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Anna's New Crib -- Welcome to Fort Smith

1/23/2007 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's not the worst place in the Bahamas, but you probably won't be seeing Anna Nicole Smith's new island home on "Cribs."
Anna's Digs
TMZ has obtained video of Anna's new digs; a house she purchased with the money she made by selling her story to an entertainment TV show.

It's definitely a step down from where she's currently living -- the house of former lover, G. Ben Thompson, who is trying to evict her. Anna went to court, arguing that Thompson gave her the house outright as a gift, but a judge didn't buy it.

Now that Anna officially owns a house, immigration may get off her case and let her stay in the Bahamas. She needs to own a crib to qualify.


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Hey! Anna said she didn't have a sexual relationship with the old guy!

So..doesn't that mean they never consummated their marriage?

Don't you need to do that in order to claim all the other stuff? Like money! Maybe not.......Ewwww...................

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2796 days ago


You call THAT a tour?

2796 days ago


To # 1: That was a horrible video...I sure agree on that !

2796 days ago

Great Dane    


So she had sex with that old man, stayed by his side till he died, fought with his family for years, hit rock bottom.......did an add for TrimSpa, got her body back....married the murderer of her son......and she's STILL WHITE, she basically did all of her nude shots, old man sex....for nothing.....


2796 days ago


PLEASE respect my privacy!!!
those nasty papparizies are trying to take Pictures of me and my VERY BUSTY daughter Danielynn!!!!


2796 days ago


It is WRONG that ANS still has permanent (LIFETIME) residency in the Bahamas.
This is allowing her to prolong the DNA testing and paternity case, and allowing her to hide from facing justice in the U.S..

She fraudulently received permanent residency under the FALSE representation that she owned the Horizons home (not the new home). The residency permit she received wrongly should be REVOKED immediately, and she should be forced to Reapply for residency based on ownership of the “new” home, and have a police background check done on her, and prove that she has enough money to "reside without working", because she does not have a work permit. (BTW.... HKS has NO residency permit at all).

She STILL does not meet all of the residency requirements, even if she owns a home worth more than $ 500,000. We cannot let this matter get ignored.

Everyone concerned about this, and who want to try to help Dannielynn -- WRITE to the Bahamian Department of Immigration to demand that this Injustice be corrected.

Sample letter:
Ministry of Immigration, Labour and Training
Director of Immigration
Mr. Vernon Burrows
Post Office Building
East Hill St.
P.O. Box N 3008
Nassau, N.P., Bahamas
Phone (242) 323-7814
FAX (242) 325-1920
email –

Dear Director Burrows,

Anna Nicole Smith aka Vickie Lynn Marshall, was wrongfully granted permanent residency status, without the right to work, on September 11, 2006, and it should be REVOKED immediately. Her application for economic permanent residency as a foreigner, was based on ownership of a home valued at over $ 500,000.

The permit was granted based on her “home ownership” of the Eastern Road “Horizons” home. She NEVER had legal title to this home. The conveyance was never stamped or recorded in Ms. Smith’s name, obviously leaving the process incomplete. No proof of Ms. Smith’s ownership of this home was ever submitted to the Immigration Department. Ben Thompson is the sole owner of the home. The permit should be REVOKED on this ground primarily.

The sale of land to a foreigner (Ms. Smith) was never registered and no certificate of registration under the International Persons Landholding Act 1993 was obtained by Ms. Smith. The deed could not be recorded without such a deed of registration. This registration certificate was NOT provided by Ms. Smith, to the Immigration Department as proof of ownership of the home.

Regardless of any alleged improper relationship between Minister Gibson and a private individual seeking permanent residency, and who received the $ 10,000 cheque, and where and when …. The permanent residency permit should be REVOKED because all of the residency requirements were NOT met at the time of the application for such.

Anna Nicole Smith does NOT meet the good moral character requirement, and a thorough police background check was not done before granting the residency permit. Ms. Smith was allowed to submit an Affidavit attesting to her own good moral character instead of having an independent background search done.

Ms. Smith does NOT have enough money to be able to reside “without working”, and she was not granted a work permit. It is publicly known that she is not currently employed and is making money by selling photos and interviews, and is not paying her bills, and that she is waiting to win millions in a California court case, which could take several more years to reach a conclusion, and may end in her receiving no money at all.

Under no definition of the term, can Ms. Smith be considered an “investor”, or a fit and proper person to be given the privileged status of permanent residency in the Bahamas.

The issue cannot be swept under the rug, and hidden behind an illusion of “administrative efficiency” in fast tracking this residency application, while sidestepping and omitting important application requirements.

One set of rules was applied for “celebrities” (Ms. Smith) and another for Bahamians. It is obviously very wrong that Anna Nicole Smith has permanent (LIFETIME) residency in the Bahamas, while more deserving Bahamians cannot get this same privilege.

I am asking that your office REVOKE the permanent residency permit of Anna Nicole Smith immediately, and make right a grievous wrong.

cc: Prime Minister Christie Perry
cc: Minister Shane Gibson

2796 days ago


Anna has an 8th grade education.

But watch her get away with EVERYTHING. She will get the Bahamian citizenship. You know she's not going to end up taking that DNA test or answering for her son's death from her drugs or trying to steal that house or never paying anyone or for using Dannilynn to make money or for doing methadone while pregnant.

She is a great argument for dropping out of junior high.

2796 days ago

the wise old owl    

Instead of " MOVING ON UP "............she is going DOWN. Good ! Now she will get a taste of what her actions are starting to bring her. This is only the begining. The tip of the iceberg so to speak.

Her lies and indecent bahavior are coming back at her like a boomarang. Just like CHERYL said .........." I hope the next terrible hurricane or storm washes her lying ass right out to sea. When she gets a taste of the 1st storm out there ....she will come running back to CA. ( I am keeping my fingers crossed that HKS will be out sailing when the bad wheather hits. Hopefully the waters will be infested with sharks and there will be a giant hole in his boat. HA HA .......LOL

2796 days ago


Well, soon her new digs will be an 8 by 8 cell with bars after she is found to be guilty of being an accessory to the murder of her son....which she is currently under investigation for, in addition to the fraud she has committed by living in someone elses home rent free and for deceaving the world of the real identity of her baby's father. Lies, lies, lies....get out. She is so dumb, along with her legal advisor, aka Baby's Daddy wanna be, aka pretend husband Howard, that they actually think their retarded asses are above the law. And where in the hell did Howard get his Law Degree from....a Cracker Jack Box.

That bimbo is so far gone. She had a screw loose before she hit the drugs. Now there's nothin left up in the noggin of hers. You can dress up a piece of sh*t....put underneath it is still a piece of sh*t.

2796 days ago


Exactly WHY is Anna Nicole Smith "famous?"

2796 days ago


Maybe one of the locals will hop the fence and do her in! If they got angry enough, they could always throw rocks through the windows. ARRRGGG ... I'm so stinking MAD that we all have to work so hard for what we have, and these losers get away with everything. I'm glad this story is getting so much publicity to expose those two for what they really are. Watch Nancy Grace tonight at 8:00 EST to see what she has to say about this.

2796 days ago


Well Anna's favorite color is PINK.....she is a trip!

2796 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

She's a skank ho. Any guy who thinks she's hot ought to have his head examined. Total drama queen with an IQ of an ice cube.

2796 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

how long before she get kicked out from this house?2mths?90days?

2796 days ago
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