you sit at home ? And do you maybe go out in the evening.

You have ZERO idea how much time she spends with her kids just as I dont. But you dont see me jumping to conclusions and sticking my nose up in the air.
Oh and do you want to flaunt your children for papparazi just so that near-perfect judgemental people like you KNOW where your kids are at in your daily life like as if it were your business. I love your comment that "her kids arent in the pictures with her" damn straight cause then wow THEN she would be a bad Mom and #2 who wants the psycho public viewing pics of their own kids?
How many celebrities want pics of their kids taken? Would you Perfect-Mother?

God get a life and stop being so judgemental over a situation where
1) you are assuming you KNOW what goes on and are judgeing
2) the media spins and weaves a tale in order to sell the goods - looks like you fell hook line and sinker without using that perfect little brain God gave you.

I am not a Britney fan but I do try to not be so damn judgemental and negative and rather a realist and I try to view things from someone elses shoes...give it a shot.

2753 days ago


to #14 by she ,I was just reading threw and realized your comment that you had made. Let me refresh your memory on your comment that you had typed , (HEY WHERE ARE YOUR KIDS WHILE YOUR READING THESE GOSSIPY RAG SITES FOR CELEBRITTY SLAMMING GET A LIFE . YOU ALSO MADE IT AWARE YOU HAD KIDS BECAUSE YOU DONT BRING THEM ON DATES OR TO THE OFFICE WHEN YOUR AWAY. )Well my opinion to you is dont make the comment about others reading (these gossipy rag sites for celebrity slamming) when you are doing the same.You had just made yourself look like a dumb ass times a trillion think before you dog out others OOOHHHH do you have a comeback think before you say it and i am a mother of two and you said where are your kids while your reading this well you know the reat of what you said well lets see my kids are in bed asleep its 11:17 pm did you get that one . anways i dont see anything wrong with her dating she just got out of a bad marriage and almost was with her kids in every photo that i had saw in. She is single and has a right to breath so yes let her live her own life she can be her own judge and you and me and the rest of us can just read . She is her own person were not britany spears so who ever agrees let her live her own life and let her judge her own life and we judge our own and live our own lifes knows the meaning we are only one and has to worry about our lives and not others if we keep trying to judge others we wouldnt know how to live, judge , and correct our own

2753 days ago


I'd feel sorry for her were it not for the fact that she deliberately brought two children into this world. I understand the need to get out every now and then, but every night? Or even every couple of nights?????? Come on!!!!! Children aren't toys you put on a shelf when you're tired of playing with them. Unfortunately, Brittany's another perfect example of a non-talented little girl who got too much, too soon, too young because some sick producer saw a market for her youth, regardless of the fact that she had nothing else to offer. And thanks to good(?) marketing, the Lolita factor was reborn. Where is Brittany going to be when her youth fades and she's left with nothing else? The poor child has NO talent and nothing going for her other than her youth right now. The people who marketed her in the first place should be damned for doing it. God help her and God help those two children.

2753 days ago
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