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ABC "Greatly Dismayed" by Isaiah's Outburst

1/18/2007 6:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah WashingtonABC has gotten around to responding to Isaiah Washington's use of a gay slur at the Golden Globes, and, no, they're not at all happy about it.

The ABC statement, first reported by TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, reads, "We have a long standing policy to create and maintain respectful workplaces for all our employees. We dealt with the original situation in October, and thought the issue resolved. Therefore, we are greatly dismayed that Mr. Washington chose to use such inappropriate language at the Golden Globes, that he himself deemed 'unfortunate' in his previous public apology. We take this situation very seriously, and his actions are unacceptable and are being addressed."

Washington said he had "never" called gay castmate T.R. Knight "a faggot" after Monday's Golden Globes. Knight told Ellen DeGeneres that he had, in fact, heard Washington use the term during a scuffle with Patrick Dempsey on the set of "Grey's Anatomy."

It is unclear when the network will make a decision on Washington's future on the show.


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should have use the word "fudge packer" instead

2836 days ago


he still sucks!

ABC doesn't have to worry that they'll lose me as a viewer . . .because I don't even watch the show!

love Tina Fey!!!

2836 days ago


ABC...can him...ASAP! Totally unacceptable. I will be forced to reevaluate my decision to watch Grey's should he not be terminated.

2836 days ago


Fire his ass.

2836 days ago


I am not going to let that liar Washington ruin one of my favorite shows..I will still watch it...but I hope he gets fired and that he learns a lesson in the truth and also in being a better person!

2836 days ago


a faggot knows a faggot - I agree with Kae - fire his ass

2836 days ago


Do you want him to be fired because he is a black man or because he used the word faggot. People us ugly words when they are angry. Is it right? No! But does he deserve to be fired. No! If t.knight is gay. He is going to hear that word alot more in his life time. Get over it. They both need to grow up. Calling names is so kindergarden!!

2836 days ago

Zero von Rotten    

ABC should totally fire McBigot already!

2836 days ago


Gisele, there's something called acting like an adult -- especially on national TV -- at the Golden Globes. Calling somene a faggot is completely uncalled for, I don't care if you are gay or not. He has made himself look like a childish and immature. His personality obviously sucks and doesn't deserve to be on that show. I personally don't think he's all THAT great anyway. He's definitely replaceable.

2836 days ago


i think he is a great actor and i can't imagine anyone else in the part in grey's anatomy. i wish he would apologize and learn from this and move on.

2836 days ago

Hot Carl    

He just calls him like he sees em.... that dude IS a FAGGOT!!

I personally woulda used the term Ass Pirate, Cockmaster or Turd buglar... but that's just me....

2836 days ago


Who cares what he said? If ABC wants to be so anal, maybe they should fire Knight for his questionable morals. No one watches these shows because of what the actors do or say in their privite lives. If a show is good, people will watch. Get over it, faggots!

2836 days ago


I just love how african-american's can get away with saying ANYTHING they want about anyone!!. Come on peeps you KNOW its true!!.Fire his ass to make a point!.People don't like to be made fun of or called names, regardless of race,creed,religion etc.,Not just the black people!!!!.oops..."african-america's"

2836 days ago

Zero von Rotten    

It's because of people like you, Jenny, that the US is such a sad place to live in.

Go step in traffic already.

2836 days ago


You are right. It is very immature to call someone names. No one wants to be called out of their name. But does it have to be so horrible to get on Ellen and talk about someone calling you a faggot to get you fired from your job. I have gay friends and they know the names that people call them. Get over it already. He should say he is sorry and let's get on with the show. Of course he was going to talk about it with Ellen. Geeze.

2836 days ago
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