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What Was in Paula's Cup?

1/17/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did Paula Abdul have a few -- or several -- to help her get through the endless agony of listening to screeching "American Idol" contestants?

Last week, the "Idol" judge appeared on FOX stations to promote the show, and there was enough slurring, giggling, and wackiness to satisfy affiliates from Alabama to Washington; a condition Paula described as being in her "own little world." Then, last night on the season premiere of "Idol," we noticed that there was plenty of attention paid to Paula and her liquid consumption, and in one exchange with her colleagues, she conspicuously weaved to and fro.

So, was Paula in her own, booze-soaked "little world" again? You decide.

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Great post, #20. I really hope that someone at AI has the guts to speak up to the powers-that-be, get her the help she needs, hold her spot open, and have her come back the way much healthier than she is right now. To do anything less is to not care about Paula and continue to enable her sickness, whatever it may be.

2780 days ago


Note to Paula: You should have listened more carefully to what Nancy Reagan used to always preach: "Just Say NO!" (or maybe you just need to find yourself a better drug-of choice) You are a major train wreck just waiting to happen... LOL

2780 days ago


I don't think she has the same thing as Michael J. Fox. I f she did, it would be better to admit it than to have people think you're always tiddlely. I have MS. and when it decides to make an appearance I put on my t-shirt that says '' I'm not drunk. I have MS.'' Saves a lot speculation.

2780 days ago


After watching Paula last night, I think she has a medical problem wrong with her. She was swaying like Michael J Fox. She couldn't sit still. I wouldn't be surprised if they announce soon that she has MS or the beginnings of Parkinsons....I mean she's got the slurred speech and the constant moving of the body. That's my thought.

2780 days ago

I like em young    

true story: my friend took paula home from the bar in L.A during the summer. he said she gets off one being taking dumps on her chest and then feeding it to her

2780 days ago


yea....yea...Paula has issues and don't we all?! We were told last season or two season's ago about the horrendous back pain and that she was and most likely still is taking pain pills! But it would seem that for the tapings of AI she could pace herself somewhat better and not act like she's going to fall or roll out of her chair! However it does appear that she's drunk from the way she's slurping down her "Coke" so fast...more so than if it was just "cotton mouth" from the pain meds.

It may be "entertaining" for us to watch but is it really something the teens and younger should be seeing each week?! Granted kids see worse but does it need to be shoved down their throats each week....yea it's okay to take mass doses of pain meds and/or get plastered 'cause your back hurts?!

Paula wouldn't be that hard to replace...she's not as much a corner stone in the judges circle as she once was! I remember she was a Lakers cheerleader and went on to choreography and dance....but didn't she have just the one hit wonder during her singing career?! With just the one hit...I often wondered what she was doing there 'cept for eye candy!

2780 days ago


I have the same nerve disorder that Paula does and I am also on pain medication, one of which is Vicadon. I am on very high doses of these medications, along with several others for this disorder and I DO NOT act like this....I grew up with an alcoholic mother and these are clearly signs of being drunk....not pain killers.

2780 days ago


What's the big deal? I'd have to be wasted if I had to listen to all that yelling.

2780 days ago


Paula definately needs HELP , it's a shame for her to humiliate herself like this , someone close to her / or the American Idol Bosses really need to step in . This went on all last season also , we thought maybe during the off- season she would get some help . Our Prayers are there for her . Concerned IDOL FANS !!!!

2780 days ago

Mad Balls    

Personally , I would love to get Paula and Kim , paris's friend , together with the Nasty . Just think of all that water Paula has to pass ! Dickhead . Come on. Paula , keep it for after the show . Hell , I'll get drunk with you and pretend to be a Contestant if that will help . You're the kinda sexy Lush I would love to meet in a bar ... but not at Work ! Dickhead .

2779 days ago


Do you think she is suffering from Parkinson disease? She acts like
Michale J. Fox did when he was first diagnosed.

2779 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

A lot of posters have me believing that it's more likely that Paula has MS than her being on pills and/or booze. I never thought of that possibilty until reading a few of the posts. I think Simon would have fired Paula Abdul had she repeatedly been intoxicated and/or on heavy duty pain meds. Paula has repeatedly said that Simon has stood up for her with the shows producers etc when her integrity has come into question.

I think there is a huge probability that Paula may be ill, if this is the case, this is no laughing matter.

2779 days ago


She was definitley on something, whether it was drugs or booze who knows. She should be fired.

2779 days ago


Anyone who has to go on tv and run to a magazine to explain away thier bizzare behavior is so full of pills and booze and is in need of help. She is only hurting herself by living in denial.

2779 days ago


LOL! Number 47! :)

2779 days ago
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