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Lil' Disaster

1/22/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil' Kim strutted the green carpet of the CW Winter TCA Party, unfortunately it was her new look that had faces turning green -- and not with envy.

It's common for the Queen Bee to bare a lot of skin, but this seaside cowgirl outfit, bubbled jewelry and piled hair combo should have been left behind bars.

Kim's outlandish style usually receives kudos for creativity, but this getup only gets gasps.


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Lil Kim is still the queen in my opinion. she has overcome personal adversity which many people could not deal with. I would like to know how some of these people who are making comments would deal with jail time. Sometimes strength of character is shown in other ways than how one dresses or by their weight. Remember, what goes around comes around. Life is a series of lessons, and we will all have to learn

2838 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Big tits and little feet, a hit in anyman league!

2838 days ago


They're running this show for eight weeks instead of Veronica Mars. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE. What a horrible, horrible show for little girls to look up to.

2838 days ago


OMG! tmz, could you give us a warning before posting pictures like this?geesh!

2838 days ago


hahahahahahahaha.....this dummy looks like Britney off of Alvin and the Chipmunks....i bet she'll look like joycelyn wildenstein in 2 yrs...don't know who that is? google her and prepare to be

2838 days ago


Wow, you people are unreal; it appears that you all have some serious issues if you're going to get so riled up over what lil' kim is wearing. Possibly you should put some of that effort into learning how to spell and/or a more understanding attitude since I'm sure you're all not fashionistas, thin, or all that reserved.

2837 days ago

real reppin hiphop    

kim is hot, she's worked hard over the past 11 years, bicthes show her some respect!! we cant see u who r posting, im sure u all look a hot a mess behind a keyboard, do yall actually think kim gives a f*** about what u loser ass bloogers have 2 say?? hell 2 the no, cause she still doing her as u can c, hate her or love her she here 2 stay!!!!! she' no worst than that talentless trash paris hilton, or britney spears.... and oh juss because she had some work doesnt mean that she wants 2 become a saltine cracker!! get a life people

2835 days ago

real reppin hiphop    

kim is doing her thing, overcoming obstacles, now what i find to be the trashiest thing that ever hit television is paris hilton, and why does the media praise this trash? she has had a silver spoon in her mouth from day 1, and she still hasn't learned to wear panties, she makes lil' kim look like mother theresa, atleast kim has a few excuses on why she's vulger.....and just because she had work done doesnt mean she wants 2 be WHITE.....what type of example is media setting for young girls when they aire trashy hilton?? exactly, and all of your comments are so superficial, kims deeper than her look!!!! sounds like people mad cause she's a rich black woman!!!!!

2835 days ago


You people are CRAZY...she's gained some weight and you guys call her "big", "ugly", and in one case "EWWWW"? It is one thing to not like her outfit, but anytime a woman gains ANY amount of weight, people-MOST of them women-are DISGUSTED by them! SHAME ON YOU!!! It's hard as hell keep your weight stable, especially for women, and I for one thinks she looks awesome! She's tiny, less than five feet tall, and at that height even five pounds can change your look sometimes. She's talented as hell, way more talented than any MALE rapper nowadays, and THAT'S what really matters!

2830 days ago
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