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Hey Donald -- Where'd YOU Learn to Count?

1/11/2007 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Call it the "Art of the Spin."

Donald Trump granted an "exclusive" interview to the "Today" show this morning with the express purpose of refuting Rosie's gleeful assertion from Wednesday -- namely, that the debut episode of this season's "The Apprentice" had "tanked" in the ratings. The only problem was, it did tank. It was third in the 10-11 PM slot, well behind "Desperate Housewives" and "Cold Case."

In his inimitably self-satisfied way, Trump told "Today's" Natalie Morales that his show was "the most successful show in the last 14 months in its timeslot." Uh, what? Actually, it wasn't even the most successful show that NBC has run in the 9:30-11:00 PM timeslot since October 2005. Its 5.5 household rating can't match that of "Crossing Jordan" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," the two other shows that have recently run in that slot.

Of course, the Donald was saying all this on NBC, which, of course, just happens to air "The Apprentice." Hmm.


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A desperate man.

2841 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Mr Trump, dude...
let it go, no one cares if you are "right" or not. You are starting to look like a jackass.
Let it go, you can't win this fight! The manly girls have won.

2841 days ago

West Ham    

The hole is getting deeper and deeper.

Stop digging, dude.

2841 days ago

jProud American Author    

Well whatever is going on between Rosie and Mr. Trump, the ratings have been going up for the both of them. Though I am beginning to wonder if when this banter ceases what will happen to the ratings of both shows. As mentioned in another comment....What happened to the word "integrity"?
I like The View--sometimes Rosie gets outspoken but I feel her heart is in the right place most times. Yes, I feel she went too far with the Trump issue. From a Viewers standpoint she is a comedian and it was hysterical the faces that she made. Those antics will go down in comic history for sure.
As far as Donald Trump goes -I really love the Apprentice. I have learned so much about my self and business from the show. The only thing I miss this season is Carolyn. Ivana is a very savvy, intellegent young woman, yet Carolyn is missed.
Also, I really don't like the fact that if a team loses they sleep in a tent. What's up with that? They work their butts off and then the stress to be voted off and then have to sleep in tents and take care of all of their needs outside? Is this the new Survivor? Mr. Trump is a brilliant business man, yet the tent thing does upset me somewhat.
Both shows are great and I hope this bitterness stops soon. We have too many young people dying in war. We need to think about forgiveness and doing good things for others.
I wish both Rosie and Mr. Trump the best.
Author-D'Maria Scaglione

2841 days ago


That's really not correct!

Being in third place does NOT equal tanking.

Bawa Walters is the biggest loser in this feud.
To think she USED to interview heads of state and now she is the female Jerry Springer,directing a freakshow called Rosie.

How art thou fallen from Heaven....

2841 days ago

george vieto    

And I thought former Philadelphia Eagles head coach was overrated himself by saying he was a genius of a football coach after he was fired by the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles. Donald must be living in Pluto.

2841 days ago


I'm sick of both Trump and Rosie. It was kind of funny at first to watch them sling poo at one another, but now it has worn extremely thin.

2841 days ago


WOW >>>>What an Idiot !!!!

2841 days ago


why the hell is the today show stooping to his level by bringing him back on the show he is such an ass......

2841 days ago

Sick of Her    

Well at least TMZ is objective in their reporting on the Rosie/Trump feud. NOT!

2841 days ago


Donald would do well to take a class or two in public relations. He totally blew it all out of proportion from the first day. Rosie simply said she does not enjoy Donald Trump. She followed it with a little schtick, and for weeks and weeks "The Donald" has fanned the flame. His show did not do well in the ratings. He spins and spins, and spins. Go home Donald. Your fifteen minutes are up......

2841 days ago

my opinion    

I do believe that The Donald has early dementia. This is getting out of hand with his total disregard for the facts. I saw it in my own family and he is certainly showing some of the signs.

2841 days ago


Trump is the biggest bully of them all. He bullied Mark Cuban, Martha Stewart, tried to bully Marideth Veria, Connan Obrien, and so on. Most of these people kiss his butt, I guess their afraid of him or something. They must all live in New York City.

2841 days ago



"The View" at it's highest this year had 3.8 millions viewers.

"The Apprentice" opened with 9.1 million viewers — a drop over all from the premiere of the last season, BUT AN INCREASE AMONG VIEWERS 18-49.

When Rosie O'Donnell said gleefully that the show "tanked" she wasn't painting a totally accurate picture. To have an increase of viewership among 18-49 year olds is a major point in the strongest demographic to watch television shows.

So much is said about ratings these days. I'm old enough to remember the 4-5 stations we had a choice to watch as a child. Today we have hundreds of choices each and every night. For ANY show to garner 9.1 million viewers in my estimation is a total success.

2841 days ago


get over it!! And, help your self image by admitting that you DO have a comb over, go get a new style, guy! BTW - I'll never change my opinion about you... you're a silly jackass.

2841 days ago
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