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Anna Nicole Running Scared Over Baby

1/22/2007 7:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAs tomorrow's deadline looms for the DNA test to establish the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, TMZ has learned Smith's lawyers are furiously working to halt the test.

Sources tell TMZ that Smith's lawyers are now arguing that the order requiring the test was never brought before a Bahamian judge. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered the test, but Smith's lawyers now say it's not binding until a Bahamian judge gives it a stamp of approval.

Sources also tell TMZ that Anna Nicole's lawyers are trying to block the test on grounds that the United States DNA lab hired by Larry Birkhead, the man claiming to be the father of little Dannielynn, cannot legally administer the test because its technicians don't have work permits for the Bahamas.

Despite her public statements that she has nothing to hide, Ms. Smith is going to great lengths to block the DNA test.


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What do you want to bet that she drowns her baby rather than submit her to a DNA test? She's a frickin' lunatic.

2794 days ago


The bahamas are a US territory so why should they need work persits to draw some blood. That is the dumbest thing I have heard. She needs to grow up and quit lying about all this. In the end it will only hurt the little girl (who did NOT pick her for her mother)

2794 days ago


That makes no sense...
she was ordered to return to the States with baby in tow...why the hell does the Bahamas Gov't matter?
she's hiding something

2794 days ago


She's just digging a hugh 6' hole for herself with all this ! The writing is on the wall...She will eventually end up losing that baby forever and be forbidden to ever see her again.....Good Work Anna & Peckerface....The Train Wreck in ready to come crashing thru !! Hope you like Orange Jump Suits !!!!!!!!!!!!

2794 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

yea shes scared,thats her meal ticket,no baby means no child support,she will have to pay,wouldnt that be great,shes a ding bat,how stupid can one hoe be?

2794 days ago

Unbelievable? NOT REALLY    

Her IQ is showing in this only took one finger to show it...The truth is coming Anna

2794 days ago


First from what I heard Stern is gay. Second Tmz reported earlier that her lawyers where trying to freeze her assets because she owned them money. Now there trying to stop the test. Is all this bullshxx a scam. How about the right story. Also is she still living in that guys house. I thoght she was evicted. TMZ how about getting the right story.

2794 days ago


Anna Nicole seems really screwed up. Maybe the reason she doesn't want the DNA test is because Daniel is the baby's father!

2794 days ago


Can anyone say she's dragging her feet because that Larry guy IS the father and she knows it, she's beyond a freak show joke now. God just do the test and let it be, a Q-Tip to the baby's cheek is not gonna hurt her....she is so unbelieveable it's rediculous I'm sick of hearing about this sorry excuse for a person....I bet she and her "husband" did have something to do with her son's death, why get married, because they can't testify against each other.

2794 days ago


Hello! I agree with #17 comment. Why isn't Howard Stern under investigation? Maybe he is. It is so obvious and I wander why you don't hear about that statement incriminating Howard anymore. It seems like all of a sudden, after Daniels death, Howard looked scared to death on Larry King saying he was the father and Anna has him on a boat "committing" to him. Who knows maybe she is using him now, but she needs to dump him and come back to the states.

2794 days ago


John...ANS isn't even good enough for mud wrestling !!! I think her punishment should be digging graves for 20 year olds who have died from their mother's in-house pharmacy at the hands of the so-called BOYFRIEND (Peckerface)...for life and in an orange jumpsuit, not designer cloth !!!!!!!!!!!! I have no sympathy for that piece of no good for nothing crap that she is !!!!

2794 days ago


To # 3: What happened to her face, you ask? I think a Train ran over it !! She just gets uglier and uglier, doesn't she !!!

2794 days ago

the wise old owl we go again. I knew Ron Rale was trying to STALL this by claiming that it has to go before a Bahamain Judge. After it was already proven that jurisdiction was the US. Her entire entourage have No ethics or morals and they live by their own set of rules. It's just all a bunch of BS. I hope they all get convicted of something. They have it coming

Eventually ANS will have to comply or else face drastic measures. She can keep on running .........but she can't HIDE. The media is on her Ass... 24/7. She has that public Inquest into her son's death LOOMING over her now, too. When the hell will she ever learn ?

For once I just wish she would " do the right thing " Who ever is giving her advise should be "FIRED " !!! HKS is worthless and so is Ron Rale. She needs to get proper council, step up to the plate and do what she is obligated to do. Everyone is so sick of her nonsense. Her priorities are all screwed up and she needs HELP. It's so OBVIOUS she doesn't want the IDENTITY OF THE BABY to be revealed. Just what is she HIDING? It really makes you go HMMMM????. All she is doing is bringing NEGATIVE attention to herself. I hope she pays for all the lies and her past actions that have caused others HARM.... A little justice here would be nice. I see it coming soon. There's just too many people now who WILL NOT LET HER GET AWAY with what everyone else has to abide by.

I can't stand people who think they are above the Law and don't have to live up to Society's Standards. F*** Um and the high horse they road in on. They will all have plenty of questions to answer at the Inquest. I will be front row , center.....when that takes place. I can't wait to see the Lia's start to SWEAT. Karma is a bitch.

2794 days ago


I think we all expected this that they would come up with Lame excuses as to why she doesn't have follow the Cal. Courts order to produce the baby for the paternity test.

Just another way Vickie Lynn and Howie try to be above the laws and to be able to pimp Dannilynn out to the highest bidder for pics for more money .

Lets face it Nobody wants pics of Vickie Lynn shes washed up.

2794 days ago


she'll miss the deadline - get a bench warrent - and they'll send dog the bounty hunter to bring her in...

of course larry's the dad. she's so f***ed.

2794 days ago
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