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Anna Nicole Running Scared Over Baby

1/22/2007 7:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAs tomorrow's deadline looms for the DNA test to establish the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, TMZ has learned Smith's lawyers are furiously working to halt the test.

Sources tell TMZ that Smith's lawyers are now arguing that the order requiring the test was never brought before a Bahamian judge. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered the test, but Smith's lawyers now say it's not binding until a Bahamian judge gives it a stamp of approval.

Sources also tell TMZ that Anna Nicole's lawyers are trying to block the test on grounds that the United States DNA lab hired by Larry Birkhead, the man claiming to be the father of little Dannielynn, cannot legally administer the test because its technicians don't have work permits for the Bahamas.

Despite her public statements that she has nothing to hide, Ms. Smith is going to great lengths to block the DNA test.


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Mary Rod    

Well I do not think it is Howards baby because if it was they wouldnt have nothing to hide and end it all and have the DNA Test. I am saddened by Anna's death and cant believe it but she has made so many bad choices that her life was a mess because of her and howard. where was howard her lawyer asking her to change her will! for her babys sake. I hope it is larry's baby and he can take the baby away from anna/howards madness! I cannt wait til they take the test! I do believe someting doesnt add up with daniels death. as a freind said he never ever drank or did any drugs! I do believe he gave him the methodine and hope they prove it! while I feel sorry anna died so young and I believe she was so broken after daniels dealth she caused alot of pain in her own life..NOW Her mom should stay the heck out of it! she has no right to even think about taking anna back to texas to be buried. you could tell from tv interviews she dispised her mom and she wanted to be buried next to daniel. I do hope howard wins over her and he can get her body and follow thru on anna's wishes. the mom has no right to a thing! she should go home! her family wasnt there for her in the past and even if her mom knew howard was so evil they should of TRIED to intervien and now she sits in court crying making like she cared so much for her daughter and daniel when she didnt even see daniel for 10 years nor anna! It makes me sick to think she has any rights! I hope this will end soon and it turns out larry is the father, howards follows anna's wishes and howard needs to get a real job now and support himself ! I hope he doesnt get one dime from her estate! thanks for listening

2772 days ago


gosh I hope stern is the father.

2799 days ago

You Know    

That is one scary photo. I jumped back.

2799 days ago


Am I the only one on the planet, that thinks stern gave her son the drugs that led him to his passing, only so that he (stern) could have anna nicole and the new baby (that he is NOT the father of) all to himself. Stern is as crazy as she is, but he is smart enough to keep her drugged up. he controls her with drugs, stern may even drug her,without her knowing it. bottom line, we know the baby is not his, but how long before charges are brought up on him for playing a role in daniels death?? he is a nut job and keeping her away from the public. I hope Larry Birkhead is able to get his dtr away from that psycho lawyer and druggie anna nicole

2799 days ago


First off, I liked her better when she was fat, second, everyone knows that it's Larry Jerkheads baby! I think Anna, along with losing all that weight, as lost her mind as well. I think she should just stop running and face the music!

2799 days ago

chi chi    

she's going to such drastic measures (while she has no money to pay these lawyers) because she knows the truth and by doing so now we do too.
I still want to know why Howard gave her kid methadone, that's why she was screaming (witnessed) when Daniel was dying 'you did this' to HS in the hospital room. How can she even look at him?

2799 days ago


WHY the f*** would the paternity test order NEED to go before a BAHIMIAN JUDGE if ANNA (and that mongrel HKS, who claims to be the father) is an AMERICAN citizen? Is it because Daniellyn was born in the Bahamas and thus considered a Bahamian citizen? Is that why Anna had her baby out of the country?

Can anyone make sense of this sh*t? Wise old Owl, Diego Chick?

2799 days ago


Yeah, it's too bad that baby has to grow up with Anna Nicole for a mom. There's so much documentation of her various meltdowns and just weird behavior. Imagine reading all that stuff about your mom when you're a teenager! Anna Nicole should just give up, admit who the real father is, try to strike a deal with him for custody and visitation, and get on with things. Dragging this out is ridiculous and makes her look really dumb.

2799 days ago


Well we all know what a great influence she was on her son Daniel!

2799 days ago


Why the f*** does the paternity test order need to go before and be approved by a BAHAMIAN JUDGE? Is it because Daniellyn was born in the Bahamas, thus making her citizen of the Bahamas? This sounds so stupid!!

And another thing---why do the test takers need a frickin' work permit to obtain DNA samples?? What a bunch of sh*t this is!

2799 days ago


just like school in class

2799 days ago


With everything she is trying to do (or her lawyers are trying to do ) sure is telling just how scared she is to have this test done.

I read somewhere that she's also being sued by another law firm for non payment of services....

What a skank! Her boyfriend is just a bad as she is... AND he's a lawyer!

2799 days ago

Oh cmon Anna...just admit that Larry's the father so this whole ordeal can be over. And please become a female mud wrestler.

2799 days ago


You know Anna, you are truly a bimbo. You're wasting money and time postponing this test. The world knows Birkhead is the father...I hope he takes you to the bank and back many fact, I hope he gets custody of his daughter.

Stupid girl you are.

2799 days ago


Anna Nicole Smith = Freaky Deaky

2799 days ago
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