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Brit's Club Tour Rages On

1/12/2007 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Like any self-respecting mother of two, Britney Spears was out on the town again on Thursday with her new "friend" Isaac Cohen. Thank heaven for nannies!

Britney Spears and Isaac Cohen
Brit, with her boytoy at her side, partied the night away at the grand opening of the new Hollywood hotspot, Sideways Restaurant and Lounge. Well, a girl does have to eat and drink, and dance, and smoke!

Luckily, Spears' strategically placed arms helped keep this photo op rated PG. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!


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in the know    

She looks pretty.

2840 days ago


She is bashful now

2840 days ago


She looks like she has been tanning her legs and not the rest of her body.

2840 days ago

J Doe    

she cares more bout getting laid and her career comeback than being a
mother who stays home and spends real QUALITY TIME with the kid/s

gwen stefani , reese witherspoon, jennifer gardner take motherhood seriously!!!!

2840 days ago


SKANKY HOE.STAY HOME with your kids.pig!!!!!!!!!!!

2840 days ago


i love her

2840 days ago


I agree with anonymous at 12:38pm. I've never seen a more horrible excuse of a mom than this "woman." People want to rave that "this is just night, she spends all day with the kids!!!" but there's no way. And furthermore, I believe we've all heard the quote - BEING A MOM IS A FULL TIME JOB. Being a mom doesn't mean spending the day with your children, and then leaving them with the nanny at night. There are dozens of other high-profile celebrities in the spotlight that have had children and done a fantastic job raising them. You either see them with their children, or not out at all unless they have to be. I'm so sick of Britney "Slut" Spears. I hope she falls off the face of the earth.

2840 days ago


There are some really good moms out there-Jennifer Garner, SJP, Reece, Madonna, Mariska Hargitey, Gwen S, just to name a few. These women have class! That little piece of dog sh*t deserves to have her kids taken away and given to a family who will nurture and love them. They would provide a much better upbringing for these children. I am sure when these boys get old enough they are going to remember the smell of booze on this pop tarts breath. I say to Brits Mom-SH*TTY JOB BRINGING UP YOUR LOSER DAUGHTER!!

2840 days ago


I hope Britney is not taking any man home too soon. This is the 2nd man in less than 2 months that she's been seen being more than friendly with. Those poor kids have to learn counting at such an early to remember every one of mamma's boytoy!

But what puzzles me, is that people still want to be seen with Britney after her disgraceful cotch showing incidents.
Money surely talks, and mo'' money, mo'' problems. I'm sure if she was a nobody who did this, nobody would be seen standing ten-foot near her.

I hope these poeple are really her friends or not sticking around for the status, money and opportunities. A for those relying on Brit's paychecks, they don't have achoice but to bear all her antics.

2840 days ago


Read the latest on Dateline Hollywood:


Lilongwe, Malawi– Citing a desire to assist children growing up in some of the most dire circumstances imaginable, a family from the African nation of Malawi has adopted Britney Spears’ and Kevin Federline’s sons. “It would be selfish for us, who know how to wear underwear and don’t have delusions that we can rap, to do nothing while children grow up like this,” said Joseph N’Kai, a nomadic farmer with seven children who earned $387 last year.

The singer’s children, Sean and Jayden, will share a twin mattress on the floor of the N’Kais’ 300 square foot hut with four of their natural born children. Each day, they will get a cup of stew made from locally grown corn for breakfast and dinner. On special occassions, the family will slaughter and eat one of their goats.

All nine members of the N’Kai family are believed to wear underwear every day; Joseph N’Kai has not had any children with previous girlfriends who he does not support; and neither N’Kai parent has ever let any of their children under age 5 drive the family ox cart.

Though many observers are praising the N’kai’s for saving two at-risk children of celebrities, some critics are questioning the couple’s motives.

“They’re so holier-than-thou with their celebrity babies who they saved from the streets of Beverly Hills,” said a neighbor who asked not to be identified. “I think they just wanted to get publicity for saving the poor children of Britney and K-Fed. They’ll probably have their oldest daughter take care of them while they’re off all day working in the fields.”

Federline has threatened to sue the N’Kai family, claiming that he was conned into signing the adoption papers that let them take his sons.

“I thought they wanted to adopt the babies I had with that girl before Britney, which would be totally fine because I’m so sick of paying child support for their greedy asses,” Federline said. “But then I found out that they took Sean and that new one, whatever-his-name-is. That’s bullsh*t. There’s no way I’m going to get as good a settlement out of Britney with them out of the picture!”

Spears couldn’t be reached for comment. According to her manager, the pop star fell asleep at a nightclub in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village three nights ago and hasn’t surfaced yet.

Despite the controversy, the N’kai’s say they are happy to have Sean and Jayden in their family and hope they have done their part to make the world a better place for two children who had no future.

“When we visited Hollywood to select our adoptive children, we were overwhelmed by the thousands of children of narcissistic celebrities with no parenting skills who desperately need to be saved,” said Lisni N’Kai, Joseph’s wife. “It’s very difficult to adopt only two children and feel like your effort is just a drop in the bucket. But our hope is that we won’t only help Sean and Jayden, but we’ll be an example to other poor families across the developing world to help those who are worse off.”

But the luck of the N’Kai family could soon run out. According to sources, pop star Madonna is on the way to Malawi to adopt two more children.

“Madonna could very well end up with Britney’s children,” said the source. “Although, I hear Angelina Jolie is also planning a visit quite soon. This could get interesting.”

2840 days ago


You guys are all NUTS!!! GO BRITNEY!!

2840 days ago


I doubt Britney spends the days with her children. Come on now, the "lady" needs to sleep at some point during the day!!

2840 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Totally repulsive little slut. Someone should squash her like the cocroach she is,

2840 days ago

Mad Balls    

Well no told me about her . The way she lies . Well no one told me about her . Much to my suprise . Dickhead . Spend some time with your kids . Let me figure this out . PArty till dawn sleep till three then spend a couple of hours with the kids . ARRgghhh. Terrible mom syndrome . No one can defend this behavior . Dickhead .

well its' too late to say your sorry ...why should I care ..

she's not THERE !!!

2840 days ago


Brit said she wanted to be a young mom. Well sweetheart you are!! Maybe you should take parenting classes from Solange Knowles-Beyonce's sister. She had a child at 19. Do you see her out partying??? NO. SHE IS A GOOD AND RESPONSIBLE PARENT.

2840 days ago
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