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Gets Her Head Checked

1/16/2007 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie dumped her brown hair for a shade more stereotypically suited to her wrong-way driving.

The miniscule celeb slipped into a West Hollywood salon on Monday to blonde up her locks -- perhaps she needed a new look for a Golden Globes party ... or court.


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I sure hope that the finished product is much better that that. Still love ya Nicole.

2836 days ago

CrazY DiamonD    

OH No NICOLE!!! She looked great with dark hair. Much better than blonde. Oh well at least she's looking healthier lately, I like Nicole.

2836 days ago


Most people who are naturally brunette, look better that way. Sorry but blonde hair tends to make people's faces look washed out, which is why they NEED to wear so much make up and f*** up their skin, so later on down the road need cosmetic surgery.

2836 days ago

Peter Coffin    

The headline should be "Nicole Ritchie gets a retard haircut; likes."

2836 days ago


Nicole gets her head checked for fleas is more like it.

2836 days ago

Mad Balls    

Would love to have her do the Paris routine and keep our interests , good or bad , for the next year . The Photogs and gossip press may love Paris's antics but most of North America and parts of Alberta Island are frikin' tired of the HO . Dickhead . Nichole doesn't have the Google-this eye or the Floating down the Mississipi river Boat feet ..or even the ---is it a penis -- or maybe a fishing pole -- nose . My guess is that the thetons gave Paris the Nose from Tom to start the invasion from space . Poshs' TaTa 's are the first conquest . Dickheads .

2836 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

I think Nicole is absolutely Adorable ! and now that she's gained a few pounds * she looks even cuter :)

You look Great Nicole :)

2836 days ago


She is so fugly.
Who cares what color hair she has.
She is famous for nothing.
She is just self obsessed and shallow and uneducated.
Let's obsess over someone who deserves our attention, a musician, a writer, a director and actor..someone who has done something, who has a job. Some one that doesn't have a drug problem. She is a clown and we watch her every move because she is so screwed up.

2836 days ago

Great Dane    

This girl is shameful, first she's rail thin, then she's driving drunk......everyone makes jokes etc., but she needs some SERIOUS help......

People die, people's children die from foolish people like her......

She could dye her hair forest green, and I still wouldn't give a SH^T......

You can have a lot of money and fame, and still be a low life......

2836 days ago


Nasty Boil your stupid comments don't make any sense.

Whoever said that about blonde hair is an idiot. i have blonde hair and my skin looks younger than any of my dark skinned friends. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Nicole looks better with dark hair because she is black. Beyonce and Co. need to get a f***ing clue that they look stupid with the super light hair.

2836 days ago


Hey, that's Melissa-my former hair colorist!

2836 days ago


OMG, I know! She is my hair colorist too. Hi, Melissa! Melissa... Could you hear me? OMG, like. Aha.


2836 days ago


OMG! Her hair is so short. Those expensive weaves are pretty to look at but geez, look how much hair it pulls out. .

Hmm... I wonder what Beyonce looks like without her tresses?

2835 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Even though I think she's a waste of space, Nicole Richie is a striking girl, no matter what her hair color.

To kd: and people say BLONDES are ditzes!! Let me clue you in on something. Sun damage, not the use of make-up, accelerates the aging of skin. Many natural blondes like myself are fair-skinned and aware of our increased risk of skin cancer, so we make fast friends with the SPF. The result? Less wrinkles. Younger skin.

I'm not even going to tell you hold old I am, Honey, but let's just say plenty old enough to buy wine, but somehow I still get carded almost every time. Oh, and no I've never had Botox, etc.

2835 days ago


Nicole Richie is white trash, without makeup she looks like a 60 year old. Whoever made that comment about blonde hair is partially right. Blonde hair makes women look cheap, and they don't really know that. Some blondes have pale skin, and they look terrible because there isn't enough of a contrast with hair and skin, it looks very weird.

2835 days ago
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