Bindi & Terri Invade US

1/11/2007 3:06 PM PST
The late Crocodile Hunter's wife and precocious daughter are stateside on a promotional tour, popping up this week on the couches of Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres.

Though Terri Irwin broke into tears on "The Tonight Show" last night when talking about super-daughter Bindi, the Crocodile Huntress gracefully recovered -- joking about putting a used tissue back into the box. "It's like double-dipping!" said Terri, "Once it touches your nose you're not supposed to put it back."

In an interview airing on Friday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," hunter-with-training-wheels Bindi admits, "I just love animals ...I want him [father Steve] to be proud of me." *sniff*