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Paula's On... TV

1/12/2007 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul's press tour to promote the new season of "American Idol" spun out of control today when she landed in the Pacific Northwest.

Paula's curious "appearance" on Seattle's Q13 FOX Morning News took a fast nose dive as the pint-sized Idol judge slurred and giggled her way through the interview.

Anchors Lily Jang and Carmen Ainsworth kept it together as Abdul bobbed and weaved for the camera.

For what it's worth, Paula's rep tells TMZ that it is "much ado about nothing." He says the station had "technical problems with the satellite and her sound was dropped not once but twice. Paula was in a small room by herself with only a cameraman. Paula was distracted and confused by the station dropping the sound. She did not know what was going on."



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Mad Balls    

No Seeer I ammm Not deruNNNNnkkkkkkk......AA ...aAAAA ...was I GOING TO SPRAY someone .....he .......he
Spray someone .......oh my life sucks ...

Somebody dddo do me .... are you'se a contestant ...your cute---eh come shere ....opps I fell ... HA HA ....ow that hurt ...sHHHHHiiiiiitttttttteeee I think I brooke sometime ....wait ....

wait...... oh the room is SHppinin ''' HA HA

i need to throw-up ,,,, could you hold my hair ?

2838 days ago


Didn't she at one time have talent. I guess not she must be another one of the digital effects queens.Simon's a fag,the show sucks and so does she.

2838 days ago


I saw her on KTVU in San Francisco, interviewed by Ross McGowan the same morning. She was crazy loopy! Contantly twisting around and slurring words, making little sense. Another technical problem? Or too many pain meds?!

2838 days ago


Wow! I'm not sure what to say. It also seems as though she may have someone in the room with her...she keeps looking to the left..almost as if someone may be trying to talk to her there. The whole thing is a bit weird.


2838 days ago


She was acting the same way for the SF audience. What a much more exciting media tour then the usual bored celeb. repeating the same answers ad nauseaum. But shouldn't her reps. at least admit she'd been drinking or something to loosen up? Otherwise I'm left with the impression Paula Abdul either smokes crack or she's a barely functioning mental patient who's made it suprisingly far. So what's really going on here? Straight up now tell me.....

2838 days ago


Here we go again. It's just like being in the AI chat room! If Paula was really "on Drugs", she would have been booted from the show a LONG time ago. Do any of you really think the "powers that be" on AI, would let her go on each week high as a kite? the answer to that is a big h*ll NO! She is just a ditz, plain and simple. Quit trying to make it more than what it is!!

2838 days ago


I don't believe anything that comes out of Hollyweird.
It's all smoke and mirrors.

2838 days ago


yeeeeeeeeah, so it was that station's technical difficulties? then what about her appearance on KTVU that same day? video here: that girl is drunk off her ASS!

2838 days ago


Isn't anyone EVER straightforward? "I did not have sex with that woman." "Iraq has WMDs." "I have never had plastic surgery." "I didn't mean what I said, I was just drunk." "Britney was just tired and fell asleep." "Paula was disoriented in a room by herself." Aww, come on! I, for one, am so tired of ridiculous and obviously ludicrous spin control stories that I could scream. WHY BOTHER? No one (please tell me no one) believes a word of it, anyway. When everyone from Presidents and politicians to celebrities to criminals lies and hires people to lie for them, no one can be believed anymore .. how would you ever know the truth? But what you DO know is what isn't true .. what OBVIOUSLY isn't true .. so here it is: Paula wasn't just 'disoriented,' Britney wasn't just tired, Michael Jackson HAS had plastic surgery (and so has Sophia Loren), there never were WMDs (and those who told us there were never actually believed there were), and Mel Gibson has deep-seated issues with Jews and with women regardless of whether he expresses them or not while blasted out of his mind. Stop, stop, stop with the stupid spin control, and just admit it when you're caught red-handed.

2838 days ago


I can't believe that Idol reps don't demand a drug test. She's always f'ed up on AI and practically every interview. She should be so embarrassed. Rehab should be her next stop.

2838 days ago


she did the same thing on good day la!!! she was totally cracked out!! scary!!!

2838 days ago


what is sarah jessica parker going to be doing at the golden globes she has been off of tv for years now i didnt know we had to look at that ugly face and big nose anymore she thinks she is beautiful the way she acts
she was so miserable to kim cattrell and kim cattrell had class, she was the one everyone tuned in for and that killed parker

2837 days ago


If I had to hang with Simon and Randy and listen to those freaks that think they can sing, I'd get ripped too.

2837 days ago



2837 days ago


C'mon you people... Danny Devito is drunk and foolish on the View after being up all night on a drunk and its cute, but Paula does the same thing and she needs intervention? so none of you ever drink? None of you haven't shown up for work a little worse for wear? Nothing like reading a bunch of hypocrites. I never even watch AI and don't plan to but most of you guys need to look in the mirror

2837 days ago
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