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Jessica's Riding Mayer's Bus

1/23/2007 7:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson and balladeer borefriend John Mayer are taking their show on the road. The new couple was spotted in Miami just hours ago -- loading into Mayer's tour bus.

Mayer will be performing in Jacksonville on the 25th, and Jessica seems to be going along for the ride. Just a few months ago, Jessica weathered a media backlash for her then publicist's mistake of going public with the Mayer romance and then denying it. Now Jess is on board and on the bus.


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John Mayer is the greatest thing since white bread. His beautiful voice, fantastic talents & awesome looks are more than most could ever imagine. And, even though I don't "hate" on Jessica Simpson, I feel he could do so much better! Yes, she's a beautiful girl, but there are more beautiful girls in the world who don't act so phony & plastic. Come on! He deserves a real woman with a real brain, not just someone with tits & a voice. I wish them well, nevertheless. But honestly, the "girl of his dreams" is still out there waiting for him!

2771 days ago


To #79...

You are so right on the money till it's not even funny! The only thing I disagree with is the comment you made about John Mayer, calling him another "weirdo." To me, there's nothing weird about him. He's talented, funny and a real cutie patootie!!! I hope he doesn't continue to stay with Jessica & her has -been, wanna - be, bimbo ass! HE is the one that can do better!!!

And to everyone here who keeps saying that John Mayer is gay...

SO THE FUCK WHAT?!? If he is, he just is. If he's not, then that's great too! Why do people keep acting so ignorant when it comes to people's sexual orientation? Are we back in the 60's again, or what? Diversity is a beautiful thing.

So, Rock on John Mayer, Rock on!!!

2766 days ago


I agree with #100,114, and 118. Someone wrote that Jessica is really smart. NOT! I saw part of an interview with Jessica and she is the same ditzy blonde that was portrayed on the Newly Weds. I love John Mayers Music. John must find it amusing to have a famous ditz as his easy booty call. John has never admitted that they are dating because she is an easy hook up call. You can't be both, a couple and an easy booty call, so as far as John is concerned, they are good friends.

2758 days ago

vega lee    

so she gave up on her dying career to jynx his ?

2800 days ago


I admit I'm an old female geezer and have seen a lot of so-called geniuses come and go, but John Mayer seems to be the real deal. Handsome, talented, and has gotten his act together (his ego used to bug me). Hope this very unique man is happy. Don't worry. His talent won't allow anyone to hold him back.

2800 days ago


he needs a tour bus?

2800 days ago


I love the casual looking Jessica so much better. Maybe she'll smoke some weed with him and loosen up...

Our new couple: Tits and Tongue

When she's with him, she looks like she's very satisfied. And he looks straight.

2800 days ago

Dark Knight    

Nice man purse dude

2800 days ago


Good for Jessica-hope she's happy.

2800 days ago


Is that Rocky Dennis from Moonstruck with Cher?

2800 days ago


Is that Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask with Cher?

2800 days ago


So what? Nick has been riding the Vanessa bus a lot longer.
She's can date now.

2800 days ago


She really need to focus on her career, Seriously!

2800 days ago

Jo Blo    

Got you. You're mine now. For the rest of the day, week, month, year, life. Have you guessed who I am? Sometimes I think you have. Sometimes when you're standing in a crowd I feel those sultry, dark eyes of yours stop on me. Are you too afraid to come up to me and let me know how you feel? I want to moan and writhe with you and I want to go up to you and kiss your mouth and pull you to me and say "I love you I love you I love you" while stripping. I want you so bad it stings. I want to kill the ugly girls that you're always with. Do you really like those boring, naive, coy, calculating girls or is it just for sex? The seeds of love have taken hold, and if we won't burn together, I'll burn alone.

2800 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

she is a HO fo SHO........

Did papa joe approve this??? Is he getting cuts from Mayers tour?
Dont piss papa joe off jessica......................

2800 days ago
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