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Goes Nuts on Guys

With Penises

1/23/2007 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comWithout a Trump or a Paula to take on, the huffing and puffing on today's "View" was supplied by resident right-wing schoolmarm, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

During a discussion on adultery, the easily-flustered Hasselbeck took on parents who cheat on their spouses, saying that their affairs made them bad parents, and shocked her fellow yentas with a rant on men who "follow their penises." (Working something out, are we, darling?) Her rather older, wiser colleagues thought her "View" rather extreme, and essentially told her to take the stick out of her you-know-what.

When Babwa Walters is telling you to chill, girl, you know you're going a bit far.


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She is a braindead idiot! She's VERY insecure that her own husband will cheat on her. That poor bastard. Imagine that thing with PMS harping at him. And I thought homeless people had it bad. ha ha!

2829 days ago


Yeah, shut up and color. It is okay for all the rest of the ladies to hate men, but you are tipping the balance.

2829 days ago


She's right it is parent's responsibility to teach morals.

2829 days ago


If that's the case, then the vast majority of her precious right-wing Republicans are unfit parents.

Then again, who really cares what anyone on TV thinks, anyway?

2829 days ago


Elisabeth is so annoying. She is a righteous opinionated prude. She acts like she is perfect and expects everyone else to be. When she gets on one of her religious, political or moral rants I switch the channel. She is like nails ona chalkboard.

2829 days ago


OMG BARBARA!! Between the Hormonal Lesbian and the Dudleyette Do Right, can we get some real intelligent people on the show. Elizabeth did change her tune, with coaching from her peers, to add women to it too. But she better beware of what she's preaching. She should take a page out of the Kathy Lee Gifford book of not putting your foot in your mouth. I slightly agree with her in that to be a good parent you should consider not sleeping with someone other than your spouse while in your marriage. But I do agree that you can be a good parent even if you are having an affair. It doesn't make it right but it's not the sole basis of you being a parent. Between Elizabeth's Bible Belt ideas and Rosie having Hot Flashes....we just can't win. Can we?

2829 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

maybe she needs a dick and this is a way to get some,the veiw sucks,there veiw sucks and rosie sucksHATE THE SHOW ,Bab is the only person I respect on the show,the other 3 couldnt make a dime without her,I hope trump takes rosie the dyke out

2829 days ago


Funny. I know I read somwwhere that women cheat just as much as men. She must be getting cheated on by the man in her life to go off like that.

2829 days ago


So she is prude because she thinks adultery is wrong. You are what is wrong with society today. It is funny how people think these days. Apparently if you aren't a cheating whore you are considered a prude.

2829 days ago


She is completely right. I never watch the show, but the synopsis above I completely agree with. When I read the childhood recollections of adults that have had nothing but trainwreck relationships, I always consistently hear stories of philandering fathers and mothers. I have been with my wife for almost fifteen years, and when I am not home, I keep my pants zipped. Not just for the sake of my wife, but for the sake of my children. I don't want my daughter to grow up having to assume the worst about all men but setting a terrible example for her as a father.


2829 days ago


One of the comments below mine reads, "I SLIGHTLY agree with her in that to be a good parent you should CONSIDER not sleeping with someone other than your spouse while in your marriage. But I do agree that you CAN BE a good parent even if you ARE HAVING AN AFFAIR.

"Slightly?" Is it not the consensus that affairs for married people is a bad idea? And whats up with "a good parent should not consider an affair." Forget consider - a good parent should not have an affair - period.

Is this where society is going? It's all about me? This is scary.

2829 days ago


She is an idiot-
Amazing she wasn't fired before Star!
Why is a reality show contestant taken seriously?
OHHHH Please- why make her news?
She is like a slug you want to cover with salt-
BABA is also an idiot for hiring the big mouth looser!

2829 days ago


She's right. By having an affair, you teach your kids it's ok to lie and not to honour your word/vows. You also set an example where you make it ok to be a slut. An Donna that would obvious include most democrats, even your beloved Clinton.

2829 days ago


At a time and age when cheating is the NORM, and divorce is as easy as a nail appointment, I (a happily married Male) give kudo's to Elizabeth. Someone has to take a stand. Just this morning I was having a debate with 2 fellow co-workers on "how" a man is expected to stay faithful, when so many women are aggressive in their pursuit of manlyness. For me, despite some very attractive options, it's been easy. I Prayed for my Wife. And even if I've been in the minority for the pass 12-years, I wouldn't change a thing!

2829 days ago


Bet her hubby/boytoy cheated on her

2829 days ago
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