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Anna Nicole Running Scared Over Baby

1/22/2007 7:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAs tomorrow's deadline looms for the DNA test to establish the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, TMZ has learned Smith's lawyers are furiously working to halt the test.

Sources tell TMZ that Smith's lawyers are now arguing that the order requiring the test was never brought before a Bahamian judge. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered the test, but Smith's lawyers now say it's not binding until a Bahamian judge gives it a stamp of approval.

Sources also tell TMZ that Anna Nicole's lawyers are trying to block the test on grounds that the United States DNA lab hired by Larry Birkhead, the man claiming to be the father of little Dannielynn, cannot legally administer the test because its technicians don't have work permits for the Bahamas.

Despite her public statements that she has nothing to hide, Ms. Smith is going to great lengths to block the DNA test.


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I do not think there is a law that can force this lady to prove he is or is not the biological father of the recent child she gave birth to. And she is not married to this man and it does not matter if she was married legally to him prior or not which I have never heard was the case either, stick that finger up kid!

2800 days ago


owl, who died and made you god? I hope you never make mistakes, and have someone call you on it. Geez, you act like you know these people personally, I will be sure to pass your comments by in the future. And all you other unsensitive ass holes. Now I know why I don't read this trash!

2800 days ago


Appearently you haven't been readin g much on this case The Cal. courts says Larry has the right to know if he is the Father and has ordered her to have the test done.

It takes 2 to have a child and like it or not both parents have the right to know if this is their child not just Vickie Lynn.

This child was not an emaculate conception.

2800 days ago


Anna Nicole: you obviously have a nasty secret...some hideous fact that DNA will expose...and now have found yourself "cornered." You don't need a need serious help, possibly psychiatric. Without it, the morons you surround yourself with, will eat you alive, and send you to the gutter. You'll be yesterday's garbage and those morons will take you for every penny you have. Stand tall, and alone if need be, and fight this baby/father stuff. You have people on your side...but it's up to YOU. Actions speak louder than words.

2800 days ago


I feel sorry for that poor baby. To have Anna for a mother that is like being cursed.

2800 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

She's a stupid, drama queen. Everything she does she has to play out in the media, just like those morons Britney Spears & Paris Hilton. If she didn't have people with cameras taking her picture, she'd have nothing to hold onto. What a hollow, mindless moron...

2800 days ago


I am surprised her lawyers havent made motions to quash this in court based on ANS' right to privacy. I was thoroughly expecting to hear that they would have filed some sort of papers, or dragged in the ACLU on her behalf screaming about her RIGHTS. Because we all know that in the US, an ADULT has more rights than a CHILD (said sarcastically), so ANS' "rights to privacy" would have come before Dannielynn's right to know who her real father is (or LB's right to know if his sperm resulted in this child). Because any revelation could show what HO ANS really is.
Would the Bahamas extradite someone for contempt (in a US court) for failing to allow a paternity test? Sorry if its a dumb question, I just have no idea myself.

2800 days ago


Honey it seems if you have nothing to hide .. why go to such great lengths to not have the DNA test done... Makes you wonder.... what is the problem.. I really feel sorry for the little girl What kind of life with this poor girl have.. Look what happened to her brother.... Living with Nicole is unhealthy... Just DO IT AND GET IT OVER WITH !

2800 days ago


everyone knows Anna is actually Brittney's Mother!!

2799 days ago


The Bahamas are not part of the US. The US Virgin Islands are. Sweet can one not know this about one's own country?? That baby is pure Anglo-Saxon!! Has anyone seen the nose on that lawyer of hers?? That baby has a tiny little button nose ala Tabitha from 'Bewitched', and her real dad Larry. The poor girl, two dips for parents. Use a Trojan people!!

2799 days ago


#90: She's under court order for DNA testing...CA Superior Court...that's the "law." She can't just decide she wants to or doesn't wanna. Choice isn't hers to make.

It matters whether they were legally married. Legally married, you cannot be forced to testify against each other. "Commitment ceremony/not legally married/she promises to love, honor and obey Howie"=testify=no legal immunity.

2799 days ago


For someone who claims she has nothing to hide, she sure is going to alot of trouble to keep from having this test done. I've always thought she was a trampy bimbo, but the way she's acting now is even worse. That baby deserves to know who her real father is whether Anna wants to admit it or not. Deep down she knows who the babys father is and it seems to me that she just doesn't want the rest of the world to know. Grow up Anna. Think of your daughter and not yourself. I know it's something your not used to doing, but it's what a true mother would do.

2799 days ago

audrey howard    

please please please people. who gives a sh*t really who anna nicole's baby daddy is. honestly. do you care? if you can honestly tell me you care then you need to GET A FRIGGEN LIFE. leave the woman alone, she just lost her son, apparenly none of you Stalk-a-rozzis understand what loosing a child does to you, and you need to be slapped across the face so h ard that your head spins and finally lands in a different direction that you just go with. LEAVE ANNA ALONE!

2799 days ago


Watch it turn out that her son is the baby's daddy! The death was an attempt to cover it up

2799 days ago


#12- The Bahamas are NOT a US territory. They are their own country!

2799 days ago
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