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Oh Sandy, Baby!

1/23/2007 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Olivia Newton-John was hopelessly devoted to pecs, abs and biceps when she checked out the Chippendales show at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Olivia Newton-John
After the male burlesque performance, the "Grease" star was swarmed by an army of shirtless hunky dancers. Hey fellas, you're all the ones that she wants!

With all that greased lightning in the room, it seems Olivia really was born to hand jive.


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dam, I can't believe it's Sandra Dea!

2796 days ago

Great Dane    

Her boyfriend/husband went missing like 2 years ago or something....poor thing has been a wreck for a while...let her smile and have some fun.....

Who picks on Sandy?????

2796 days ago


Let's get physical!

2796 days ago

Mad Balls    

Harvey ass Levines wish list of " BJ Buddies" . Dat old bitch looks like she'd be hot for the fillin' . I'd blow on her butt but den Id be made fun of by the boys inda hood . id have to sneak some knob shinning from da bitch in a back seat . YAs ! Ho ho HO ! Merry Dickmas !

2796 days ago


What happened to her chin? They must have lopped it off during her last face lift. As for her "missing" boyfriend, she obviously could care less. She's got a special "gal pal" to whom she's HOPELESSLY DEVOTED.

2796 days ago


ya, she looks like a trailer-park ho, and her artificial boobs are lopsided. i'm stunned that tmz hasn't cut into her with shallow comments about trailer-wreck this, bad-boob job that, bla bla.
and to this that she's actually wearing MAKEUP!!
hey tmz, what's your criteria for critiquing people?

2796 days ago


Doesn't look like herself here, but rather like the woman next door. WTF? Her cheeks? Her chin? Hope she got her big check from Universal music (when she sued), so she can go and get a face lift or botox.

2796 days ago

just wondering    

I usually do not comment but I am making the exception. Olivia Newton-John was one of the most talented and sweetest actresses around. Oh I know she has aged, but for crying out loud you all will too. And by the way "PieHole" not that it will make you feel bad, but she is breast cancer survivor so please, unless you know the whole story, don't make fun of physical appearances.

2796 days ago


ya. actually, a more optimal use of surgery would be for her to consider getting a sex change. she has the chest already, and i'm sure they could create a somewhat passable dink for her. all she needs, really, in addition to the dink job would be for her to pig out on testosterone, and she'll be able to grow those whiskers into a goatee fast!! she'd actually look like one of those chippendale guys, but with flabbier muscles (nothing a little weight training can't remedy).

2796 days ago


of course i knew she's a breast cancer survivor. prosthetic titties come in way better models that the ones she's sporting. fwiw, even if she's a face cancer survivor, that chick in france looks waaaaaaaaay more attractive than olivia does in that snap above! go figure

2796 days ago


sandra dee surrounded by fags.. whoooppeee.. next story

2796 days ago


I know the idea of these blogs is to make fun of people, but you guys are just cruel. Olivia is a beautiful woman, physically and spiritually. She doesn't deserve these attacks. But what can you expect from degenerates posting on a blog.

2796 days ago


Kris, looks like you grouped yourself into that gang of degenerates by posting on this blog.

2796 days ago


The comments are horrible. PieHole all your poison will come back to you. It will. RickinFlorida

2796 days ago


Unbelievable !!!!!!Comments made #'s 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9....I really think you perves and idiots should be redirected to a site that would interest you more !!!!! How could you even bother to waste your time with a comment, God, you are pathetic, I hope that either of you happen to look as good as Olivia does at her age, what do your comments even have to do with the pic of her,???? What a waste of space and reading....Some people are just too wierd !!!!!!!

2796 days ago
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