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Leo Likes Free Stuff, In A Big Way

1/12/2007 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

leo dicaprioLeonardo DiCaprio will take your free stuff, but don't you dare ask for a photo in return!

The incident went down at a Golden Globes gift suite on Thursday. At 5:15 PM, Leo entered the suite at the Friars Club in Beverly Hills, which was packed with over 40 vendors offering free items; including jewelry, handbags, shoes and barbecues. Leo's publicist tells TMZ his client was there to support Global Green, an environmental organization that had a booth in the suite.

DiCaprio was there with his girlfriend, supermodel Bar Refaeli. Also in tow-- someone carrying two huge empty duffel bags. The drill at this event is for the celebrity to load up on free stuff in exchange for taking photographs with the various vendors. The vendors then use the photos to market their products and everyone wins. But that wasn't the case with Leo.

The Golden Globe double-nominee informed the muckety-muck running the show, that no one was to take his picture. He then 'shopped' til the duffel bag guy dropped, cherrypicking the free stuff without giving anything in return. Leo would ask Bar if she wanted jewelry, and stated that certain handbags would be perfect for his mother.

The only snag came when the "Titanic" star was approached by designer-to-the-stars Glenn Laiken. Our spies, who overheard the conversation, say that Laiken, who owns Alandales mens clothing store, told Leo, "I would love to make a custom shirt for you, but I understand you don't want any photos taken." Our sources say that Leo dismissively responded, "We have many other people here to see. I may be back." DiCaprio turned away and never came back to Laiken.

Leo's rep insists the star was there to support his environmental cause, and people offered him the free stuff. He also says DiCaprio was told by Global Green that his picture would not be taken. Leo signed dozens- if not a hundred- autographs, which in of itself has market value.




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Wow some of your responses are sickening ..Why does Leo has to promote to those companies? He came in there to support an ENVIRONMENT cause GLOBAL GREEN. He is a nominee for the Golden Globes and they do give out free stuff to the stars, so why are you picking on him? other stars get free gifts too...Leo is not going to pose to endorse their products that are being handed out to the stars, but to causes he believes in he did for the Toyota Prius. Geessssh ..whats the point of getting a gift then? Good for you Leo!!

2748 days ago


I was never a fan of Leo's- always thought he was a total douche fatty that would only date supermodels.

but must say, he was very sexy in Blood Diamond- very sexy.

That's all.

2748 days ago


He's like a cheap Jew, but he dates one.

2748 days ago


"Leo signed dozens- if not a hundred- autographs, which in of itself has market value."

To whom? Does he expect those merchants to put his autographs up for bid on eBay? How does that help them promote the goods that DiCaprio is apparently willing to accept, but not "pay" for? Bad form, Leo.

I thought the men's store guy had the perfect comeback. I wonder what would happen if all those company reps start making the same comment instead of simply handing over the swag?

2748 days ago


the whole environmental thing is an "image" thought up by a marketing team. Everyone has to have a niche, they asked him about himself to so they could build an image....and this guy said "ummmm....I like trees"....and the "Leo cares about the environment" campaign was born.
Those ancient tribes who thought a photograph would steal your soul werent saying someone would take your picture and you would then go up in smoke. This is what they were talking does something to cheapens your soul may be the better way to put it

2748 days ago


I have never posted a comment on one of these things before.... but I just had to say, leave the guy alone. He's hard-working, supports his charities and is an excellent actor. All of you out there calling him names because of some free gifts, I think your all just jealous :-p Haven't you ever not been in the mood to get your picture taken??? It happens. Let's all move on now with our lives.


2748 days ago


Once a dick, always a dick!

2747 days ago


Oh my Gawd. Some fans are so stupid. He gets a tax break by supporting charities. And, he says to by certified diamonds when there is no such thing as a safe diamond. All diamonds are blood diamonds. He's still a DeBeers' whore.

2747 days ago


Sorry, but hard to feel bad for a celebrity who can grab thousands of dollars worth of free stuff and then refuse to have his picture taken.

2747 days ago


i am so disappointed i thought he was so above the rest of them, how cheap, he is up for two academy awards, he should be floating on air, he is odd

2747 days ago


Wow! someone give this guy a nobel prize! Obviously he cares about the cause LOL LOL LOL

2747 days ago


Leo,what's wrong with you boy?Better get back on that ship,I think it's about to sail!

2747 days ago

T Town Tommy    

It's bad press like this that will keep people away from his movies. Way to go genius!

2746 days ago

sheila king Leo GRABBED thousands of dollars of free stuff and RAN AWAY WITH IT. LOL. POLICE....then they should have called the police, shouldn't they? I mean he must have stolen that stuff if he just grabbed it without someone handing it to him. HELLOOOOO.

2745 days ago


thought that they were doing away with all this goody bag like if these overpaid monkeys need free stuff...............
hope he made out a big check to save the earth to give back.........

2744 days ago
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