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American Idol Wannabe Already Has a Record

1/18/2007 5:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas DanielsBefore he wowed Simon, Paula and Randy during last night's "American Idol," Thomas Daniels took his fair share of punishment from real judges over several criminal charges, including drunk driving.

TMZ has unearthed legal documents which reveal that in 2004, Daniels was convicted of DUI in Clackamas, Oregon. The 21-year-old, who was the first wannabe to get the green light from the "AI" crew on last night's show, pled guilty and was sentenced to a one-year alcohol diversion program and a $680 fine. Daniels also attended eight AA meetings and saw a counselor once a week for two months. After the completing his DUI sentence, the incident was wiped from Daniels' record.

TMZ spoke exclusively with Daniels who said, in reference to his DUI, "I was young and dumb and drinking and driving."

In December 2005, Daniels was arrested again; this time for hit and run. He failed to appear in court for the arraignment, so Daniels was rearrested. TMZ could not find the disposition of the hit and run. Daniels called the incident "another young and dumb situation."

When asked if he disclosed his criminal past to "American Idol" producers, Daniels had no comment.


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2832 days ago



why don't you hold your horses the auditions are continuing and we don't even know if he'll make it into the top whatever! !!!

jumping the gun a bit and besides how lame are you to pick on a normal person for something he did when he was young.

you suck!!!

2832 days ago


Already trying to ruin the guys career and he's not even famous yet. Jeez Louise TMZ!

2832 days ago


This is hardly dirt. What do you have on the other 15000 wannabes that showed up for auditions. Get a job TMZ!!!!!!!!

2832 days ago


No kidding Merz, I was trying to make the point that digging up so called "dirt" (and really, it was purged from his record and he made his ammends) on someone that is trying to make a career for themselves is just spiteful. And their so called "uncovered" information is public record. I can pull up Levin's mortgage right now if I wanted to. Who wants to know how much he paid for his house?......Exactly.

2832 days ago


who cares paris and nicole do it y not everyone get on the road intoxicated and play bumper cars. then just u guys in hollywood that have been caught can have at it but keep it in your road

2832 days ago

Shirley (MiraBai)    

Namaste, baby!
Listen....with these guys....NO good news!

I wouldn't be surprised if his promoter did this just to get his name in the press and on Internet right after the show! And what is worked!

What is the saying? "Bad better publicity"!

2832 days ago

Little Titty    

Man--I wonder if he has a sex tape? I bet he has a big afro penis bush too.

2832 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Everyone who is employed by TMZ is scum. The hack writers and annoying photographers always in people's faces. All the lies and stories blown way out of fact fear of lawsuits for slander..every day they dish up more fresh garbage and new sleazy fotos. They have brought journalism to a new low and still have no shame.

GOD I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2832 days ago


Every year AI has a thug with a record that is then made public to the world then 5 minutes later everyone forgets about them. He sounds like a REAL nice guy hit and run. What a pillar in the community.

2832 days ago


Who cares about this foolish drunken turd?

2832 days ago

Jack Frost    

"After the completing his DUI sentence, the incident was wiped from Daniels' record."

What part of that don't you assholes understand?
Your headline is false. He doesn't have a record, since the DUI was "wiped".

He's square with the system. He's been penalized for his wrongdoing. The DA obviously was satisfied that his "debt to society" was paid in full. Why can't you leave it at that? How do you sleep at night?

Leave the guy alone. Jeez.

2832 days ago


So what.

y a w n

(Oh please Lord. Make American Idol disappear)

2832 days ago

george vieto    

Another season of the Rolling Stones are orange juice drinkers by comparison to Thomas Daniels rap sheet. Have fun Paula, Randy and Simon handling these jokers. Hee hee hee.

2832 days ago


Some of you people posting need to get a better vocabulary. There are much better words to use in the English language rather than profanity. Be creative, will ya????

I liked this guy when he auditioned. I hope he is trying to better his life. Bo Bice had a record for cocaine use, and he turned his life around. He became a Christian, married his girlfriend, became a daddy, donated his house to a couple that lost theirs in Hurricane Katrina, and has been involved in a lot of charity work since his stint on AI. He made some mistakes but turned his life around.

I hope Thomas does well. The Hollywood tryouts are killers - they make or break a singer, so we'll see how he does.

2832 days ago
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