Steve-O Slams "Abusive" Circus: "F**k 'em!"

1/9/2007 7:17 PM PST
Click to return to TMZ.comIf a "Jackass" star is calling you "abusive," you know you're in trouble.

TMZ got the first look at a video ad for peta2 -- the youth-centric offshoot of PETA -- in which the one and only Steve-O lashes out against animal cruelty in the circus. The daredevil, who was once a circus clown after attending the Ringling Bros. Clown College (go figure!), goes on a heated tirade against his former teachers, calling them "a bunch of dicks" for their alleged treatment of animals.

Happily, Steve-O has no issues with cruelty to himself, and as far as we can tell, he won't stop his own ridiculous antics.