Paula Abdul is a Brat

1/11/2007 4:20 PM PST

Paula Abdul is a Brat

Everyone's favorite tween hussies are hitting the big screen.

That's right, come August 2007, "Bratz: The Movie," a live-action version of the creepy dolls, will indoctrinate a slew of unsuspecting young girls into the belief that empowerment comes from being ultra-skinny, wearing tight slutty clothes and piling on enough makeup and eyelashes to become card-carrying members of the Tammy Faye Fan Club.

Flighty American Idol judge Paula Abdul has been brought onboard as executive producer and will appear in the film in a major role. Paula will also put her fizzy dizziness to work in multiple creative areas, including music, choreography and fashion. It is unknown at this time whether or not Paula will have her eyes surgically altered to match the dolls.

Hide the children, the Bratz (and Paula) are coming.